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Want to sponsor a #football #club? Get in touch, register @ and let us know your budget & which team/s. Easy, champ!
Anyone in the #telco #telecommunications industry looking for #advertising space? We have a retailer selling 12,000 units p.a. with ad space
Need #adspace? Get in touch! Got #advertising space? Definitely get in touch!!!
LOL. I found the perfect thing to prevent me tripping over at night when going to the loo...…
Computers are NOT healthy. Nor is #sitting all day in front of one. I'm going for a #walk. Might have to do the mobile #Tweet thang!!! :-)
I have advertising space on so if you are looking to get your #brand on about 50,000 to 60,000 listings contact me!
I'm keen to go #sailing. Who's up for it?
Ideal weather. I'm selling Snowman Tea In One Set (pack of 1 EA) @addoway
Agreed. 3pk Friends Are Best (pack of 8)…
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Annoyingly collectible. How many do you have? 24 Pc Square Food Storage Containers (pack of 1)…
Have the #travel bug again and want to go....somewhere! Not sure where.
#Sports clubs need sponsorship. Have you thought about #sponsoring your local club/s? @adgreementcom want to help!
If you want to #buy&sell advertising #space get in touch. @adgreementcom
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Some work to do tomorrow! Have to buy #time!!!!
I want a free union credit card, free Government contracts, free everything. So I either become a politician or Craig Thhompson's buddy.