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Pathless Pilgrim
Q: Father, why have You forsaken me? A: Because I was only a projection of your dualistic mind - now forsake thyself
To change our thinking is a useful psychological tool but has nothing to do with Zen. Who are you when thought is dropped?
To search for some underlying Reality behind all phenomena is to miss the point and spend your life on a wild goose chase
Where's this 'soul' you keep talking about?
For most people religion is little more than the belief that some ultimate parent is going to reward them for being a good little girl/boy
Desire causes suffering & the greatest desire of all is for eternal gratification with God in heaven. Desire is desire whatever the object.
Only one who has let go can die at peace. Only one who can die at peace can live at peace.
Suffering doesn't cease by satisfying desire. There's always another desire... Will you die still enslaved by it?
The fundamental illusion: 'I AM'
There is a fundamental lie commonly taught by a lot of very popular 'spiritual' teachers - the lie that 'I AM'
There's no goal. Just be present and awake
Just be aware - that is all. It's not a path to anywhere. You're either aware or you're not. You're either herenow or you're unconscious
... then this 'servant to God' or 'servant to humanity' or whatever, this 'great renunciate' becomes your ego!
You hear that ego is the trap, the illusion, so you give up wealth, fame, prestige and of course...
All thoughts of 'spiritual attainment' are utter nonsense and will keep you trapped in the cycle of suffering
Every single idea you cling to must sooner or later be discarded.
The secret of Zen is just two words: not always so. - Shunryu Suzuki Roshi
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Forget 'inner' and 'outer' - there is only phenomena.
Search intensely, but search without an object
Accept this present moment deeply, totally. And if you can't accept it... accept that, too.
As long as the game of ego is entertaining you, you'll keep playing it. But there'll always be a niggling doubt...
Keeping up the illusion of 'you' is exhausting, isn't it?
Sooner or later you'll just get fed up of pretending to be 'someone' and give up on the idea that there's anything to gain
No matter how much meditation you do it won't make you enlightened - just show you in excruciating clarity what a mess you are.
There is no path to enlightenment