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Pathless Pilgrim
The idea of giving a child a toy gun, a tool of killing, oppression, horror, seems to me as inappropriate as giving them a toy gas chamber
We give kids toy guns so they can have fun pretending to kill friends & random strangers, then we wonder why gun crime is so rife
"When everyone is looking for gold, it's a good time to be in the pick and shovel business." - Mark Twain
Not a single member of our staff reported any fighting inside the hospital compound prior to the US airstrike on Saturday morning #Kunduz
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This is (was) #Kunduz hospital, sorrounded by gardens & fields MSF shared with NATO, no other targets in vicinity.
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WOW! Why pay $30 or more every month for your autoresponder when you can get a #FREE one right here?!
If you like meat so much, why do you always make it taste like plants? 😂Q
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This guy is obsessed with fruit. How can someone eating fruit be so entertaining? This episode is hilarious 😊…d
Animals don’t have rights ‘because they don’t pay taxes’, says Princess Michael of Kent
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ATTENTION INTERNET MARKETERS! Need a bigger mailing list? A big list can easily make $1,000 a day! Build yours #FREE
How one man turned 8% of Israel vegan with a YouTube speech… via @MetroUK
#FREE Shockingly simple free tool used by top internet marketers to make $1,000 and more per day
Juvenile hobby... Just spent 5 minutes watching one of these hunting outside front window!
More impressive wall art, this time on a 3-storey building in Kirkdale #Liverpool
Everyone you meet is a shambling undead monstrosity and also a perfectly enlightened Buddha. So are you.…
Panda Ant... not actually an ant at all but a weird wasp
New vegan shadow farming minister thinks meat should be treated like tobacco… via @MetroUK
Correct me if I'm wrong here, but is a British general threatening a military coup in the Sunday Times?!
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Quelque part , en Lorraine Magnifique #StreetArt de David Walker ...
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RSPCA: Ban Lawrence Moran of Total Dogs Ltd from owning and working with animals… via @ChangeGER
Get paid to process emails - earn $25 for every email you process! The perfect #WorkFromHome job!
Anyone else object to the officially-sanctioned peeping-Toms watching people take a shit via CCTV in #Manchester Picadilly station?
Go brave ones, go! Let the #ARCTICROAR be heard! You are all heroes and I love you for it!…
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Giant Polar Bear in desperate bid to stop Arctic drilling! Watch video now:
This is the very best FREE ADVERTISING site I've seen in a long time… #FREE #ADVERTISING #FreeAds #Ads
That last tweet was favourited by a #paleo devotee! Seems the implication that #paleodiet advocates are dumb went over their heads! #irony
This crazy #paleo belief that the paleolithic diet was the evolutionary optimum reminds me of the joke from (cont)
Bayer is suing the EU for saving the bees. Don't let it! via @SumOfUs
Hints of Autumn, most bittersweet season... magical golden morning, first trees starting to turn
Did you know you can get paid to draw pictures or upload your photos? #WorkFromHome
.@GOVUK just okayed a plan to plant bee-killing seeds across the the United Kingdom @SumOfUs
For every minute that we are not doing anything, #bees are dying in staggering numbers.
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"Few or no scientific studies have demonstrated a need for cats or dogs to be revaccinated." - Dr. Ronald Schultz
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'How to eliminate 90% of the problems in people's lives...'
Even if I don't have a TV I can be threatened repeatedly with forced entry to my home for not having a TV license? That's just plain wrong!
I actually find it quite sad that such a HUGE political and humanitarian milestone is being obscured by all the #corbynapologies jokes
Thanks to @RichardDawkins for sharing this heartwarming image
They don't even get to do that if they're in the Labour Party, Karl. #LabourPurge
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Kim Jong-un leading the North Korean navy's flagship to war...
Personally, I wouldn't trust ANYONE who wanted to govern me #LabourPurge
Some reports of getting purged from Labour *after* voting, which means the Party is actually destroying ballots. Think about that.
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It never ceases to entertain me when evangelical Christians recount one of their many stories (and they DO (cont)
There's a simple tool top marketers use to make $500-1,000 a day. Now you can get one, too - #FREE

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