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Mark Cuban
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Breaking News: We hacked and helped fix it
“Introducing Tumblr Integration” by @getxpire…
Happy to announce Xpire v1.1.0 supports @tumblr integration! Post expiring blog posts and manage which blogs you follow - free on @AppStore
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. @realRonPatton time to plan the @CyberDustApp pop up party
Wow @mcuban, over 500 friends added on @CyberDustApp in just a few days! Add us here for flash deals and more:
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This Startup Could Turn Your iPhone Into a Tiny Disease-Detecting Lab
This Startup Could Turn Your iPhone Into a Tiny Disease-Detecting Lab | Business | WIRED…
Twitter showing faves + tweets from people you don't follow... @CyberDustApp. via @TheNextWeb
Buy tickets to see the Mavs take on the Cavs, Lakers, Thunder, or Spurs before it's too late:
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5) MCC = Mark Cuban Companies. You would sell all our products and services
4) Use Cyber Dust ID Askmark. I will only consider what is in the slideshare presentation
3) of you have to ask what any Of this means or how to do it You aren't qualified
2) create a slide share that shows what you have done selling on campus and the results. Cyber Dust them to me
I'm hiring in dallas to sell MCC products to Greek system on campuses. Must have Exp .Cyber Dust me a slideshare link w experience
Community: 5 Ways Cyberdust Will Change The Way Millennials Do Business… via @BuzzFeeders
If you're not already, follow me on Cyber Dust at +EarlKSneed. Starting today, my Mavs updates go to Cyber Dust prior to hitting Twitter.
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College textbook prices vs Average consumer prices over last 45 years cc @packbackbooks
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.@tony_freccero next month on Windows Phone. Go to and sign up to get preview