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I'm legit crying because Michael deserves the world and it makes me so happy to know that he is happy
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and oh we can see a little camren here lol
"Who's your fav nba player?" "Lauren" But she's not..." "LAUREN" #VoteFifthHarmony #KCA
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this was in my favorites omgs dje ciwnwxs…
dont fucking take things for granted, you have no idea how badly someone else wants what you're stepping all over.
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still waiting for Justin Bieber ft. Ariana Grande
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otp otp otp otp ottptpfjwbdbw
i will always find a way 😂
i disassembled my phone so i wont get distracted making schoolworks then i moved into desktop and go to yt oh wow ok 😂☺
ATL SHAWWWWWTY, you were lovely as always tonight. thank you, gonna miss that energy of yours!!! till we meet again x 💗
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@camilacabello97 what exactly are you doing here....? 😂😂Wnq
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— Защищаю Джастина Бибера любой ценой, он слишком хорош для этого мира.
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You know someone's having a bad day when you make a joke or. or im just corny or?
Lou:"When you want two people to be together you ship them" Li:"SHIP THEM WHERE?" OMG I CANT😂 #LiamAppreciationDayya
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why are carter reynolds' fans sad about how he could go to jail? don't be sad, you'll be able to meet him for free
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I can barely handle one of him, imagine if there was two
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and yes in spreading kindness bc it free and you should too ok bye
his hair was so iconic on this day
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I literally can listen to J's voice all day long without getting bored.
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so meee and i hate being like this 😭…x
Cara + Kendall Jenner friendship are goals 👸🏼�yn6L
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Niall acting too good to meet his own fans but this was him a few years ago
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"WAG MONG SABIHIIIN EVERYONE SEES IT" #misheardlyrics #lalonapagtagalog REJECTS NG 5SOS ☺😂💖
but i can express myself more now
omg sAme it gets me anxious and and *cries*…
The #SHESKINDAHOT video makes me think so much of Shoreditch and the street art there. I love it! -
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San Diego last night was fun 😃
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but im in too many fandoms i cant fangirl all of them duh
just a random fact i was once a janoskianator lol
ung feeling na seryoso ka tas sasabihin ka ng 'edi ror' , 'edi wow' , 'di nga' ABA PUTAAAAA
i always feel that there is something wrong with my grammar omg sorry in advance folks ✌
im sorry i never get to react to #SHESKINDAHOT im just letting them out now
'bitchin' - Oh oh woah oh woah #SHESKINDAHOT
Liam had no one attend his 16th birthday now he sings to stadiums of 80K+ fans .. He made it. #LiamAppreciationDay
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