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Jordan Liam Quinn
You know you've lost all faith in Britain when the UK official no. 1 is about skinny shaming and anti-thin. @Meghan_Trainor
Hope @scottdavies90 enjoys his first date with this bird tonight at the cinema, hope his missus dont find out, that would be chaos.
Happy birthday to the best woman in the world, my mammy'
Who's Ebola and why is everyone being a cunt to him? Surely he's not that bad.
The Aquaman Crystal is probably the coolest discovery in a long time.
I think from now I'm gonna keep it 100.
Full of cuts and bruises, that's the signs of a good weekend that I missed
Good sex is always a nice hangover cure πŸ‘Œ
From October til my birthday (New Years eve) it's all about that bulking and tatting. Lift and get inked! #2015
Really wish I just went to see @MarcKinchen and @MyNuLeng tonight in Cardiff
On a massive @iamTchami and @OliverHeldens vibe recently, dropping their shit on the way to work everyday to keep me going!
Never been so thankful to see Swansea in my whole life
Last day in London, gonna hit up Camden and Harrods πŸ‘ŒπŸ’·
Someone help me ID a deep house track I think the lyrics go: "do you wanna daaaance, will you show will you show me" #deephouse
What an on point start to what looks like is going to be a sick weekend πŸ‘Œ
Sometimes I like to just sit on the floor, tuck my legs into my chest and lean over....because that's how I roll
Her walls say ''mint'' and ''basil'' but it probably refers to the fucking fox and chewing gums. #BENEFITFATTY
Having misophonia is shit
Early morning gym session, I'll be dead the time I finish work and then college today'
Is it just me or is @sampepper a kiddy fiddler? Everyone he's having photos with looks about 12
The racist tweets from Man Utd to @FinallyMario are actually disgusting. That's why I can't stand football.
The 24hr rave experiment got the better of me but it was still an on point experience nonetheless πŸ‘ŒπŸŒ΄ #24hourrave #premouk #newestink #deephouse #dnb #allblackeverything #homesweethome #swansea #birmingham #rainbowvenues
This 24 hour rave in Birmingham is gonna be on point, still no signs of an after party yet though πŸ‘Œ
Good to hang out with old faces again. πŸ‘Œ
Never watch football unless there is money involved. Lets make another profit motherfucker.
Daryl Belmares: Worlds biggest ear gauges.
The only clothing I really want to wear these days is by @IanIsiah #HOODBYAIR
I've actually had a good Sunday πŸ‘Œ
The funny welsh guy from @sexybeastsuk just complimented my nikeys, forever random shit happening lately.
Quiet Saturday with @caragh_sullivan up Cardiff' πŸ‘Œ
Always $trive And Prosper.
So I had a facebook report saying I've had multiple people report my facebook profile, but they all got rejected. U MAD UKHCII?
I'd love to have a converted church as a home.
Obama and David Cameron gonna be right on the mow up in Cardiff this weekend.
Raw ima give it to ya, With no Trivia. Raw like Cocaine straight from Bolivia. #WUTANG
I wonder if @scottdavies90 's girlfriend knows about his raging mow addicition. #realtalk #scottbigsnifferdavies
So I got UKHC II shut down from a report I made months ago, this is funny as shit.
Celebrities beware, The fappening is upon us.
There needs to be a new Jackass movie.
It's Saturday, lets get shit done.
Them people who have mammy and daddy pay everything are just the worst.
Task Force Black. ISIS are fucked.