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1 of those shitty days when you're busy none stop.. That's today😭😭😭
I understood. Taken early last year LOL…
If it works for you Nana then who am I to judge🤓…c
Envy me. Rate me. Hate me. Either way you ain't me!
🗣I practice what I preach.. Unlike the rest😂�…3zBV
Train insane or remain the same #FitFam
So long as you can keep up the pace my guy.. I train insane😂…A
People will always say "YOU CAN'T" Just smile and say "WATCH ME" #FitFam
Impressive! Shud set a session with you soon and make you sweat a LITTLE😅💦�…PY3U
They'll always be that person that we know that's got gym membership yet they last set foot at gym the day of joining
Gym can't transform you if you can't transform yourself.. It's no help going to gym to do other things except training!
How's gym? Any changes in your physique yet?🙈�…8i
Now you can't say you can't train becoz you afford gym.. Thanked me? You're more than welcome👊🏾
Preferably during your rest days at home…
Been breaking things since this morning. Whatever I touch I drop.. Phone nearly broke😲😲😲
20 push-ups, 30 sit-ups, 30 squats, 20 lunges, 100 jumping jacks, 60 seconds wall sit. Now do it all again. Favorite this and do it everyday
Don't ask me what I take.. Ask me what it takes #FitFam
Good. You're on the right track, stay on that lane you'll thank me later😊…t
Thing is, most of y'all at gym spend much time taking pics than training.. I know you're feeling guilty rn😏
Been telling you stop eating fast foods and pap😂…s
We all shud agree that Old Eds Virgin active gym is the next best thing to all classics.. Vodaworld shud chill a bit🙌🏾
When I'm at gym I'm at peace #FitFam
You're being lazy akere, o batla lebanta wena😡…Z
I'll think about and I'll get back to you neh😂😂…iO4
After the pic of Ronnie's back I just saw, I'm motivated to workout my best.. RONNIE COLEMAN HERE I COME!💪🏽
Bitso he shud have printed 'MR BONES'🙈😂😂…g8SkZ
His muscle vest is written 'MUSCLES LIVE HERE' but if only you can see him😟😟😟
Gym is my other home.. Well, now you know where to find me if not home #FitFam #GymFreakVibes
Midday is good time for gym becoz you get to own all weights🏋🏽
More like who you know actually…
Yep. I'm with you on that 1🤕…Q
Paris killings: French police identify first attacker
What is it about you that makes you different to other men/women?

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