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Cancer "@DatNiggaSihle_: Virgo "@iiAm_Lesa: Scorpio "@Lebo_III: Leo"@Questionnier: Your zodiac sign? #Palmchat
Lol, I get that dawg, I meant 'them' too :D @pacter_tried: Not me. I'm asking ausckido: Killing him again dawg? @pacter_tried: #Rambo Dead
I think I'm being bewitched at gym stru, I suspect that 'Mr Bones' I trained with the other week
This injury needs something much stronger that soft hands strokes
Even this so-called physiotherapist just massaged her soft hands on me and tell me I'll be fine
Killing him again dawg? #Smh "@pacter_tried: #Rambo Dead?? Twoogle
It breaks my heart whenever I hear people talking about "going to gym"
Eisan, struggle continues mrena☹ @fetsiHD: @ausckido lol,taba hakena selo ha so nwa
When she curves and her friend wants you, that time she ain't your 'type'
This thing of 'type' never ever been loyal to me, all my typa women always curve me flat
#Smh You're just hard as a rock mrena, I give up :D @fetsiHD: Lol saliva will be fine "@ausckido: Then finish it off with tap water neh?
Big time, and at that time they always blew it "@lady_dzee: @ausckido yep and it sucks trust me!
Just how do you do that fam?"#Smh @Xhosa_Goddess: The way I been silent tweeting lately
What did you have for lunch? "@PrachiRai: I am like sleepy now
That smell:( "@Mbalings: Goinh to clinivs makes me sad."
"@_Quelina: lmao men fake it? "@SamaTwaLekgotla: Co-ask RT @ausckido: But then how does a man fake it, like TF? #Smh
"@SamaTwaLekgotla: Co-ask RT @ausckido: But then how does a man fake it, like TF? #Smh
Mixing 'em all? "@_Sasa_Doll: Panado, hot stoney and medlemon "@ausckido: Just how are you planning of doing that?
But others are blessed with numerous chances, its so unfair "@lady_dzee: You only get one chance and its do or die no turning back now....."
Then finish it off with tap water neh? @fetsiHD: I just feel like buyin this shoprite bread ke boje bole so""
Male-like abs will actually look good on you though:) @ThatEgoo: I want abs bruh. Two pack nyana atleast.. Don't want male-like abs though
Total bliss:) "@Rendani_Makhado: When it just feels like it's beyond love
Just reminded me of my high school days.. @KoenaMoabelo: Never trouble trouble till trouble troubles you.
Just how are you planning of doing that?"@_Sasa_Doll: Time to attack this flu now
Thibos has got no timing dawg :D @KingGee24: :"""D bruh early so le teng"@ausckido: *Clears throat* Thabo Mokwele on Kaya Fm