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@ The night covered within the cloud and it pours more than the sky which watches silently
@ Who are the fool can be befooled over and over,by a class of fools here in India
@ Recent #panjabTerrorism was IndiaGovt sponsored one to distract attention & sympathy from #YakubMemon hanging
@ Will #Modi be audacious to expedite pending some thousand of cases of capital punishments of Hindu to get hanged #YakubMenon
@ Its easy to defeat but difficult to win #Modi over #Muslims in India are for hanging is only politics
@ Really its silence of lamb when a #Muslim in country is hanged when thousands convicts of capital punishment break butter
@ Shashitharoor is right on #YakubMemon an innocent got hanged under pressure of #Bjp Govt since he was a Muslim
@ Its difficult to say who is terrorist #Govt or #Terrorist ?India can stand united provided hanging is impartial #Bjp #Modi
@ Muslims are treated as second class citizens,at every step is partiality,forcing all of them to be #Terrorist what #Obama too observed
@ Its never fair that a #Muslim be hanged but rest of the other #Hindu convicts of capital punishment enjoy better than ministers
@ Why not other thousands of capital punishment received persons are kept like son in law like guests?
@ We all support #Shashitharoor on Govt sponsored hanging of a Muslim said to be a terrorist #YakubMemon #ZeeNews
@ India stands by #Shashitharoor on capital punishment where a pet terrorist is hanged by a Govt of #Bjp,Shame shame
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@ I bet defy and chalange as all Hindues are bastards,progenies of Muslims & English & vice versa still is a fight among the bastards
@ Since Pakistanafaganistan is fanatic I too being a Hindu support them for they are true being but not bastards like India
@ Both are Muslims in India, One is positive is APJAbdulKalam but the other is Negative is terrorist, with Pakistan #YakubMenon but I
@ What a pain is one #Kalam a scientist a technocrat a president a teacher a humanbeing is to be when #YakubMemon will be hanged
@ When a woman is raped I know,but when a country is raped by a Primeminister or a president,no complaint is to punish the bastard
@ Yes what is obscure & vague is only my meant & only I know otherthan the bastards who wear white bearing Black face to rape
@ Universal truth is God and going to God with a lost world is no hypothetical God existing for otherthan bastards
@ Sleep sleep the world for yr past was slept within the pillow who fucked yr Mom,yr future sleeps for future is slept,wake present
@ Politicians & beauty & remunerations of the both from the Govt and who governs are the both of one of the two who r bastards
@ Bastard bollywood fucks #India for some ministers fuck #Heroins & its #Caresses,this will get disclosed after four years if a vegetarian
@ Some bastards rule the country like #India from #Bollywood,If they stand newed,Bastard Indians get Nude infront of mother & sister
@ The change is the law of globe,#Kumar family Rajendra,manoj, Dilip,ashok,Kosher vs Kapoor & Khan got married to within family
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@ again my everything got wet including my heart which is the only tough thing
@ Again tonight is cold in getting drenched in pouring rain and I have lost my umbrella
@ Politicians are bigger terrorists than the terrorists who come from other countries,corruption is a bigger crime than terrorism #Modi
@ Bastard corrupt persons are more dangerous and silent killers than some thousand terrorists
@ The night goes slept in early morning and day wakes from her arms but both are two contrary symbols for which we all fight
@ The thin line of success and failure is a thick damned dam between dastard and bastard and both know the this best
@ Reaching the destination is all a success but getting short or falling long is devastating success
@ Brave are those who know the end of this world is not confined within the frame of time & they go beyond from us the high sounders
@ The exposed dastards are free from every shame that they bring on their names and rusted names get renewed as new bastards

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