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Ashtray ☠
I love my lady, yup yup I love my bitch
what is the best way to eat healthy — low carbs, low calorie, low sugar, & to definitely proportion your meals c...
do you like salads — yessss love them!
Like hers @asktoky 30 answers for 100 likes and a gift! send me done — ?
Ok so is it weird if I saw some random guy's D at this party I w... — no not really. typical drunk guy i guess lol.
If you could be any OITNB character, who would it be? — definitely Alex! love her!
If you're a queen does that mean I'm your servant then — youre a weirdo.
"Fuck the police" you don't have to tell me twice...
Retweeted by Ashtray ☠
zac efron is so fucking beautiful 😋😍💋 #mcm #babe
Share something you're grateful for today. — my family & friends💞
What color is your knee? — are you serious...
I dare you to give someone a wedgie and post the picture on Twitter 😂 — no
Do u get alot of weird questions on here? — yes you have no idea.
What was the last thing you paid for? — applebees😝
Death by the heels of Ashley to all creepy losers of — ok? lol
Have you ever used someone as a footstool? — STOP YOU ARE WEIRD.
You are so pretty — thanks babe.
would love to see ur feet — ew bye.
Eyebrows 😫😍😭 — i try☺️
Yu look like kim k ! — no wayyy not at all but i will def. take that as a compliment!!
would you ever dye your hair a very light color? Blon... — I always thought about it!!! just don't have the cour...
my favorite IG follower ❤️👣 — �
hi how r u — gooooood how about you??
Your hot — thx lol. so smooth of youu.
Your body is perfect! — thank you😊
Follow me back on instagram it would make my day 😚 — i don't know who ya are!
Do you dance like crazy when no one is looking? What music makes you dance... — of course!!! ill dance to anything!
no I don't have good vision but I don't see no competition 💅
he got friends for all of my friends, we aint leavin' til we say when
love this song so much 😍
i never worry, life is a journey. i just wanna enjoy the ride☁️
the night is still young, & so are we
thursdays are my fav💘
Do you think I am a loser? — yes
Do you poop? or no? — nope.
Are you outgoing or shy? — both. depends.

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