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@ Death is naked and when He or She embraces It all naked, soul is said to be fucked out is one last reality but in between the lines
@ Till Lord Rajnish was young every fucker sought serenity in sex but when He became old,people dispelled him as light
@ If #Media is corrupt,no one can save #Democracy from getting capcized like Titanic in an ocean where mass flows in water color
@ World Media witnesses this but which channels say these bbc vulgar or obscene or aberration of culture #Abpnews, a negative channel
@ In Hindu religion people can stay naked like Digambar Nagas with bigger black cocks exposed in #Kumbh & mass pray to them
@ Concupiscence is the desire of an appetite that starves through the life & power and pelf make it easy when everyone is the same
The pope on climate change, "Gaht damn, it's cold today!". #climatechange
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@ If #Abpnews #Aajtak support #Terrorism with #Congress leaders passifying an interest,I too support my #Radhema & with consequence
@ In personal life every one is naked & so no finger sld get raised on who is naked,bastards moms were so,so these #NewsChannels
#Indiannewschannels are sans ethical vallues,moralities and impartialities a bunch of prostitutes getting sold in open market
@ If Mumbai people are allowed to indulge in all kinds of sexualities,but #PRESS has no words to despise them but defend
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ R E T W E E T I F Y O U F O L L O W B A C K ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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@ female journalists,how they come into jobs is not hidden from intellect of general mass,call for #Cbi inquiry,fact will come out
@ The duty of Press was to bark in both doggy,bitchy tenor but not to deliver verdict or certificate to others taking kickbacks #Abpnews
@ In Pakistan no news readers can allure viewers exposing top tanks as is blatantly done in India by young ladies raising finger on others
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#DalalMedia has prostituted the sanctity & sanctorum of #Press as #Baghdad knows no boundary of dehumanising mankind to kill
@ There sld be a dress code for exposition of vulgar body parts while reading the news in studio or symposiums #Abpnews #Aajtak
@ Some news readers expose their beauty so much that people see them enjoy them touch them but never listen to news #abpnews
@ prostitutionalising or prostituting of press in recent days by some media houses poses a serius menace to democracy on 4th pillar
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@samar4tree 13 or 31 選択 13:多数決定と、一人の平和主義者 前編の説明 人類 が、99.5%で、絶滅する理由 みなさんが体験している実例 (^0^)
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@samar4tree please take a second and support my record label F.R.E on soundcloud great music from our artists…
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@samar4tree 朝鮮日報の韓違い ahr666g が、参加すると!どうなるのか 世界☀平和実現の 別な方法、選択の自由〓運命無し (^0^)
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