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Max Scherzer
Kudos to MLB for cleaning up the home plate rule. Now can we pleez get rid of the drop 3rd strike If u swing at a pitch in the dirt ur OUT
East coast time zone is terrible... Gotta wait til 1pm for any action. PST is the way to go. Definitely intrigued by Hawaiian time #7am!
My squad: Calvin, Montee, Gronk, Stafford, Joique, KWright, RRandle, SEA D, MBryant-K. #Loaded
A little boy I know needs our help. See how you can make a difference with our Strike Out Duchenne mission today.
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The @BigLeagueImpact Motown Showdown Draft is underway and my team is already better than @jbholaday's.
@Max_Scherzer I'm not worried about our fantasy footballers in St Lou. We're up for any challenge. Question is..Can Detroit keep up with us?
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Another real blue/brown dichro! Give me a heads up next time and I'll make sure we get a pic!
Omg.. I hope the best for Paul George and a healthy recovery. My heart goes out to him and wish him nothing but the best
Think you can beat me at fantasy football? Sign up for a full draft day experience and let's see what you got!
Gotta give a thanks to @7Diamonds for giving me a tour of their headquarters and hooking me up with a couple of shirts
Just saw some one is impersonating me on Instagram. I don't have an Instagram account. Looks like I'll be giving MLB security a call
Draft date will be Aug. 15 at Comerica Park. Players that are in Avila Holaday Kelly Smyly Kinsler Joba Nathan Ver Miggy Porcello Torii
Tigers fans.. I'm hosting a charity event that let's you play fantasy football with your favorite Tiger. Sign up at
C'mon fans! We only have 1 more day left... We gotta get Rick to the all star game. U have until 4pm tomorrow. #pickrick
Just read the Time article on Iraq and the ISIS movement. Finally I understand what everyone has been fighting over.. #NoSolution
Check out 7 down in the USA TODAY.. If They did their homework the answer should be DIC for eye color. #luvdablueye
After Miggy and Victor launched their shots last night, look at the carnage we left in the kitchen! #NoMasBlueCrab
the Wife is a die hard Raiders fan... For this 1st time we've been together(10 years), I'm not making fun of her on draft day #GoodPick
Excited for the NBA playoffs.. Too bad it takes 2 months for it to finish. Should go to a MLB format w a 1 game playoff for the low seeds
That 30 for 30 on the Bad Boys was really good. Didn't realize how good they really were. That was some intense basketball being played
Huge thanks to @CallofDuty @InfinityWard for letting me come to their studios! Got to play the new map pack. #TooCool
Off day catch in LA. Of all the random places I've thrown, this takes the cake. Thanks to Kunkel for blocking the CB
Driving in Det is an Olympic Slalom skiing event. Driving 75mph weaving back and forth to avoid all the potholes.
I can't believe this is the same Kentucky team I watched earlier in the season. #WhatAGame
I wonder why Arizona isn't playing a 2-3 zone. That way they would avoid the switches that allow Big Frank to get easy looks in the paint..
Patriots are so smart... Draft pass rushers, sign FA CBs. #RevisIsland
Rain cancelled golf. Guess what that means... House of Cards marathon!
Lets address this pic. 1st off it was taco night, sombreros enhance the experience. Holly told a story and said "I've got it out in the car"
Bought some Tesla stock at 190, 2 weeks ago. #MyBad
This is the type of intro we need when we take the field....
At the Suns vs Warriors game tonight! I got OU between Curry and Dragic tonight at 59.5 pts. Curry 35 Dragic 25
Wow...Just saw the Blackfish documentary...SeaWorld has some major explaining to do. #Inhumane @blackfishmovie
These commercials are pretty weak... Shoulda just DVR this game #wasteofmoney
Okay Uber is legit... It's a must have app
Watching the @ESPNNBA version of Miggy vs Trout. #BestVsBest
Big W by the Tige's! Atta baby! I'll Be trash talking now at @SmylyD and @toriihunter48 all year now!! #MIZZOU
Can't stop singing #DarkHorse in the car. I swear I sound like Katy Perry... "Are you ready for, ready for A perfect storm, perfect storm"
In NY right now about to get the CY Young hardware. In the words of Bart Scott.. Can't Wait!!!!
Had a great time meeting @agar_john. Cheering for that 1.5 mile mark! Luv how much mental toughness u have. Best of all a true tiger's fan
Mother of god...9 degrees here in Det. Glad I brought my 1 coat from Phx. Ready to get back to 73-77F or what I call it #PerfectDegreesF
#1 seed Broncos vs. #1 seed Seahawks... if only we had the BCS in the NFL we could have 3 more weeks of Fantasy Football.
Instead of shaking off Alex next year I'm just going to stand on the mound and yell #Omaha
Only negative could be not having this....…
Finally we have replay!! Umps have an impossible job and this should better the game. Plus replays on the scoreboard.