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Mario Chalmers
Ok makes sense. RT @SoFlaKing: @mchalmers15 @TheNBACentral they ran with a fake interview from a Parody media outlet
Can somebody tell me who is @TheNBACentral and y i would do an interview at Taco Bell??? Yall can't b serious wit this right
That nap was exactly wat I needed. Feelin refreshed
That's the God honest truth right. My mom might not hear it everyday but I love her n I'm thankful for her sacrifices for me to get to where I am. So for that @almariespeaks aka "shorty" I just wanna say thanks.
Police are asking for help finding 14-year-old Jaylen Simpson, missing since Friday.โ€ฆ
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Gotta start morning off right. Turkey sausage and spinach omelet wit some fruit. Compliments of @tomasmem
Well yall I got up and made it to Benihana. Thank u baby Jesus.
I did. Doesn't mean I gave up on itRT @LocoComoUnPollo: @mchalmers15 I thought they said you cut Chipotle out your diet
I could never RT @Draristotle: I thought you gave chipotle up? Lol RT @mchalmers15: Chipotle sound good to but that's further than Benihana
Na no fried foods or bread RT @_ScottFerris: @mchalmers15 chick fila sound good right now... But it's Sunday lol
Sure wish @Front_Paije was here. She would help me in my time of need I think lol
Chipotle sound good to but that's further than Benihana
I'm starving. Don't know wat I want. Benihana sounds good right now but the way my legs feel. I ain't moving no time soon
Just wanna tell my fans and supporters thank you for always being in my corner. Love yall man and we gonna ...
Not from Arkansas. RT @rickysaenz1: @mchalmers15 ur a dolphin now if there isn't a nfl team in Arkansas
Man I can't watch this panthers/Ravens game. I kno the homie Steve bout to go ham. But Panther nation stand up we got this
Fact. Should of never fired himRT @ChrisHarrisJr: Ku we might as well bring Gino back .
Some recovery time in between practice. Gonna get a lot of mileage out these boys this year. Rest n recovery
Superbad till I fall asleep. Goodnight world
Don't u hate when u text somebody and they don't respond but they be replying to people on Twitter and IG. #mypetpeeve.
Shoutout to @Beyond_hype for the dope shirts and backpack. Check me out
Funny how the word is I call @KingJames that guy. I've never down played my teammates or ex teammates and I never will. Let's focus on US.
We kno it starts wit us. Can't wait for Saturday. @dwyanewade @norriscole
It's only right that I show love to my old high school. Btown Bears waddup.
Shoutout to my lil homie @duce_theathlete He knows he has talent but his work ethic gonna take him places.
Me n @luoldeng9 gettin in some finishes.
Workin on my mechanics. Footwork balance and hold the follow thru
Shoutout to @copalivinco for the dope new shirts. Check em out y'all
I need to find a church home here in Miami... Anybody have any great suggestions?!!
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Also glad to see KU get that W this afternoon as well #rockchalk
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Nothin like surprising ur kids for the weekend. Love y'all so much
Wat u see is wat u get. I'm not changing for no one. I can only b me. Take it or leave it
Breaking the trust of a #Taurus means you've lost it forever.
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Hardly home but always reppin #907 I hear y'all. Thanks for always holdin me down. Love my state and my city.
The after effects of a root canal. Feel like lil homie in "Baby Boy" come on cuzzzz my jaw hurt lol
Thanks to my guy @johnnyendo all my teeth are clean and I feel good. Check him out if u need some dental work done
Man I got cavities and I gotta get a root canal. Now y'all see y I don't like the dentist lol. But gotta keep my smile right
I'm calling it a comeback. Boys II men is back. This song straight fire
Man I miss this lil guy right here so much. This my right hand man.
Hey hey hey y all the hate lolRT @Front_Paije: โ€œ@KaiyaNichole: Yea tell mario ๐ŸŒต๐Ÿ˜’ R@Front_Paijeje: What's the score on the game? ๐Ÿˆโ€ lol
Other than Cam, Graham Gano is the MVP today
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Panther nation stand up.
Money team takin this one tonight
Yup ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๏ฟฝ@MarkissAiley12ey@mchalmers15rs15 u heard that "Try Me" by DejLoaf
this is wat goes thru yo mind after u finish a good workout on a Friday lol. Enjoy the weekend. B safe
Na I ain't play for that man. RT @MrBomet: ๐Ÿ‘‰COACH CHUCK WHITE ๐Ÿ‘‰
Everyday isn't promise to us. So live to the fullest while u can. #unitedwestand