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L M A O #tooreal RT @DawnRichard: Distance doesn't not make the heart grow fonder. It just makes you horny. Le sigh
But real talk I'm on listen #4 of the new @ArianaGrande song so oops #notsorry
There is only one song that properly makes use of whispers and I think we all know what it is #YingYangTwins #SorryAriana
The Clippers are down to one sponsor: @Corona I hear it's delicious with a slice of lime and a racist diatribe.
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Donald Sterling sets an incredibly low bar by which Americans can judge themselves and their own adherence to racism.
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I just want to note again how absurd it is that a company called "Healthalicious" is at the center of a tough-guy congressman's indictment.
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Mariah Carey died so Ariana Grande could live.
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How long before @dccc just sends an email with the subject line "WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE"
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<3 RT @vkhosla: Neeru Khosla's mission: Better education through technology
PR on point #slay RT @Amtrak: Amtrak official statement:
Currently in a mob of reporters waiting for Grimm statement outside courthouse. Inside Grimm pleaded not guilty, 400K bond
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Guys is the internet going to survive the #OnTheRunTour presale tomorrow? I'm worried...
DOR takes Central Park #sundaybest #nyc
@repmichaelgrimm Hope you enjoy the climate change in your new prison cell.
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Dope. RT @callmedollar: Women of color in all shades for the WIN! RT @Nigel_D: Black is beautiful in all shades.
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Omg I am LIVING for all of these "Grimm Day" puns
Man, I wouldn't want to be the person giving Grimm the news - especially if near a balcony.
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Ohhhhhhhhh snap #oops RT @politico: MORE: Rep. Michael Grimm expected to be indicted
I'm missing @djbenharvey & @RuPaul because I'm at work #ugh
I accidentally clicked an @Upworthy link from facebook today and now my mood is ruined #ugh
It's Not Just Frozen: Most Disney Movies Are Pro-Gay - Akash Nikolas - The Atlantic…
Squealing RT @nytimes: The Real House Candidates of Beverly Hills
Anyone know how getting out of bed works?
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SO excited to march with @Lavernecox at this year's @NYCPride Parade!! #LGBT
The most worrying thing about this #scotus decision is that I now have to dislike at least one of the liberal judges...
"Happy Earth Day! Except not to minorities" -SCOTUS
Jesus MT @WSJ: Breaking: #SCOTUS votes 7-2 that states may end affirmative action without violating Constitution.
RIP Mike Woodson #Knicks
My new block 🐇🌷 #Easter #nyc
These assholes want me to carry my cross to my own crucifixion and I'm like GTFOH
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Whoa @lsarsour on @MHPshow this weekend! Can't wait #nerdland
"Why don't they have dog bathrooms? Like, they should have little walled-off areas" @MattWoodruff1
Ummm does anyone else see the Empire State Building changing colors rapidly right now? I didn't know that was a thing...
Cynthia Lopez to Be Named Next Film Commissioner via @Politicker
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BREAKING: Chelsea Clinton has not yet announced whether fetus will run for office in 2052.
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LOL RT @nickconfessore: It's cute that people think it matters who the co-chairs of the state Democratic Party are.
Props to ST/PCV native @davidaxelrod for landing this gig MT @guardian: Labour's signing of campaign guru Axelrod
Able-bodied humans who take the elevator to the 2nd floor when there are stairs available are scum
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Me when someone farts on the elevator or subway:
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Oh. My. God. RT @abesauer: The only Clinton pregnant tweet you need to see.
Not entirely sure I dreamed in color until I read One Hundred Years of Solitude.
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Oh man. RIP Gabriel Garcia Marquez. That's a true loss
Today my @LivingSocial email contained a juice cleanse that was more expensive than the Botox deal. It's JUICE #wtf
OMG RT “@HuffPostPol: ICYMI, this happened last night