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G Da'Ogma
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The Sky keeps on Falling / the Drugs keep on Calling
"Women can form a friendship with a man very well; but to preserve it, a slight physical antipathy most probably helps."
@Dah_BUDDA @TrevLeon [ yeah, sucks Xhosa balls but eyy; end Sept let's make it happen x1000 ]
@TrevLeon @olamish [ Such an asshole. That's why you don't get no vahina ]
So umm... Beyoncé just killed and gave everyone a big Fkkk You, with the finger and said goodnight to the #VMA's Or shall I say #Beyonce's?
Oh Nicki. Oh #Anaconda. Save me from that booty #VMA
Drugs, you should try it @trvisXX
Where is Hope when an Optimist gives up?
@Le2musa_xo [Damn, age isn't only a number huh? But yes; Selfie game is sitting on 50 right now, it's about time we bond]
@Le2musa_xo [#MyLaugh me too but I could still eat you up #irresistible]
@Laydee_Lu [ 'Let me Show you this Life Darling' ]
What if All that is Gold is not Real?
Blacker than Ever!
Realistically, reality is never really real
Cease to Seize the Day
Seems like we are all limping upon two different opinions. Not reaching a Consensus is the basis of all this war.
@joeyBADASS_ I'm Getting a little impatient for #B4DAMONEY *amped*
'There's no Art To find the Mind's construction in the Face'
We're really abusing the word 'Artist'. The real Artist is now treated like a Cliché rather than the 'Answer' and 'Creator'.
It hurts but the slow and gradual process of elimination is in full effect
If you don't like change, you're going to like irrelevance even less
'The Beauty of young Men is their Power'
RT "@SihleBella: "@G_DAWETI: 'As far as I know, I'm a Poet or an Apostle'"~ five bucks says poet_" [ 10 says both; Touché ]
'We can fall in love; but only for the night'
'As far as I know, I'm a Poet or an Apostle'
POEM: LOST IN A WORLD -- [… ] + audio version
POEM: 'A MESSAGE TO MY FATHER, MANDELA' --- [… ] #Mandela #MandelaMonth
I have tried it all, but there's one thing I haven't mastered; one thing. Meditation.
@CyhiThePrynce collaborating with some Local Talent [Reason] @Reason4Audio3D and Well$. I'm liking this ♥ #ForTheMasses
I support the intelligent not the ones that get good grades
... 'Shades of Cool'
Rather than Updating your status's, do more and just try increase your knowledge of SA & Black History and be useful for #MandelaDay .
How am I supposed to trust somebody when I don't trust Myself?
Kgomotso G Daweti wrote: Drake's 2015 Album: "Views From The 6" better be good. #Keen
#StepUpAllin is Officially the greatest dance movie! Thanks @KIDDAVIDrr @maddchadd @official_tWitch #Moose and the Legion. Inspired!
Just watched the World premiere of #StepUpAllin! @KIDDAVIDrr killed me! @maddchadd and @official_tWitch and the rest of the cast were great!
RT "@DMTripping: Soo fucking true, Society is full of lost souls" [ You are 'society'; so we're all lost? ]
RT [ ...meaning? ]"@JLwazi: It does if you make it happen"@SheriYounis: forever doesn't exist""
My Generation is Doomed. Not because we're stupid; we're actually so smart that we found an easy way out for everything. Now we're just lazy
I've lost my mind. Tell me to take my medication. I want to Overdose.
'Don't cry for me Argentina' #GermanVictory
Closing just as bad as the Opening. #WorldCupFinal what the hell was happening?
@Solo__Soul [ G-Da-Original-Black-Jew ]