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Anichi johnpaul Eze
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Never depend too much on anyone in this world because even your own shadow leaves you when you're in darkness.
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Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see. Be kind please.
If you cannot say nothing nice, do not say any thing at all.
The bigest mistake by most people is listening half, understanding quarter and telling double
If you are cry almost everyday in your relationship, just sit down and ask yourself; I'm dating human being or onions?
If a bank vault can be left open and a common biro is tied in bank; who told you that you are useless? Alway remember that you are valuable
Let my enemies live long to see how God has been blessing me.
We are often unhapy because we find it very hard to let go of things that make us sad.
Download Opera Mini to help me win a BlackBerry Q10 and get a chance to win too! Glo only…
GOD gave all of us common sense so HE can get common rest!
Arguing with stupid people is like killing mosquito on your cheek. You may or may not kill it, but you’ll end up slapping yourself.
@Shell when are you guys recruiting for jobs?
@TheLifeDiaries @GirlfriendNotes God's peace is the only peace the world wants.
sometimes we fail to understand the felings of very close people in our life. bcz a book held very nearer to Eyes, is very difficult to read
@Saintly_Life yap you are there! forgiveness pays. God is love and love is God.
Beautiful quote..There iz nothing greater dan Parents in dis world. So go get married fast and bcome parents. Think different. Do different
listening to wife is like reading the terms & conditions of website while downloading anything . U understand nothing , still u say, I agree
Everything is easy when you are crazy about it but nothing is easy when you are lazy about it.
Life has many ways to make us weak but remember, the three things that will keep you going are Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
My best may not be good enough for some poeple but that's their problem not mine.
Look the clock when you do not have work but don't look the clock when you are working. Bill Gates