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Aveces quien menos tiene es quien mas da. #verdad
9 out of 13 and we have something in between!
A word that made me think more positive, I can say now its a turning point. "شنطت همومك تسبها بره عالباب" @MalakAbaza #inspired
بعد ما كان فاضلي كلمتين بظبط و انهي الكتبتوا الword عمل error و اديني هاخد نفس عميق و هعيد من الاول!!
There are five types of fear. 1. terror 2: panic 3. 14 missed calls from mom 4: username or password is incorrect 5. we need to talk
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"It's gonna be ok.." "Yeah.. Because it's not happening to you.."
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Me ha gustado un vídeo de @YouTube ( - Hitchhiker 히치하이커_11(ELEVEN)_Music Video).
THE SUN REACHES ME WHEREVER I GO. Caribbean Sea, San Andres, Colombia.
I liked a @YouTube video Daddy Yankee - Palabras Con Sentido
When you’re all ready to go out and your bitchass friends won’t answer their phones
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What If Cartoons Came To Life? This Might Be A Good.. Or A Scary Thing -
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بوابة الشروق| أطول برج شيكولاتة فى العالم
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We always ignore the ones who adore us, and adore the ones who ignore us..
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Writing in ancient Greece "hadnospacebetweenthewords."
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CURVED PLANET. Aqurio Island, San Andres, Colombia.
المشد الأول من المسلسل الكوميدى والمشهد الأخير #??????_????? #??????_?????
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و انتصرت الثورة المضاضة!!
هاهاهاهاهاهاهااااا!!! مش قادر ابطل ضحك!!!
SHOES WITH CRAZY PAUSE. Ciudad del río, Medellín, Colombia.
Because he understands me before I speak, he has my mind's passcode, he can cheer me up while no one on earth can. God bless you my twin @bassemmohamed 😘❤️
Six forty five, do whatever you want and live YOUR life.
و ننهي يومنا هذا زي كل يوم ب"الحمد لله" و لكن اليوم ربنا اداني صبر و قوة مشفتهاش قبل كده.
I liked a @YouTube video Farruko - Bebe Conmigo (Audio) ft. J. Balvin
هو فعلا اليوم كان نقصه ان النور يقطع!!
نريد التفكير بعمق شديد شديد شديد شديد شديد شديد شديد شديد شديد شديد شديد شديد شديد شديد شديد شديد وحدة كمان شديد عشان نقفل ال١٤٠ كاركتار.
نفس عمييييييققق تاني!!!
و العالم يقف لحظة. #????????_????
That dizzy feeling you get when you stand up too fast is called "postural hypotension.
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Facebook engineers originally wanted to name the “Like” button the “Awesome” button.
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نفس عمييييييق!!!
Me ha gustado un vídeo de @YouTube ( - INNA - Diggy Down feat. Marian Hill (Lyrics Video)).
Our generation is going to be the most insane grandparents.
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Did you know there is no sound in space
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Take notes on your professors political ideologies and use this to your advantage when writing essays.
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How would you improve the Education system in your country? Share your voice here:… #Youthspeak
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I can not forget how we had that fun together, worked together, laughed together, eat brownie con helado together, and danced in pausa activa at work together you can not believe how much I miss you guys @katulliatko @luisaacostaa Yo no puedo olvidar como nos divertimos juntos, trabajamos juntos, r