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I don't want to go to work today!!!
GOD PLEASE BE TRUE RT @slashfilm Rumor: Amazon Revives 'The Tick', Patrick Warburton Returning
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I'd like to make a toast. To my Liver! *raises shot of vodka Thank you for filtering better than Instagram.
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#IfTheWorldWereMine I'd fight starvation and disease. I'd kill inequality and greed. I'd battle ignorance and hate. Free to feed and educate
Me like this Trailer - The Skeleton Twins…
Pennsylvania Finally Reveals #Fracking Has Contaminated Drinking Water Hundreds Of Times
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Alienated, outgoing, shy, R-rated mind, complicated, unaware, narcissistic, self obsessed, skeptical and hectic, boring and unimpressed...
...sarcastic and living farce, a realist when self critical, but for the world, I dream far too idealistically. We all complicate simplicity
Yeah I haven't really been tweeting much lately. How's it going? @TheSimAisle
Without sweat and soul, all those pretty things become pretty mundane. You gotta earn your blissful summer days
At the end of the day you realize your goals and aspirations seem pretty far away, and you wish they'd just happen already. Work hard tweeps
Independence Day Run... very exciting!
Must feel pretty nice. You certainly have the whole package. @RoccoSteeleXXX
I'm pretty stoked about Destiny because who doesn't like thinking about terraforming Mars and Venus someday?
Omg, you're SO big. How's stardom feeling lately, mister @RoccoSteeleXXX ?
Omg, I'm like literally throwing up word garbage.
To #trend or not to trend... What are these word things and how do they become so damn important?
Presence of brain-eating amoeba found in La. via @USATODAY
They did it! Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are married! via @USATODAY
Check out "99% - The Occupy Wall Street Collaborative Film - Trailer" on Vimeo #Vimeo
Every generation has an anti-culture. It feels as if as if I were always meant to feel displaced, forever born in the wrong era.
devil school sounds good RT @StephenMangan: It’s true - I’ve got double Witchcraft after lunch
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NASA tests 'impossible' no-fuel quantum space engine - and it actually works… via @ExtremeTech
NYTimes: Thousands Protest an ‘Occupy’ Movement in Hong Kong
Grand jury indicts Texas Gov. Rick Perry via @USATODAY
USA: Times Square shut down as protesters demand …:
Ferguson Chaos: SWAT fire tear gas, rubber bullets on Day 4 of protest o...: via @YouTube
10 Reasons Life May Be A Computer Simulation -… via @listverse
#RobinWilliams Forever inspiring greatness and provoking joyous laughter.
Tonight's Supermoon Will Be the Largest Moon of 2014…
Dungeons and Dragons time
U.S. Drops More Food and Water to Aid Iraqi Refugees…
Drunk History is THE BEST!
'Melt Ponds Shine in NASA Laser Altimeter Flight Images':… via #NASA_APP
NYTimes: New Computer Chip Is Designed to Work Like the Brain
NYTimes: Obama Weighs Airstrikes or Aid to Help Trapped Iraqis, Officials Say