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John Mitchell
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There is a human limit to genius. The same cannot be said for stupidity
Each time I say sorry to myself, I hope that I will change. But I don't. I still do shots
Sometimes it feels better to be alone. Especially when you are in the bathroom
It's never too late to enjoy your childhood. Of course, for some of us that means never growing up
My best days seem to be the ones I can't remember
I did not ever dream of being in this spectacular place. New York pulls you in and lets you be more than you ever thought possible
I love the idea of filling in the blanks. Like every day you wake up to this puzzle and then you find another missing piece
We get more pleasure from breaking rules than conforming to them. So we need more rules
If you think you see dead people, could you please ask them where all the others are
For most of my life, people have expected me to fall apart. One day, I am going to prove them right
Yesterday, I promised myself a better tomorrow. Rather cleverly, I was not precise about the date
What's so great about today? We're still breathing. And laughing
OK, I get it. Saying *I love you* back at me would be a sentiment based on an anonymous and flimsy relationship. Fine
Good night, dear friends. Love you
OK, one last thought: Changing your attitude will change your life more than any other single thing
Last thought for the night: tomorrow will always give you more opportunities than today
Our significance is based entirely on subjective assessment. Leaving each one of us as amazingly relevant or utterly meaningless
I’m realizing now why Twitter is so popular. It’s like real life. You know loads of people. But they will never really know you
Twitter is like standing on a really busy street corner, trying to say smart or funny things. And you will never know if anyone is listening
I love the contradiction in expecting the unexpected. Like knowing the unknowable
If you were never allowed second thoughts, you have to wonder how different your life would be
Looking out on the Manhattan skyline makes me feel like I’m actually inside the internet
I love the way that New York always feels like it’s waiting for rest of the world to catch up
Even if there’s nothing after this, I must say that it’s been a great ride
@OneJohnMitchell It won't be the same. There's no way Celtic will get pumped 4-1 again tomorrow.
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