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That Bassem Youssef guy is pretty cool
If you're depressed, go out for a walk. Look at the sky and be thankful you're alive. Or just sit down and tweet about it. I don't know.
I fear I won't see the day people stop overrating Neymar
I'd rather find my female first actually
Hot females in my area? I'd rather find hot areas in my female
Boys cum & go. Girls keep cumming.
Since there is no name for when you're eating ice cream and not thinking about anything else, I'll just name it "therapy"
If you're feeling stressed just throw away your to-do list and nap, it worked with me
expectations: using the person next to you as a pillow. reality: using the pillow next to you as a person.
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iPhones are nicer on the outside, Androids are better on the inside.
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I'm pretty sure there's something else you can tweet about other than your boyfriend, just give it a shot, we'll be right here.
I'm finally watching "Movie 43" which has pretty much all the actors in the world in it. google it, it's an insane cast
Playing single offline matches on FIFA is incredibly lonely
How do fat people have sex?? Serious question?
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Seriously people do you ever get bored of tweeting the same shit everyday?!
'Never ever getting back together' is about creativity and your tweets
Sext: I have your phone charger
Dance like there's no tomorrow MY GOD THERES NO TOMORROW WHY ARE WE DANCING
It doesn't matter how old I'm, just give me balloons and I'll put them under my shirt and pretend they're boobs