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poetry 16,501 followers
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@ And evry one laughed
@ People say & i listen but wnen I say no one hears that a foot that meauresd most of the globe,on checking found least globe within
@ Please never interfare in internal affairs of any country like #Iraq or #Afganistan or #Chinna will chase u into yr burrows of #Russia
@ Finally in end is a request to #Obama to stop the war against #Isis for a month and wait for peace to return without yr interference
@ finally Hey Bhagwan O' God,H O' Khuda though we stay together yt u seem to be far away
@ As the govts fuck people of the globe so scientists fuck fiction writers but while realising nothing is for nothing
@ Fuckable is the pit of globe,to which we may have entry & fucking from there we can claim the mars & the moon &finally the sun
@ legitimate thoughts of actions tell us that we are the progeny of the fathers who kept us blind in regard of #Isi or #Isis or USA
@ People born during war period didnt know father and exterior down to sons said no life after death,had no life where is the death
@ Noun America pronoun which verb destroys,adjective good adverb too badly #Obama #MartinLither #Gandhi
@ No one speaks for Muslims while they existed in prehistorict period and what #Usa says is his doing & being & action is called to be verb
@ Birth and death is not a big thing what is big is truth,for liars will be liars in second births also so we come to save humanity
@ Hey well U can say,tell,how can we know,what u do is evident to eyes & what is evident is not true,who is there to make it true?
#HumanRight is a big farce,the person who is in jail will get killed if human right gets bribed,after all they too have right to indulge in
@ Children are children,they all are chidren,they all sing global anthem,and so learn to try #HumanRight to distinguish
@ Who caused 9/11,the persons closed to the Govt of USA who had funded to cause world terrorism & became victim,killing Muslim children
@ Now fuck all humanity and get yr cocks ans penises ready for viginas or pussies with all weapons to exterminate the regime of love
@ Yr son #Taliwan bites #Usa,why to have so much roaring,why to uproot #Iraq,why #Pakistan a friend,Let #Islam vs christian
@ Lets all be safe in #Iraq if #Usa stops killing #Isis and #Iraqi who r legitimate citizens,who wazed war on whom,#Usa what dadagiri yar
@ Silen my mouth with mouth or yr gun bur my grave will remain whispering what the truth is,that nt enen yr God can do to silence grave
@ Every one who is strung gives a voice is a melody,music,Lets listen to that a broben,plugged flower croons for a nation or motherland
@ Hence Mulims are no more terrorists in the globe but the persons who exploite them are,and they sld be afraid of God,
@ Ancient India knew two script #Kharoshthi & #BRAHMI That the Vedas say,that Muslims existed in those period wnen Big Vedas were written
@ Ancient India knew two script #Kharoshthi and #Brahmi Onewas written from right to left but Brahmi from left to right(Gandhara)
@ People & bastards within will remain crying to go for last end of globe or sea or ocean when sky is measured by a scientist like Mr,Gluon
@ Before we go into war of final destiny while the end wears dismal
@ There is no terrorism on the globe but Usa has meddled within internal affairs of Islamic countries while they sld solve problem
@ I wonder why USA loves #ISI and disgusts #ISIS while both accomplish the same job %
@ I tend to socialise my wild instinct but #Isis allures me more to die there for a cause that this world doesnt understand
@ The moment I die,not even an iota of soil or dried petal of a flower,I expect from the friends who are though social but enemies
Last 24 Hours = 10 Followers and 10 Unfollowers (FREE stats by
Last 24 Hours = 8 Followers and 8 Unfollowers (FREE stats by
Last 24 Hours = 52 Followers and 48 Unfollowers (FREE stats by
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