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Boris Johnson
London's been nominated for the #C40SiemensAwards - we need your vote to win! Voting open until 17 Sept @c40cities
I'm afraid that's all folks! Thanks for taking part - I'll be back for another #AskBoris twitter Q&A in October.
the knife that has allowed us to cut council tax for 3rd year, cut waste, cut bureaucracy and cut the cackle! #askboris @Oliverbayley1
Are you as much surprised that you've made it this far in life as the rest of us are? #AskBoris
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i have to admit, hannah the ostrich, to daily amazement #askboris @HANNAHOstrich
Andy it was a great night. Afraid i can't make Saturday but will be at the rugby tomorrow @InvictusLondon #askboris @perrin_andy
#AskBoris great to see you at @InvictusLondon will you be coming to cheer us on on Saturday for the cycling?
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no he denounced the spanish civil war of course..he would have wanted a unitary state #askboris @historybiscuits
#askboris As a former correspondent of Joe Strummer, do you think he would have supported Scottish independence? I think he would. #indyref
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we will see what other pols say! time for them to break silence. hasta la victoria siempre. #askboris @liamk69
@MayorofLondon What do you plan on doing now you're not getting the airport in the thames estuary? #AskBoris
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i can't see how we can allow the creation of a state so barbaric and so antithetical to our values..with obama #askboris @KanzarMhan
@MayorofLondon what is your take on Obama's speech last night regarding U.S military strategy against IS/ISIL/ISIS? #AskBoris
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police and security services do an amazing job - thousands of operations going on every day - be vigilant #askboris @CharlesParkerYT
@MayorofLondon #AskBoris Now that the terror threat level has been increased what are you doing to help keep people in the city safe?
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Aaron my friend you've made a great choice - welcome to the cultural, scientific & commercial capital of the world #askboris @aarronpullen
because the more we build, the more affordable they will all be...38,000 first time buyers helped so far by us #askboris @YoungzBassUK
@MayorofLondon #AskBoris What's the point of building more houses if we can barely afford to live in/buy them?
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#AskBoris Do you think we should build more houses in the greenbelt to have more housing supply?
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not necessary...33 vast brownfield sites -- and all the space in the thames gateway area...ask me in 20 years #askboris @MVLibertas
@MayorofLondon #AskBoris I'm moving to London this weekend for University, what can I expect from the city?
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we have been backing many schemes over 6 years - mentoring, apprenticeships, sports - seeing big falls in knife crime #askboris @jeyalorenz
@MayorofLondon Do you have ideas how to improve lives and reduce violence against some of London's vulnerable kids? #AskBoris #thisisforkids
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we are THRILLED that Loughborough is coming to create superb academic hub at stratford..UCL also coming soon to east #askboris @SeanBing1
#AskBoris what are your thoughts about Loughborough University in London?
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and 6 % by value - and that includes sales to irish nationals..answer to shortage is more homes and investment helps #askboris @dubmule
if we didn't have foreign investment we would not be able to build so many homes - total foreign sales only 3 % by vol #askboris @dubmule
@dubmule: #AskBoris How many of the new houses for London did you sell to foreign investors at MIPIM this year? @MayorofLondon
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I am trying to show that cycling is not just for chiselled whippets in lycra!!! #askboris @theatrekind
no i think we are just waking up from a trance. i cannot believe that Scottish people would want to annihilate Britain #askboris @Gregg1986
@MayorofLondon do you think Scottish people fully understand what it would mean if they left? #AskBoris
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What's your order of preference in Nandos? #AskBoris
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we are once again holding down fares this year to RPI and keeping cut-price travel for apprentices 60 + & many more #askboris @Its_Brenner1
@MayorofLondon Why do we as customers have to bare the majority of the underground upgrade cost. My zone 1-3 month oyster is £141! #AskBoris
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if you are in a warzone without notifying the uk authorities then you had better have a good explanation #askboris @GleamingRazor
I'm in Iraq now without prior clearance. I'm a British Muslim. Should I face terrorism charges? #askboris
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now is the time to give Londoners more say over commuter rail. As we have recently done over the West Anglia line #askboris @erinh88
@MayorofLondon anything ever done with the awful train service provided for crazy money? Worst being @SW_Trains try um for a week! #askboris
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yes - but not much progress apart from chok guzel! and merhaba #askboris @BarAkc2009
fantastic show! a great example of London's vibrant theatre scene #AskBoris @thomasbartlett
a break-up would be a disaster for Britain - and for London. Stick with us Scotland! @MarkMachado #askboris
@MayorofLondon sounds like a lot of jobs would move to the capital, could a yes vote in #indyref be good for london? #Askboris
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I've just finished my soup and now ready your questions - join in using #AskBoris
I'll be starting #AskBoris in just under 10 minutes - if you'd like to get involved please send in your questions using #AskBoris
Some thoughts from my Year 8 Latin lesson @elss_freeschool earlier this morning...