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John Mitchell
“Every You Every Me” by Placebo (@PLACEBOWORLD) is my new jam. Listen:…
The biggest risk in life is to close your eyes and keep them that way
Sometimes you just want to go home and stay there. This is assuming that home is a dry, safe place with a well stocked fridge. And chocolate
Slowly, very slowly he opened his eyes. He looked around at the world, in utter disbelief. And went back to sleep
@OneJohnMitchell A place couldn't be considered Heaven if there weren't dogs there. :-)
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If there is a dog Heaven, that’s where I want to end up. I will take one or two of my human friends with me
So it's a small world? Next time you see a stranger say, *Wow! It's a big world. I've never met you before!*
They say that everybody hurts. They did not say that it would be in equal proportions
Never speak for revenge. Better to live for the proof
Nothing ever feels so right as waking up on a New York morning #NewYorkCity
So many relatives gone to the attic. The kind mysteries of their faces that I will never see again
Sometimes you’re fighting to be heard. Even inside your head
Suddenly it’s amazing just knowing you exist. And still there are so many things you have yet to know. So many things you do not recognize
This morning I am in many places. Sights and sounds from impossible journeys
I seem to be getting ahead of myself. While my other selfs try to keep up
New York City, already older than the future. Waiting impatiently for other worlds to arrive #NewYorkCity
Sometimes I can feel the awesome joy of the future. Like it's already wrapped itself around me
There's so much I want to leave behind. Most of it is in my head
Try real life on for size. I think you'll find it really is a perfect fit
This morning, New York smells of energy. The sounds of future plans #NewYorkCity
Don’t be stuck with yourself. Your head is full of reinventions waiting to happen
There is no freedom for the closed mind
I don't know what's better. The fact that I don't care what people think of me. Or the fact that I never will
New York is living inside of my head. I’m living inside of New York #NewYorkCity
That fantastic feeling when you realize you are awake, alive in this incredible world
Music has been my constant friend. Loyal, understanding and always there for me #LoveMusic
Most of the time, my head is full of strangers who think they know me
I choose life. It really is the best thing I’ve known so far
We all want to be unique until people laugh at us for being different
It is only a matter of time before I accept myself for who I am. At this stage, there is unlikely to be a replacement
We hide in the dark. And we hide the darkness that's inside us
If New York is the city that never sleeps, Hong Kong is the city that never stops #HongKong
I have waited all my life for today. And tomorrow. And every day I get to live #HongKong
I'm at that awkward age where a stranger's smile can also mean sympathy
Back to Hong Kong. No rain please. Take care of New York while I'm gone. #NewYorkCity
Real love knows no boundaries. I think that’s also true for stalking
It's apparent that advice is free because no one wants it
I feel like I have lived many lives. But some clearly do not belong to me
Sometimes I want to wipe my memory so I can relive the best experiences for the first time
As I get older, I listen more and agree less
The pain of defeat is always greater than the joy of winning
Anyone on social media should read Jon Ronson’s 'So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed'. Brilliant journalism @jonronson
I never get in trouble for the things I remember clearly
My head is full of background music. I guess I’m in this movie
People say I’ve changed. But they never knew me in the first place
You can’t see darkness with your eyes closed
The greatest absence is someone who is still there but no longer sees you
You can’t push yourself to the limit if those limits are set by other people

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