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Black Crucified Jew
...Entering hibernation period
We plead you rest Eddie Zondi. Condolences to the family and #MetroFM Fam♥
#June16. Celebrating the Black Youth. #YouthDay
Pilot Jones got me a first class ticket. HiGh.
'I will not set anything worthless before my eyes'
Thank you Mama for being a father and I Plead you rest Papa!♥ #FathersDay
My hatred for earth surpasses all jovial promises of a paradise earth. I want a 'forever' in heaven.
'What is a god to a non believer?'
@TrevLeon @juniorking02 @KutlwanoHlomuka [#MyLaugh I couldn't have chosen better friends even If I tried anyway. I love you fkkkers♥]
@KutlwanoHlomuka @TrevLeon @juniorking02 [...Hmm... You guys are assholes I think...]
@Kiara_Ngubane [That's the Culture of football though. It's made to be that competitive...]
'Reality's like Allergies, I'm afraid to go nuts; Life's the Biggest Troll, but the Joke is on us.'
Friday the 13th. My Lucky Day. G Da Loagaeth the Black Crucified Jew is now a Life. The Living Dead. Alive
Black Crucified Jew - Loagaeth Was Crucified on the Torture Stake by the Christians. G is now Dead...
#WorldCup2014 - another excuse for females to act like their 'soccer experts'. Save me!
#WorldCupMyBalls . This Opening Sucks BALLS!! #SouthAfrica was way better!
Brazilian Women ♥ Oh My - Oh My #WorldCup #Brazil2014
A boy will tell you you're beautiful. A man will make you believe it.
@juniorking02 @TrevLeon @Dah_BUDDA [yeah, yeah, but most of all, a niqqur can't wait for the #BlackSomething Album. ♬]