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G Da'Ogma
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Got a Frank Ocean - SZA sound and feel. Keep your eyes peeled.
I even sing the 1st part of the song. I'm so excited and this is only the beginning
I just finished writing my 1st song; Ready for the studio now!
If you don't like the way I'm living my life, why don't you take it?
What if we're infinite consciousness and are simply in a human experience... #freeyourmind
RT "@TedOfficialPage: who else has taken 2+ years of a foreign language and still has no clue how to speak it?" #Afrikaans
Don't Bite the Apple Eve! Resist the Temptation...
I'm following Hippies Today
@ItsAshleyOkay_ [You'll get away with it, tell'em it's art and self expression #MyLaugh #WorksEveryTime ]
Heaven only knows... Heaven only knows
@tashpatash [do we even need half a brain cell to figure it out? It's tacit isn't it?]
Maybe Love and Hatred are closer than we think...
You truly live and learn. I've learned that 'family' is not a surname; I've made that mental error far too many times and for too long
I've never been personal on social networking, but it seems like certain matters that were at 1st deemed important are just trivial
Be an inTELLectual. Share your knowledge with all.
A good deed. Do you do it to be seen or to see that it is done? Do you do it to look good or do you do it to be good? That is the question.
Your Beliefs don't make You a better person; your Behaviour does
Why keep trying 10 times when we know we'll only get it the 11th time? Point is, we should persevere because, either way, you might as well.
The Sky keeps on Falling / the Drugs keep on Calling
"Women can form a friendship with a man very well; but to preserve it, a slight physical antipathy most probably helps."
@Dah_BUDDA @TrevLeon [ yeah, sucks Xhosa balls but eyy; end Sept let's make it happen x1000 ]
@TrevLeon @olamish [ Such an asshole. That's why you don't get no vahina ]
So umm... Beyoncé just killed and gave everyone a big Fkkk You, with the finger and said goodnight to the #VMA's Or shall I say #Beyonce's?
Oh Nicki. Oh #Anaconda. Save me from that booty #VMA
Drugs, you should try it @trvisXX
Where is Hope when an Optimist gives up?
@Le2musa_xo [Damn, age isn't only a number huh? But yes; Selfie game is sitting on 50 right now, it's about time we bond]
@Le2musa_xo [#MyLaugh me too but I could still eat you up #irresistible]
@Laydee_Lu [ 'Let me Show you this Life Darling' ]
What if All that is Gold is not Real?
Blacker than Ever!
Realistically, reality is never really real
Cease to Seize the Day
Seems like we are all limping upon two different opinions. Not reaching a Consensus is the basis of all this war.
@joeyBADASS_ I'm Getting a little impatient for #B4DAMONEY *amped*
'There's no Art To find the Mind's construction in the Face'
We're really abusing the word 'Artist'. The real Artist is now treated like a Cliché rather than the 'Answer' and 'Creator'.
It hurts but the slow and gradual process of elimination is in full effect
If you don't like change, you're going to like irrelevance even less
'The Beauty of young Men is their Power'
RT "@SihleBella: "@G_DAWETI: 'As far as I know, I'm a Poet or an Apostle'"~ five bucks says poet_" [ 10 says both; Touché ]
'We can fall in love; but only for the night'
'As far as I know, I'm a Poet or an Apostle'