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Damyanti Gupta
politics 312 followers
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If the stuff that comes out of my mouth upsets you, just think of all the things I keep to myself.@ItsHumorTruth
Latest technology, latest designs,latest model,innovative ideas but country runs on same age old system n laws.@IndiaSpeaksPR
Wearisome journey, worn out shoes, life's at stake bt eventually Indians relieves on famed quote' Justice delayed not denied #Jayaverdict
#Jayalalitha D irony part of R judicial system is JUSTICE delayed wid guarantee, Denied or not it's optional #Jayaverdict
Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear brighter until you hear them speak.
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#Mangalyaan R gr8 #Scientists has proved,no obstacle can stonewall their wills. #ISRO Tym 2 rejoice for #Indians. Acche din r on its way!
#India has triumphed #MarsMission, applauds n proud of r #scientists to bring India into an elite club of Martian explores.
Is this the reason this particular community growing so fast in terms of population#LoveJihad
Failure is a trickster, it takes gr8 delight in tripping 1 when success is almost within reach.
Don't try to conquer d world until you've taken care of things in your own backyard.
Learn to b alone n to like it. There's Nothing more freeing n empowering than learning to like your own company.
☊When you want them, they don’t want you. When they want you, you don’t want them. When you want each other, something messes it all up.
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Enough of promises n announcements. Still optimist,no choise indeed ,Modi delivers n implements. #RailBudget
Never argue with an idiot, they drag u down to their level then beat u with experience. Switch
A great leader's courage to fulfill his vision comes from passion, not position.#ModiTakesCharge
One of the most valuable thing is an 'Idea' as it could be the beginning of a milestone.
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Be real and they fuck you, Be a player and they love you.
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You + me = perfection. Just kidding, I don't like you.
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Falling in love can cause internal organ injuries. Your heart can break.
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AAP & BJP by working together on a CMP they will be serving not ruling!This is the new expectation from split verdict. Need to be respected!
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#SHEELA DIXIT- Its lyk partying entire yr n crying out load after exams #Polls2013 #Congress
#Polls2013 Will b interesting to c #AAP how they execute their tall promises,make sure to foam up d ground b4 u fall.
The nicer you are, the easier you're hurt. So just be a bitch.
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It cuts deep through r ground n makes us 4get all common sense,think 'll miss u 4ever lyk d stars miss d sun in d morng sky @Notebook
To error is human, to really screw up takes talent and to blame it on som1 else shows management potential #Congress #bjp4delhi #Modi
You see a lot of smart guys with dumb women, but u hardly ever see a smart women with a dumb guy #BoysVsGirls
The reason attempted suicide is illegal :- the govt can't tax you if you're dead.
capitalism is screwing,govt is sound asleep,ppl r being ignored n d future is in deep poo #Shazia IImi #Tejpal #NeedABreak
I like long walks, especially when they R taken by ppl who annoy me #NeedABreak
Indian Navy gets $2.3 billion Russian carrier INS Vikramaditya as it seeks to bolster military
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Top 10 Ways to Customize Your Desktop: You spend a lot of waking hours at your computer, so why not make it a ...
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Delhi polls: Son of 1984 riots accused Sajjan Kumar gets Congress ticket
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Finally awfully filthy #Asaram arrested.Hope he won't be getting the benefit of being #Juvenile or elderly person.
Overreaction by SP over #84KosiParikrama creating emotion turmoil in public n will built a trench between communities unnecessarily.
Each day is a HISTORIC LOW 4 RUPEE.R PM an economist,this is called under d lantern there is d darkness via @YouTube
Farce debate in Parliament on Rapes like #Nirbhaya #MumbaiGangRape etc, when the presiding officer of RS is himself a Rape accused!
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#MumbaiGangRape Rigorous punishment, quick actions,justice on time,fear of law,burden of proof ought 2 b imposed on guilty,cud change things
Ppl like Umabharti R sanctuaries of obnoxious, wild weeds,abscess like #Asaram --menace to society ultimately.
#DateAManWho really knows the definition of being a Man, makes others jealous rather than you.
SPEAK when you are ANGRY and you will make the BEST SPEECH you'll ever REGRET....!!!
"There's nothing more boring than listening to a person who talk merely to hear the sound of his own voice. "
#GoodAdviceBadAdvice The right to be heard does not automatically include-- The right to be taken seriously..!
In this country before you cry and demand justice, mouth will be stuffed with compensation.Political funda- Replace woes with money!