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But I like work I'll never complain about work. Just unfortunate timing
If only I wasn't at work and could go tarping..
Just wanna thank everyone who came to my party tonight, it was really special and a lot of fun. I have good friends
Really chill day at @MattNovak24 tonight. Blessed to be invited fam💯
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Bring a bathing suit, an empty stomach, and your happy face if you're joining me today
Chilling with jake Clayton hahahahahaha I love it
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Not sure how I was able to wakeup at 7:45 and make it to work without an alarm after last night, but I never fail to amaze myself.
This little kid came up to me and said "you look like my uncle" lmao
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Beach trip Monday who's in
Hinkie better not pull any dumb shit
"Hi, my names Janay, but I associate myself as Diamond" Wow.
Just a couple of pimps. No hoes. #DiplomaFlow
I have the Warrior Mentality of a Green Sea Turtle #clang7
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The Celtics offered Marcus Smart, picks 16 and 28 to the 76ers for Nerlens Noel and the 3rd overall pick. Philly declined. (LA Times)
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It's summer. Why am I sitting around my house.
When you pray for rain you gotta deal with the mud too
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Consecutive days wearing the Wendel Solutions hat: 37
#MyHSConfessions I lost my laptop charger so I stole mrs freedmans and when she asked if I knew where it was, I said Mizz took it.
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Lauren slotted the frisbee 3 times during kan jam.... #savage
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Lauren really just slotted it three times against me and cole in kan jam.. Officially mind boggled.
Moving gesture: The @Panthers donated $100,000 to help with funeral costs for the families of the Charleston victims.
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I won a TV. I love life.
Senior year was the best year I've ever experienced.. Sad I can't relive it but I got my friends for life and we'll make more memories #15
In case you guys were wondering how I got a 7 on my math final earlier
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To those who harp on LeBron's 2-4 record in the Finals: Would you rather him lose earlier and not carry depleted teams into the Finals?
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Jerry West, 1969: 37.9 PPG, 4.7 RPG, 7.4 APG (won Finals MVP) LeBron James, 2015: 35.8 PPG, 13.3 RPG, 8.8 APG
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Wow what a disgrace to the NBA
Iggy deserves MVP for going 16 6 and 5.. Excuse me?
I'll be extremely disappointed if Lebron doesn't win finals MVP
Argue with me all you want but MJ isn't even winning this series with this CAVS team
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Perfect swimming day at connies 😎
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A bunch of stallions we are, pretty athletic ones to say the least. Ft. The lions mane (my flow)
feel so trapped in a place I should be free
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Lebron accounted for 70 of Cle 91 points. I don't want to hear nothing about Lebron. NOTHING. HE IS BALLING IN ANOTHER LEVEL.
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Honestly though what more do you want from LeBron?
Solid day on the water with the bros, but the night has only begun
Steph Curry finally playing okkkk and he all hype, fucking weasel
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Sam really cried when a dinosaur died tonight. I think I've seen it all
Jurassic World was such a banger
Mizz's snapchats never fail me
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You hooked up with someone's girlfriend and he beat your ass now you wanna press chargers?🐸☕️
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Yeah Steph is definitely worthy of the NBA's most valuable player award.
Steph Curry is really good.

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