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Max Weisz
Feeling a little icy... #Spoiler
Forgive don't forget
. @Tpindell is drunk everyone WATCHOUT
Might be the coolest snapchat I've gotten
I can't get blue balls because I'm Asian. #YellowBalls
Look who we found, it's Max no Sleeves!! Sorry for cornering you at the airport...
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Tell a frowning person to "smile" #HowToGetPunchedIntheFace
Who's excited for New bideo today?
Sometimes I wish... [fill in the blank]
Big day today: Gonna go to staples to get a lamp #BOOM
Nothing can compare to how much I eat at my parents' house
dancing at my cousin's wedding with my beautiful grandmother
Pretty upset I'm gonna miss @BeautyConTweets this year
When you say "no matter what" fucking mean it
1Minute Max Episode 2: SALT AND ICE TWERK CHALLENGE Ft. @maxnosleeves
Popcorn for breakfast? Wait sorry that was a typo... Popcorn for breakfast!
@sweetlikeshelbs: @maxnosleeves does that mean we get a video earlier? 😊” it's coming it's coming that's what he said
Getting up early is weird. Been up since 530 and I'm not comfortable with that
Hmmm sounds like if I'm tired that probably means I'm pregnant. Thanks guys you're almost as helpful as webmd
I'm so Tired all the time wtf
You're always looking in the mirror you should learn to reflect
i just wish i could give to you what you give to me.
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Internet people are fuckin shady
In a real "not giving a fuck" mood today
Thank god for bartenders
Crying laughing at @maxnosleeves's new video 😂 mainly because most of it applies to…P
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How To Social Media: Guys vs Girls:… This is spot on.. basically. @maxnosleeves #pinterestaddict
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NEW VIDEO: How to Social Media: Guys vs. Girls… Sorry it's so late #HelicopterProbz #TuesdayNoSleeves
@XanaBanes: How To Social Media: Guys vs Girls @maxnosleeves DID IT AGAIN " She's shared my vid before me twice now
Late tweet but @Mike_Stud concert on Sat was awesome cc: @PaddyQ