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Pathless Pilgrim
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My #vegan djembe: Deep & rich centre, high & crisp edge, portable, weather-proof... and no-one was KILLED to make it!
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Nice Groove: Djembe Solo Jam - Western Contemporary Funk Fusion Drumset Style via @YouTube
The best street doumbek drum player in the world !!! via @YouTube
How many times have you heard 'Its not money that's the root of all evil, its the LOVE of money'? Well, actually its neither, so chill out
A mind that is caught in fear must be violent. You may have ideologies and principles of non-violence, but they are all utterly meaningless
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Occasionally I have a look to see what's trending and never cease to be amazed at some of the banal #shit people obsess about
Oops! Not the best thing to do at work! (That second video is kinda STUNNING, no?)…
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Nights like last night happen once in a blue moon 😊
24 HOURS! The activists have now remained suspended below St. Johns Bridge for over a day! RT your support! #ShellNo
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Our bees are facing a new threat. Sign the petition to stop bee-harming neonics this autumn:
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Gloucestershire constabulary making police wear beard nets must be the funniest piece of news I've heard in ages!
An intensely beautiful piece of music... 'Passion' by Peter Gabriel from 'The Last Temptation of Christ'…
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Scientists are thinking about naming this newly described octopus Opisthoteuthis adorabilis because it’s so cute...
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Saturn’s night sky, 3 crescent moons; Titan, Rhea and Mimas… (Image: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Space Science Institute)
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More roads, more oil and gas, more fracking. Yup, that's going to tackle climate change. #budget2015
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Hottest July day on record here in the UK #Heatwave
Napoleon Hill on #SUCCESS and on never giving up #quotes #inspiration
Leaders Are Readers | Recommended Books | DownlineTrafficBuilder…
Love of the Earth must triumph over vested interests. Sign URGENT petition to stop fracking in Lancashire #LoveWins…
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#EndAusterityNow protests kinda piss me off. Only time folk get up off their arses & out on streets is when an issue affects them directly
If a belief is to command respect it should earn it, with evidence. Don't respect a belief simply because it is deeply held by people.
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Thinking people, please stop "respecting" beliefs for no better reason than to avoid hurting or "offending" believers. Tell them to grow up.
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...and if you liked that last video you'll LOVE THIS one! #drumming… via @YouTube
Incredibly skillful drumming by Iranian musician Mohammad Reza Mortazavi… via @YouTube
"90% of what we believe to be fact is actually just belief" - I believe that's quite an interesting fact
There are only 3 types of people in the world - good people, bad people... and dangerous fundamentalists who believe this kind of shit
Democracy = where those with the biggest gang bully everyone else into doing things THEIR way
Well done #CafeNero for not using milk from badger cull farms. Pity they still support cow abuse, though. Go #Vegan
What are the chances? A HERON in 10 Downing Street yesterday!
Dozens of people scramble to lift bus off trapped unicycle rider in London…
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Love this sculpture I spotted in a gallery in town

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