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12:00 church late
Know suh My Mom And Step dad Getting Busy ! Lmqoo. Bruh This Is Funny.
Lmaoo tho. This convo.
Lol I uninstall the app . call back soon @NOTNICE_PETERS
My Head Hurts.
Gonna Call My Fam In Vincy.
There is power in the name of Jesus.
Tomorrow is never promised unto us.
@_ItsCalliiiee thank you🙊💘 yours too!
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I lost 1 follower recently and i know who that is thanks to app
Greater Is Coming .
If you can't be yourself around them, they're not the one.
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You don't have to like me but you will respect me💯👌
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My god is awesome
I have a bad habit of zoning out when someone's talking to me
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I Think Going To Church W/ My Hairy Legs Is A sin So I Just shave Them.
God Is The Reason I Made It This Far.
Some Times I Ask My Self Why Is God Taking So Long.
Cover My Fam Underneath Your Blood. Amen !
Just Got Up.
Refuse To See My Mom Struggle.
I Don't Beg Nobody To Be In My Life. Get Your Shit & Leave If You Ready To Go.
When I Love I Love Hard.
I swear✋ I only want one person 😍😏💍💘👫😩😋
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Sometimes I Wanna Be Ya Lover , Sometimes I Wanna Be Ya Friend , Sometimes I Wanna Touch Ya Fuck Ya ❤😏🙈
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Some girls at Weston are so waste
I Have That One Ex I Can't Get Over.
He keeps me warm.
Worst part about loving others is the fact that they might not love you back...
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Rt this if you're blessed to see another day 🙏☀️☁️☁️☁️☁️🙌
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I'm over-protective of what's mine.
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Mommy Not Home Yet.
Burh! Am Hungry
0 fxcks Given. Bye
Lol I Give Up There's No Point Fixing A Situation That Can't Be fix.
Two Minded .
Your Action Is Far From Your Words But That's None Of My Business.
Fuck It ... Excuse My French ... It's Pointless.
Why Shud I Care ? Kmt. Smh.
If You Can't Be Real With Me, We Can Never Be Cool
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My retweets says it all.