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Ashtray ☠
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She was kindergarden teacher, now shes twerking Let work in youtube too--->…
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wondering if florian is still listening to The new morrisey
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love all these scary movies being on allll night🎃
i NEEEEED to see next weeks episode of bgc & faking it already!!!
We're putting the Bad Girls on trial and YOU can be the judge! Answer our questions live tonight using #BadGirlsCourt
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she tolllllld me smack her on tha booty 👋👋👋👏
half the time getting ready is more fun than the actual night😝
defff going to e drunk when i watch it though because tonight is going to be fun.. lmaoo
new episode of bgc tonight yaaaasss☺️
never even on twitttter anymore. follow me on Instagram: asshleynic0le 😜
Retweet if you want to gain just follow everyone who retweets this and follow back who ever follows you. #EMABiggestFansJustinBieber
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#mcm to the absolute hottest dilf in the entire world, my husband Channing Tatum💍😍💋💏👅
this is from last week, but i loved my outfit so im gonnnnna post it anyway🙈💫
Ash is bein a hoe nd fell asleep leaving me lonely so I stole her phone . 😜
Do you hug people often? — yup
Do you like hugs? — yes lmaoo
Do most girls shave completely bald? — i cant speak for most girls.
How many times a day do you poop? — 4720.
You are so gorgeous — thank youuu
um yessss they just betttter know!!! 💅
yessss this is so accurate for the ladies!!! @ 💁
@Doollie Hi! Id like to ask u if u could help me with Twitter verification?Just saw a video with M Santoro and he was talking about u.thankU
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" امس كنت في الhouse بتاع meme عشان her birthday و all of us غيرنا جووو amazing" النوعية الي يكتبو هكي المفروض يشيلوهم بطيارة خاصة لداعش
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quero ganhar a conta @espinoxxsa com o follow do justin, john, crawford, chris and more que a @matthoodie está sorteando
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"quero ganhar a conta @espinoxxsa com o follow do justin, john, crawford, chris and more que a @matthoodie está sorteando"
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sagalana oge geus aya jalana, eweuh nu ngeunah eweuh nu babari. butuh proses. ragrag hudang deui, tong elehan ! #K_A
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Si je mange un Pepito a minuit , ça devient un pepitard ?
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What is it like being perfect? — wouldnt know.
What you doing this weekend? — having funnn.
How much truth do you think there is in the various stereotypes reg... — some truuue but some other just outrageous
certified everywhere aint gotttta pint no resumè👯
certified everywhere aint gottta print no resumè👯 @ 😛
go for it, illll reply to all again
What is one thing you would never wear? — overalls lol
tampons or pads — you are so creeeepy like why do you even need to know
Its this one girl that I like a lot but every time I attemp... — go for it!!! worst possible outcome is he says no!
What do u prefer to wear? thongs or normal panties — depends on my outfit
Do you smoke weed? — very very very occasionally. but otherwise no.