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Alex McCord
Yow...first school day this year that was completely dark when we rose. Winter's coming...
Starting to get cold!! I'm making braised short ribs tonight; they can simmer while we watch our afternoon movie.…
Look at my dapper date! @JohanvanKempen orphanedstarfish @ Cipriani Wall Street
BEST gift? @SivaCycleAtom charges my phone via BIKE. Green.Good.Get! 20% off code: SivaSilex20
Yes, it is possible to fit two boys and a mom on one stair step. Now you know. This is what happens…
Can anyone tell this clueless mom the difference between Pokemon cards and Magic cards??
And there it is....Johan's eventual teenager face. Amazing what a no-smile pic reveals. @ Cobble Hill,…
What happens when NYC boys climb!
We've gotten to the point that @JohanvanKempen & @FrancoisvKempen like to document their park…
8 cups homemade chicken stock, separated into 1 cup freezer portions. No more bones in the fridge....yay!
Tune in to @HLNTV for Nancy Grace tonight while we discuss the Giudice sentencing -- 8pm on HLN! @ CNN
While we wait for #GiudiceDay sentencing news, here’s @TheRealDealAlex catchup coverage on S6 of #RHONJ —>…
7:30am = Pokemon, Starbucks & funny face selfies w/ @JohanvanKempen. Because...of course. @ Cobble…
It's 1 Oct which not only means the beginning of each yr's Q4 but also @mccordalex's birthday! I'm so lucky to be married to my best friend!
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Since when do you "write a prose" "about at event" as part of your homework??? SMH.
Loving no school today w/nothing to do. Family of 4 lounging in the living room drinking coffee & chocolate, all reading on our devices :-)
The weather has a lot to do with it....but I'm so tired I think I could nap standing up. Anyone else??
To those celebrating the new year over the next two days, L'Shanah Tovah!
#ExtremeParenting and the Quirkiest Mom Yet, Plus a BIG Announcement (VIDEO) @TheRealDealAlex | @The_Stir -->
@mccordalex @TheRealDealAlex @The_Stir Just watched your wrap up of #MarriedAtFirstSight! You nailed it! I like your honest opinions! ❤
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'Married at First Sight' Wife Makes Big, Embarrassing Mistake (VIDEO) @TheRealDealAlex | @The_Stir --->
Today on @TheRealDealAlex it'll be the reunion special of @FYI #MarriedAtFirstSight -- did you watch??
The 1 Place #RHONJ Cameras Should Not Be Allowed (VIDEO) @TheRealDealAlex | @The_Stir -->
NEW on @TheRealDealAlex this week! #RHONJ — did you see all those behind-the-scenes techniques?? —>
And we're off....... off to Australia to live! Our beautiful Brooklyn home went on the market this morning!…
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'Extreme Guide to Parenting's Porn Star Parents Get Weird During Playdate (VIDEO) @TheRealDealAlex | @The_Stir -->
The Real Reason Michelle Duggar Had 19 Children (VIDEO) @TheRealDealAlex | @The_Stir —>
Today's @TheRealDealAlex is all about #19kidsandcounting and the Duggar Daughters —>
Today’s NEW @TheRealDealAlex with #MarriedAtFirstSight - the final decision. Did you call it??
The bandana choice? All his own.... School style with @JohanvanKempen @ Cobble Hill, Brooklyn
Ay-yi-yi! Who is watching the finale of #MarriedAtFirstSight? I'm watching it for @TheRealDealAlex tomorrow. Who will stay together??
The One Thing That's Saving Tamra Judge's Job on #RHOC (VIDEO) @TheRealDealAlex | @The_Stir --->
Today’s NEW @TheRealDealAlex examines post-season #RHOC and Secrets Revealed:
Guess Who Gets the 'RHONJ' Idiot of the Week Award? (VIDEO) @TheRealDealAlex | @The_Stir -->
Today’s NEW @TheRealDealAlex covers #RHONJ both on and OFF camera (and on twitter!) PLUS #RHONY firings:
I want to storm the runway and grab this outfit and wear it out of here! @chloepreussker
One Family That Makes 'Extreme Guide to Parenting' Worth Watching (VIDEO) @TheRealDealAlex | @The_Stir —>
The Crafty Way the Duggars Manipulate Their Daughters' Relationships (VIDEO) #19Kids @TheRealDealAlex | @The_Stir
Today’s NEW @TheRealDealAlex with #MarriedAtFirstSight Ep 9 + #19Kids S8 premiere. What do they have in common?
First day of school! 6th grade @FrancoisvKempen wants to go & 4th grade @JohanvanKempen wants to take…