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"71% of large IT projects face cost overruns...on avg, large #IT projects deliver 56% less value than predicted" @McKinsey @mck_biztech
"#BigData is useless." @eBay's Devin Wenig with #McKDigital insights on the role of "small data": @McKinsey
RT @McKinsey: Our people make us what we are. Please meet Kara Sprague #McKDigital @McK_MktgSales @mck_biztech
The future of management consulting is... Watson?
RT @McKinsey: Why companies should care about e-care: new #McKDigital insights from @McK_MktgSales
"What we have exp over recent years is not ... so much a crisis of capitalism as a crisis of ethics." -Polman #McKQ50
"The results were striking." Our global #implementation survey on 21 critical practices @McKinsey’s Implementation Capability Assessment
3. Improve Africa’s business climate From 4 #USAfricaSummit priorities by @McKinsey_MGI @SusanLund_DC @McKinsey
$PYPL operates in 200+ markets with 148m accounts in 26 currencies. What's next? Our #McKDigital @PayPal Q&A on digital #banking @McKinsey
Understanding the digital #payments revolution: The battle that banks must win + @PayPal's vision for a global marketplace #McKDigital
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Warren Bennis had his finger on the pulse of the "culture of work" long before it became a social media fad #McKQ50
Why #implementation matters: our survey of 2,000+ global exes to find out—and to learn from the best
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Five actions your dynamic board should take: #McKq50 article "Building a forward-looking board"
#BBYA14 @FT @McKinsey announce long list for Business Book of the Year 2014. Which of these are on your reading list?
1. Raise US investment in Africa’s infrastructure from public, private sources @McKinsey_MGI's Lions on the Move @McKinsey #USAfricaSummit
Africa was home to 8 of the world’s 15 fastest-growing economies between 2000 + 2013 @McKinsey_MGI's @SusanLund_DC @McKinsey #USAfricaSummit
RT @FT: The Business Book of the Year Award 2014 is now open for entries. For more info and to enter: #BBYA14
Africa is the world’s 2nd-fastest-growing economic region yet US engagement is lagging @McKinsey @SusanLund_DC @McKinsey_MGI #USAfricaSummit