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I'm beginning to think that wanting nothing is the way to go.
Cannabis Tax Act @cantaxact Supersedes existing laws governing cannabis creates commission to regulate cultivation...
My computer is intellectually advancing
Higgs Boson Seems To Prove That The Universe Doesn't Exist via @Forbes
You had me at Higgs Boson
Just checked out this #movie on Netflix. It's strangely informative and hilarious! #HowToBeAMan…
Women Should Celebrate Hobby Lobby Ruling, Says Fox News: via @YouTube
When US Supreme Court decisions are made based on religious beliefs, you just alienated human rights for all people based on reality.
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Have you ever walked the streets as your city sleeps and ponder many things?
Have you ever thought about other dimensions?
Would you rather invent one great invention or fifty smaller tools?
Would you rather be struck by lighting or struck by a bus? Not very great choices, lol.
I cannot escape bias. I am prisoner to my mind.
Damn, I have so many feckin tabs open. It's such a cluster fuck. I am not evolved enough for so much stimuli... 5 HOURS LATER
Infinite monkey theorem - If given enough time a monkey, hacking away at the keys of a typewriter, will eventually write out all of Hamlet.
The Detailed Universe: This will Blow Your Mind.: via @YouTube
Blessed by Aphrodite and carved out of stone @RoganRichards, you are delicious.
I keep seeing the iconic fads of the century past, getting recycled. Have they invented time travel? Where can I get a ticket?