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Offering Peace
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There is no 'path to God'. How can anything be apart from God? How can God journey to God?
Every ego-trip is just a game
The realisation that we were never born and can never die opens the way to great peace.
There is no self, only thoughts of self
The ego is an illusion. There is no ego to 'get rid of' , overcome or break free from in anyone. Simply observe that it/you has no substance
"I" is just a thought. Free from thoughts, peace is our natural state.
Why waste so much energy constantly reinforcing who you think you are?
Exposed to the light of awareness, ego falls apart. When you see it for the illusion it is, it no longer holds power over you
To observe the ego is to be free of it, no longer identified with it.
With awareness comes the observation that the very nature of ego is perpetual dissatisfaction
Our dramas tend to dissolve when we recognise the ego's constant attempts to inflate itself
The key to peace is awareness
When conflict looms, we must look to our own rigid beliefs and ideologies. Only by dissolving this rigidity can a true solution be found
War is NEVER the answer to our problems
The ego thrives on conflict and so creates conflict in order to perpetuate the illusion of its own existence
Life is a continuous flow of moments, in each of which our only task is to choose peace
There's no great secret to peace. Just let go of whatever thoughts/actions are creating non-peace for you... then keep letting go...
Breathe... it's all OK!
Even your body is just a thought in the mind of God
Dwell within your own peace and you give others space to find theirs
Mostly, people are like mirrors: if you're full of anger you'll find yourself surrounded by angry people; if you're kind, so are others
There's no space for conflict in a heart overflowing with love
Begin where you're at. If you're a killer stop killing; if you're a fighter stop fighting; if you're a gossip stop gossiping; go from there.
Eventually you realise 'inner' and 'outer' are just thoughts and you simply ARE
There is a space within you that is free from anger, hatred, judgement, craving and fear. Your task is to find that space and dwell therein.