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Jordan Liam Quinn
Conflict in Gaza, Flights going missing/down, America warning Russia. The world is fucked.
Really want to see @Borgore at @ministryofsound in London on Saturday, Just got to find someone to come with ffs.
Realising that my pay goes up in December and then I finish my course next May gives me big plans for next year. #IBIZA #EDCLASVEGAS
dog food lid backwards is dildo of god
I've been living a lie this whole time....
Work was a laugh last week, can't see it happening again this week.
Quite excited for @premoUK first attendance at Westfest and what a year to do it #westfest14
Wind street was so fucking shit last night, had to put some lanky fucker on his ass just to get him to stop barging and being a dick.
BBQ Chills with the whole gang today, I'm gonna spike one of their drinks with LSD fuck it.
Garden chills with the conman'
All these videos on facebook of people tripping balls and off their face. Surprised I haven't seen one of me yet.
Its the day after, the day after leg day. I am basically disabled. #legday #fuckyou
Started with 100 bricks Now I sold out bitch My mama say stay patient Hunnid bands I ain't waiting
Fruit smoothie this morning and chicken and rice for dinner. Cleaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnn
Back and fourth Amsterdam and Ibiza like they were second homes, Be getting customs keeping an eye on me soon #DRUGLORD
"If she 12 I'm 12" - Gandhi
Three. One to molest a child, one to change the bulb and molest a child, and a third to molest a child
How many elderly BBC celebrities does it take to change a lightbulb?
My girlfriend slags me off so much but I'd still ruin her #truelove #luckymissus
Hardwork weekend' let's try and make my bank account look more attractive these next few weeks
I could listen to @djcarnage at EDC' 14 over and over, such a good set.
Them people who just have full on debates and arguments over pointless shit on facebook though... Haven't they got anything better to do