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Playing video games increases creativity, enables more detailed sight, improves concentration and makes people happier.
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Daniel Radcliffe broke over 80 wands while filming the Happy Potter movies because he used them as drumsticks.
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The most children born to one woman was 69, in which she had 16 twins, 7 triplets, and 4 quadruplets.
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Kodak's British Head Office on Clerkenwell Road, London. 1902
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Using sarcasm frequently relieves tension, depression & anxiety.
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Single doesn't always mean lonely and relationship doesn't always mean happy.
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if i sing around you i am 150% comfortable with you because i cannot sing for shit
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Adding salt to pineapple makes it taste sweeter.
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There are only 3 things a girl needs: Love to make her weak, alcohol to make her strong and best friends when both make her hit the floor.
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"hey since you’re up can u-" *sits down*
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i’m always : 1.annoyed 2.hungry 3.annoyed
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ما دام قطر باعت الاخوان انا مستعد اشتريهم و بسعر كويس كمان
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Too bored to stay home. Too lazy to go out
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قطر باعت الاخوان عشان تشترى بالفلوس كحك و غريبة بسكو مصر
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me 24/7 : please shut the fuck up
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i hate ppl who stare at me in public like fuck off lmao
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Words can not express my joy and how much I am proud of both of you, for caring to taking our LC forward and how much I see the enthusiasm in your applications, all what I really wish for you both the best of luck and I wish if I were you both. GOOD LUCK! #AIESEC #AIESECALEXANDRIA #AIESECALEX @aies
TAYRONA NATIONAL PARK, Santa Marta. 1- Get a map. 🌎 2- Grab your bag.🎒 3- Take a minibus for One Hour.🚐 4- You will walk for 3 hours NO MORE.🚶 5- You will walk for more 2 hours.🚶🚶 6- You are on the beach. 🏊 7- ENJOY!!👍😎
P(C)OOL!! 👍☀️🎵
What to do in Cartagena? #1 Go to Playa Blanca. #2 take a tour in a Chiva. #3 Go to the nearest club. #4 THANK ME LATER.
Jumping from 5 meters rock to a waterfall, from waterfall to another going back to a 10 meters rock, taking a rope from the top of the waterfall to reach the bottom lack of the waterfall ONLY IN JARDÍN, ANTIOQUIA, COLOMBIA! TAKE ME BACK!
Climb a hill in JARDIN, you will never forget it. 🗻☔️🌲🌳
OTRA PERUANA CHICA SHARON QUIROZ FLORES!! Voy a echar de menos y tu sonrisa gracias por ese tiempo increíble. Siempre en mi mente!! Y PARA QUE ME RECUERDES: MAZEN AMAZING!! 😄 @sharonquiroz
MIS MEXICANOS!! Mis FAVORITOS echaré de menos a los dos, siempre en mi corazón. Esta no es ADÍOS, ESTA HASTA PRONTO!! @irepan_ap Y Itzel 😊
Words Can't express my thanks and gratefulness to you Parce, I don't know what to thank you for? For Your support? Or Help? Or for having a great time? Or What and What and What? THANK YOU SO MUCH BROTHER @warrenmceballos FOR EVERYTHING!! IT'S NOT A GOOD BYE IT'S JUST A LONG SEE YOU SOON!
I really wished if you could stay longer, but I'm sure that we will meet again someday. I already missed you DANIIII amazing Peruvian girl. IT'S NOT A GOODBY, IT'S JUST A LONG SEE YOU SOON!! 😊❤️ @danielaleng
FERIA DE LAS FLORES!! 10 days Carnaval only for flowers, full of music, happiness, joy, concerts every night, flowers everywhere, parades and Dancing all day all night. Thank you the city of eternal spring. MADELLÍN and we will always sing, ME VOY PARA MEDELLÍN A LA FERIA DE LAS FLORES, ME VOY A
الهيسئلني مالك منشكح ليه في الصورة لازم يعرف انه يا غبي يا بيستغبة!! الواحد لازم يتجوز وحدة من مديين!!
Ayer a Desfile de Autos Clásicos y Antiguos 🚙🚗🚕🚖🚛🚚🚍🚘
"CANT YOU SEE THAT I AM SO VINTAGE?" From yesterdays output at 19 Desfile de Autos Clásicos y Antiguos.
From 19 Desfile de Autos Claásicos y Antiguos!!
I am sorry to all the Paisa people, but I had to take this picture and write what I hate the most of being Paisa and what do I really feel but in an ironic way! But I couldn't resist what I do really feel of seeing people walking 0.00001 cm/era not even km/hr! Caminar como un Paisa🚶, walk like a t