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Ig : angel_dlee
You gotta check this out..
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Ada Follower Gratis di - Retweet biar makin banyak dapat followernya!!
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Believed n loyalty is the most important things in this world to me!
I want a siberian husky!!
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Retweeted by Doris Lie ?? ?
모두 안녕하세요! 잘하면 오늘 모든 원활 것이다!^^
My leg is bleeding.. hurttttt..TT huhuu..
當我難過時我不需要有個人來安慰我.. 我只要有個人配我哭,了解我心情!
Ohayo~ everyone! New day with some new knowledge, 'Shakespeare invented the words ASSASSINATION n BUMP'..
나는 사람을 사랑 무서워! 실연에 대한 치료법이 있습니까?
New morning following a new spirit! New friend following a new tweet! With all new, can u following me? hehee..
why the love will disappear over time? is it because people do not have a sense of loyalty? or because love is not eternal?
Everyone in this world is so pity! a lot of people screams for help, but others always care nothing or playing cool!
Is it amazing? the fact that our knowledge is always increasing every single day.. The will to know something new is so incredible for me!
Good morning..i wish everyone will get more happier in this new day! N hope that will always continue..
3kinds of ppl, 1st the 1 who always harm others, 2nd is the 1 who always b doing nothing 'whitnesses' n last1 is victim! Where is the 1 u r?
Its no matter if they r just ur neighborhood or just a beggar or just a people u dont know..u've always must help them, are'nt u?