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❥ Kavalon Gilliam ❥
RT @LIFE: "We are animals in a world no one knows": photos horrors of heroin addiction 1965.
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The 3-Minute Technique for Brainstorming Your Product's Roadmap:
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Build Your Future-Proof Mobile Strategy: A Firm Foundation
Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain and most fools do. Ben Franklin
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The same person who makes the stars shine will leave you in darkness - be your on sunshine, never be dependent on...
Have to keep pushing no matter of the sunshine or rain pray thru it all.
Me: Jason spell cat Jason: says bat - lol so silly
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Are we too hard on ourselves as mothers?
CMPD: 2 police officers shot in northeast Charlotte Found at
Photo: (via Gordon races to first win at Michigan since 2001 ::
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10 Million Reasons the PlayStation 4 is an Official Success - via
Researchers Develop Technique To Record Electron's Quantum Behavior : News : Counsel & Heal
Red Lionfish are Ultimate Hunters: Study : Animals : Nature World News Found at
Israeli attacks on Gaza families must be investigated as war crimes, say human rights groups
How to watch the George RR Martin and Robin Hobb world building live steam… via @GeekNative
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Caillou just wants to eat his pudding - everytime he is about to take a bite - what a conspiracy
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