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Max Saludares
vans gaming clothes 79 followers
The Captain America movie looks beast, definitely going to watch that
Hi diddly hi neighbor
I wanna go to kawaii kon 2014!
Spanish rolls yummy in my tummy
I love washing clothes now that theirs a tv in the garage 😁
The names people call me - Moxi girl, Maxi pad, Maxayeee, Maximiammo, Maximus 😂 and theirs many more
Talk it up like yeah, YEAAAH!
Don't tell me I'm getting sick first days of spring break! I would wake up with a sore throat!!! 😡
I love the spongebob marathon every week on Nicktoons
So olo popolo mayn
You only come to me when you need something
I have no talent... Mr. Tentacles has all the talent
We was reminiscing about the days we shuffled, good times
I just got these shoes recently and it's starting to rip... Das dumb!
I'm craving for ramen
Annnnndd the car doesn't start!
No you stoopid, you don't pronounce Z as Zed it's ZEE!
I should go to the park by myself. It's so peaceful during the daytime
I left my phone charger at the school!
Me - how's your drink? Archie - My drink taste like uki!
"You know Japanese people, they love the big guys" - Archie 😭
So there was a fight and my friends went to watch and I just sat in the car on my phone Really people?! How does fighting solve the problem
After 30 minutes of cafe duty I get a small carton of juice, no ice cakes anymore? This school is getting cheap