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Wait im drunk n cant read😂
@JayBaeJustice: My great grandpa would blow you dudes up if he found out the way you were treating girls.” *shoot?
I swear, this generation needs a smack in the face.
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Trap playlist dat loud loud
$nakes in da gra$$
Lmao i just bash on her when im not even trying 😂😂😂😂
When the verse game 🔥🔥🔥
*tries 2 b blak "Yeh brah i got da pro-meth zazine¿ yeh bluh meth "
*massive school shooting
Having no netflix is like having no life
*slides on my own DMs
Ive been sick for so long now
Oh dis mobb deep 😏
I got bae a happy meal since she wanna be so childish
Rooster in my rarri
@ELECTRABART: anyone wanna let me borrow their sweater I'll give you my left ass cheek I'm freezing”lmao
@yungsaam: I'm so annoyed” im drunk
@dhorchata: What's a prince zuko” its a dick pierxing
Lol lik why an i drunk
@yungxmami: It's a sad day when a nail breaks:'(” nail game🔥
Was that artisktik
Fml im drunk afo
Transfer to SJSU
This semester im going to do good
Focused on school
Dropping trap moods
Ive been very mellow lately
Not even much to talk about but the vibe is cool
Chill music, chill vibes, chill night
Not much to tweet about anyways
Its been a while since i tweeted
Watch what you eat