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@ Always remember Gita is book which all read for science and philosophy as well as Hindues with religious significance
@ I sld never forget asto #Pakistan is a nuclear state and It can do something within Pakistan in killing #Balloochies
@ I fear,I am afraid of war that India is going to wage against Pakistan in a few days when #Pakistan will lose its existence
@ Yes some day or moths or a year Muslims will disappear from globe for they will go to #Allah telling about #Terrorism that they did
@ There will be no one left on this globe who wld say Allah or bismillah slah
@ But here is a motherland which doesnt render deliverance to all those who settled in foreignland and abused the motherland
@ 60% of foreigners are Indians some million years ago who come to #Banaras to get their forefathers liberated from motherland
@ National Book Of India is Gita and nothing else that I say If u agree respond to me if not get yr way away from me
@ India has to chose a Book for Nation #Gita #Koran and #Bible but where is Buddhism and the rest,Sld Koran of #Pakistan be my book
@ Population of #Pakistan and that of #India If one to one we #Indians are heavier on them #Chinna can't be their fathers
@ I am apprensive of the fact #Pakistan will go away from the the map of #Globe that #India especially #BJPGovt might efface it
@ a very very simple war will be there and the world might get rid of all those bastards who create war of terrorism
@ Childhood dis before youth appears .And when youth passes away,old age takes its birth #Gita says to #KORAN
@ In near future #Pakistan will be retaliated by #India and It will be no wonderment for the bastards of Pakistan for India is one on war
@ A leader of #Congress or #Samajbadi will get their daughter inlaw fucked by a Muslim will talk of Muslims in #India #SP #Oppositions
I am the mighty world destroying time now engaged in destroying the worlds. Even without You none of the warriors arrayed in hostile armies
@ Let me forget What the conquest said to conquer within a country and how Independence was fought #India #Modi #Rajputs
@sasjaxxx U r never seen with stereo type of ineffectuality that goes round and round of effectunity,U R writing round d clock
@ I Am extremely afraid asto some of my friends in that part of globe wld be dead with some bastards from #MUSLIMCOMMUNITY in Pakistan
Cannot remember when I last saw a Prime Minister address such a huge rally in Srinagar.
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@ Who will reign on #India TheKoran or TheGita which everyone in court of India takes a #sapath getting an hand on It
@ Mother selling persons operate channels of TV and they create madharchod sort of things and I knewer more than them That India
@ In Bastard India God or call Him Eshwar or Allah had been bastards of all and blaming that He fucked And u r the product in democracy is
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@ Good night but this night of winter has gone mad to sleep on the road beside the huts of poor who didn't eat anything even Govt lie
@ Life is business to be busy to stand and stare at others what they do while doing the same all silently the same to say as keeping aloof
& Who doesn't sell his her thing at the cost of money in #India #Bjp #Congress an old fucker party #Bsp #Sp #Jdu & #Tmc all R fuckers
@ Banana dick state and mango boob country #India is a great country has no ass or cunt to get fucked that Its leaders know
@ Either I am a voter or I am a ruler but I am the both when I am none of these two who are persons great and honorable to fuck
@ The life of a celebrity is full of flowers if she/he comes fucking on #generamass and fart the smell of rotten pigs rotting in stomach
@ The world what looks is the look of a surrounding,never entire globe,Even celebrity who sells in so many countries can't know all
@ Sorry not you were but You are the consequence of all the prayers that I made to God and yet u slipped from my dream,may God bless U
@ O' God what pain Thy held that Thou gave me,You were in all my happiness of life,U were present in the prayers that i made to God,but
@ I fuck parody account,goes to get its mother in bar getting drunk&that I am no witness of my life that is to get destroyed with bastards
Almost a million head for emergency shelters as Typhoon Hagupit makes landfall in the Philippines : Almost a m...
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@ Pick up line telephone still rings same symphony,though You are but in second world of world 16 diamentions & I search time machine
@ Life is joke first then a tragedy and we live it as we are led to lead from end to beginning to end or vice versa
How do you know a man is thinking about his future? He buys two cases of beer instead of one.☺♪♪♪♪♫♫♪♪♪
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What's happening with your phone, every time I call you it says 'The subscriber you're calling is a monkey, please contact the zoo.☺♪♪♫
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@ ISIS when farts in air conditioned globe we keep our hankies and hands on our nose and curse but what far can we do to stop it
@ Fool has myriads of logics over philosophy and hence one answer can never compete with questions coming innumerable,hence....,,,
@ every coming tomorrow comes from the past as we come from future coming to present that is going to the past,That's all tall or short
@ Those were the days people used to sleep in twilight of evening to wake in the twilight of morning but today twilight is deleted
@ Population boom,since,no doom,all the places are humming & with love cheap or costly & so lost & lonely I die can't be true
@ Life is beautiful and people and person are gorgeously romantic singing songs of love of Romeo and Julliet as if they saw them loving
@ Winter arrives here a month late from its schedule time but whose ass is vacant to see this that the farmers will commit more what
@ Winter has come but it has lost its ethos of coldness,it has spread its wings across here but all still move more over nude or naked