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RT @JuntaeDeLane: YouTube, Twitter & Facebook are merging to form a super #SocialMedia site called - Conan O’Brien
RT @KingJanet97: They Should Combine Youtube Twitter & Facebook So Itll Be Called ""
RT @brianschull187: @Taffy408 within the next year YouTube Twitter and Facebook will join... Called lol
RT @kelseysule: YouTube, Twitter, & Facebook combine in the future..
RT @potqueen_xo: If youtube,twitter, and facebook combined it would be "" #thoughtoftheday LOL :')
RT @scottevandavis: One day, youtube, twitter and facebook will combine with eachother and be called
RT @vonzion: If we combine #YouTube, #Twitter and #Facebook we get :-) Just sayin'
RT @TwonderWoman: I hear YouTube, Twitter and Facebook are merging to form a super Social Media site - Conan O'Brien
if they combined @facebook, @twitter and @YouTube into one channel, it would be made my day so far :-D
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RT @SexySezzy8: One day youtube and twitter and facebook into one app and that will be called
RT @_xoannie: put youtube and twitter and facebook you get ""
RT @TorianaNelson: If Youtube, Twitter and Facebook combined, it would have to be renamed to
RT @nycphotog: One day youtube, Twitter and Facebook will join forces and it will be called
RT @Animal_follows: YouTtube, Twitter & FB are merging to make a networking site for annoying teens! It will be called: youtwitface!
RT @sam_cerro: Im sticking around on this site so when youtube and facebook buy it out it becomes ""....lmao
RT @lozacoleman: HahahahaIf YouTube, twitter and fb combined into one..... It would we called
What the First Versions of Google, Facebook & More Teach us About Starting Small:
RT @readerjane: Didja hear about the proposed merger between Twitter, FB & YouTube called #JokeCourtesyOfMySon
RT @ChayaGuptaa: They should combine Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and call it
RT @douchecovny: Just realized that by signing up for Twitter I have completed the trio known as "YouTwitFace"
RT @KerryFidler: Joke from the girl:YouTube, twitter and Facebook are setting up a joint website. It's called
RT @AndiPandi2: There's a rumour going around...Youtube, Facebook & twitter are joining, they are going to be ...
The day YOUTUBE, FACEBOOK and TWITTER amalgamate, they will call themselves "Youtwitface"
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