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Haz Iqbal
@RT_com: Major UK department store to sell school hijabs” Is it just me or is £6 cheap?
Excited to start developing our team and services in India.
#explainyourusername Haz is my alias, Iqbal is my surname and I live in the UK. How creative?! 😂
So my dad measured my nose today.. I have the biggest in my family😩😭
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Only good thing about Oldham is all the places you can go to eat at lunch
Dreading getting the Bus/Tram to Oldham every morning once I start college-.-
Think my entertainment for the night is sorted.. Thanks Twitter
"When you see ur squad while you out with your parents"
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Is it just my snapchat that logs me out???
I don't know why, but I think I've lost quite a bit of motivation recently..
I really don't care what people think of me now, my dreams ain't to please them but to kill them with success.
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@hxssxn_: Don't let small minds convince you that your dreams are too big. One day I'll prove everyone who doubted me wrong. " Insha'Allah!
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One minute I think I want to go to Uni, the next I don’t because I don’t think I would get into one down south. #TheStruggle
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Spending the weekend in Birmingham!
So much ambition, not enough motivation
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I nearly died when some kid came in the chippy before and says "do you do toast?" funny fucker mum probably didn't feed him breakfast
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Dragon's Den Contestant Arrested After Asking For £100K To Buy A “Shit Load” Of Cocaine… via @Wunderground_ie
Telegram is way better than WhatsApp