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Max Graham
Protoculture - Burning Bridget #EvilTrackNames
As if @fabfilter Pro-Q 1 wasn't enough, the new Pro-Q 2 puts them even further in front. So good…
It's looks like they just gave up lol
Always feels wrong when someone thanks me for *playing* their track, the only thanks is to you for *making* this awesome gem for me to play.
From ToolRoom to Drumcode to Anjunabeats to Vandit to Coldharbour back in 2012…
Weekend off which means studio for me and the cat.
I swear on the latest cycles radio @MaxGraham played a track that repeated "grant" over and over. Or was that my weed paranoia?
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Holy shit RT @PeterKash "Calgary. Right now. No joke."
It truly is that beautiful i agree! RT @PFTheKid: @MaxGraham hey, you can end Cycles with "Not Enough" every week, as far as I'm concerned
I don't often have the time to listen to other shows but when i do, it's #patterns
YOU GET A MUTE! AND YOU GET A MUTE! AND YOU GET A MUTE! And suddenly I don't have a timeline anymore....
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@jonogrant: #Canada!” I'll take "is awesome" for $400
"Sir your ear plugs have been ready for three weeks, we've left several voicemails. We didn't email because we're stuck in 2005"
Now we have endure the childish iOS/Android is best bullsh%t. Do grow up everyone and just enjoy YOUR phone.
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One of my favourite tracks of the year, it may be on repeat. @SolidStoneMusic with 'Not Enough'
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@BranahEastbound: @MaxGraham Cycles 172 is fantastic! Loving these diverse sounding multi-genre sets” :)))
@NoxIsAnAsshole: I think Coin was dead before it started, with all the date delays and the fact new cards should have the chips, idk?” +1
Did apple just kill Coin?
Can someone just make Skynet already and get this over with?
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alllllll the hours developing and the only name they can think up is to… put a plus on it.
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@PzFeed: This is the iPhone 6 Plus” modern combat blackout in my pocket! #hugegeek
I've already broken my iPhone 6 display :(
PLUS? Wack name
I can't follow the keynote so just tweet me the important stuff if you are so inclined :)))
I hope Apple unveils a new line of socks. #2014
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Yeah so that grocery store bag Andy had for his headphones didn't work out as you can see loool
No face in the pillow position at night. Seems a bit harsh.
@Nalanae: @MaxGraham Wherever the plastic bag for his headphones is.” 😂😂😂😂😂�@DJAndyMoorDJAndyMoor
Where. in the world is. DJ Andy moor-o
@MaxGraham i own a zune alsoo, thought i was the only one hahah, see you today at benimussa park with Andy :) :) ?
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Cycles today damn you apple.
Finally know someone with a zune! Was on my list of "crazy shit that might happen but probably won't"
I love @FearDept . Them and their media partners do such a great job of steering such profitable policy *buys haliburton stock*
@FearDept: Apple is expected to announce new tracking devices today. #AppleEvent” lol
Back to Ibiza for @Capturedfest today! Cloudy in AMS so looking forward to some last sun this year.
Final gig of the Ibiza season is a big one.