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Mullet Jo
mcdonalds fun 3,529 followers
I r not mullet jo
I r got mullet meanin i r make the fukin rulez 🇺🇸
.@Stormay143 u aint got no mullet how dare u use the joe dirt scale fuk u must be a terrist
.@Jbarrett328 yeeee mo fuker u nd me r alridy the best if friends fuukk yaaa 🇺🇸
Fuk those wanta b cuntry city kids sayin they be ridin horse lik u aint cuntry only thing u ridin is cock
@LifeAsRednecks: History started in 1776. Everything before that was a mistake 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸” merica is the gratest n live is 2 short to no b 🇺🇸
Hey Germany, no matter how many World Cups you win, you're still 0-2 in World Wars. Merica.
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all of thse want to country people have never actually ridden a horse , penned cows, roped or waken up at 5am to do farm work
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Lol today a lady's truck broke down in front of the speaker so we had to go outside and take orders with a hand-held thing #fml @McLyfe
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When you work with someone who stinks like a fart
I'll give half my paycheque to someone willing to take all my shifts for a year deal?
Don't just tell me you want a coffee tell me what the fcks in it, I can't read minds. #annoying @McCrewLife @McLyfe
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Working at mcdonalds is like signing your life away to the devil bc every shift is like living hell @McLyfe @GoldenArchProbs
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I've been here for 3 years you've been here for 3 days don't tell me how to do my job @McLyfe
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Im working and bored as fuck, tweet me some of your best mcdons memories
Nothing better than closing with a bunch of people no one likes
It's 9:30pm and you bring your kid in for a happy meal with a coke, the kid should be in bed! I'm only 18 and I know that's bad parenting
I just got begged by a lady to open the door cause she needed to go to the restroom and since we were closed I had to say no @McLyfe
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"You guys have those $1.39 burgers right?" "Yes we do" "how much are they?" #yourekiddingright #OhMyGod @McDonaldsprob @McLyfe
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When a customer asks for a cup for water and they get pop and you look at them like... @McDonalds_Probz @McLyfe
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"I blame working at McDonald's for making me fat"
So dead, been playing tetris in the back, beat my high score