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Ashtray ☠
we ain't gotta compete with a single soul 👯💋🍾
tipsy backseat car rides with the girls are my fav #fridayyy 🤗🍾
Of all your pet-peeves, which is the strangest? — I cannot stand when people lick their teeth in public lol.…
Baby 😍💦 #callmeonmycellphone
WHERE YOU BEEn?! — living life boo…
They stare at me while I stare at U ☄
perf day to lay out by the pool all day #summatime 🌞👙⛅️🌼
perf day to be out by the pool all day #summatime 🌞👙⛅️
Do you remember life without technology? What was it like? — somewhat. it was more simple when i was a child.
Today is Cow Appreciation Day! Would you hug a cow? — yes of course!
dont you hate when you recieve junk calls on cell phones — yes
1] have you ever peed in a pool? 2] if babysitting your little sister or another child at... — uh you are so weird.
do you tell it like it is — yup
Are you a hot weather or cold weather type of person? — hot☀️
Sexy nostrils — oh thanks.
for some odd reason my boss well one of them was not ... — i think that's something you'll have to ask her yours...
Give it to me I'm worth it💋
Til the world ends by Britney Spears is still one of my fav's
how often do yu read — somewhat often. sometimes.
do yo like how the mind works — yes
what is your dream job as of now — Psychologist.
you could always buy already chooped veggies and fruits :p — true
If a man had to fight his EX in a tournament (who had... — lol that's such an unnecessary scenario/question. i d...
what veggies and fruits do you hate cutting but love to add in food like burgers or steaks — onions i guess lol.
do yo like funyans — yes duh.
I walk with crutches,use a wheelchair for distances and liv... — oh okay, im sorry to hear. best of luck to you! 💗
What'd you do this weekend? PAP? — went out with my girlies & had a little bbq too💞
I just want to see how beautiful they are — ?
hows your day — gooood how about yours?
would you take your child summer away if he/she failed? — why do you always ask me this?
Bet u don't have the guts to expose — what are you talking about lol
Have you ever watched the Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory original movie with your mom... — um yes? why? lol.
wine, red red wine one the beach Ash ;) — 😊
Can you show me a nail pic? its not like im asking for a nu... — why are you begging for a picture of my nails lol.
As in a picture of your finger nails (: — duh
ok, chipotle, + glass of wine :) — yesssss
Nail pic? — 💅💅💅
Did the pic make u laugh — what pic??
How tall are u and what size shoe do u wear — stop asking about my feet you creep.
some other food Ash? ;) — chipotle
On a scale of 1-10 how dangerous would u be as a 50 ft tall giant — just as dangerous as I am now💪

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