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Max Weisz
Serious question: does anybody want to go see @CaptainAmerica Winter Soldier with me today
There's nothing more badass than properly applied sunscreen
@ccmatss: Tbt hugs with @maxnosleeves " haha my beard is crushing your face. Sorry about that
How to sell me on a movie: "Liam Neeson" Boom. You're done.
I have started randomly greeting people with "hi, how a' ya'?" Damn you, @maxnosleeves!
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NEW VIDEO: HOW TO COLLEGE Is that ANOTHER #TuesdayNoSleeves video actually up on a TUESDAY!? OMG 4REELz
@vikkitea: @maxnosleeves April fools day didn't kill you yeah? vid soooon? :)” new video in 1.5 hrs no foolin
I already hate April Fools day
Had a nice dream about being framed for a murder and then being chased by the cops, so Monday's already off to a spectacular start
Make today better than yesterday
I should learn to surf @ Sunset Beach
I got out of bed this morning and made it all the way to this other bed. Super productive day #Mirrors
@MattsAwesomeBro: @maxnosleeves Drunk sexting.” Whiskey Diction
What's worse: drunk texting or drunk tweeting? Or drunk snapchat ooOooo
There's a difference between "stop" and "stahp" @TreMelvin
So I unsubscribed from a spam email yesterday. I just got a new email from them urging me to "re-subscribe" THIS IS HOW PHONES GET SMASHED
All my Love to those affected by Boston Fire today. Stay strong
The construction workers near my house are singing Royals right now. In unison. And they're pretty good.
@BartBaker: @maxnosleeves ur going to win a grammy for this” haha thanks @pitbull better watch out
NEW VIDEO: TIMBER made it on an actual Tuesday this time! #TuesdayNoSleeves
Being home alone all day makes it easy to walk around without pants, but hard to get any work done #thatswhatshesaid
Can't believe I made my flight. Also can't believe I wasn't "randomly" selected for a security check
All my love to everyone i saw this weekend @PlaylistLive you guys are too much