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Maud Newton
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🐻💩🐍🐢 bracing myself for the day when there are no longer emoji for all my goddaughter's new words
Being hospitalized for exhaustion and other secret fantasies of adults, by @jazzedloon…
"Is 11:45 am too early for your next lesson?" Safe to say @dan_cayer, my (great) Alexander Technique teacher, really gets me.
Park Slope stoop self-help giveaway
Was describing Mom's favorite dog, who was sick recently, to @CAAF. She reminded me Mom came to lunch last spring w/ pup riding shotgun. <3
Anywhere But Here: How a Colorado inmate escaped from prison seven times #longreads
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How Margaret Keane’s husband stole the credit for her iconic paintings: (@jonronson @guardian)
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Whaling Ship Crew List Shows Melville Embarking On Journey That Inspired Moby-Dick: @Slate
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"[My mom] needs to keep her record clean to visit me, which I fear has cramped her protest style" -- @EmilyMandel…
Missing Miami & friend who said, re: one of my old short stories, "surprised by Colombian 'coño,' but I guess in Miami anything's possible."
Didion's A Book of Common Prayer is being adapted thanks, @ItsAmyWhipple
"Faulkner named his 'apocryphal county,' as he called it, after an actual river, the Yoknapatawpha." #OA86
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Duchampenfreude (n): Irrational pleasure at seeing an appropriator react badly to being counter-appropriated
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"Does Modern Photography Incite Women to Brutality?" (Winifred Sweet Black Bonfils, 1897.)
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On the logic and rules of Spanglish and in praise of its "expression of a unique hybrid worldview"…
When the name on the plate is yours
No balm for the soul like a call from @luxlotus in Austin. Was in such a rush to tweet this, I accidentally unfollowed her. <3
This Rebecca Solnit piece on the silencing of women resonates, enraging & igniting me:…
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See you in two minutes, probably!
Why is it so hard for me to stay offline?? Changing all my stored social media passwords to nonononono (not actually the passwords).
Maybe the only definitive thing I've learned in 20 years online: if the entire Internet is stressing me out, it's probably me.
Join us Wednesday, Oct. 29 at @HousingWorksBks NYC for a special night of storytelling with @thislandpress #longreads
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Everyone should please immediately read @pronounced_ing's "Everything I Never Told You"
.@didiondoc kickstarter (a) funds @didiondoc (b) offers Didion's handwritten list of 12 books to read before you die…
Long letter from my pen pal Philip Connors yesterday and his "All the Wrong Places" (out in Feb) today. #lunchtime
How Abraham Lincoln advanced his agenda through sockpuppeting (!), leaking, repressing, or just buying off editors:
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Great choice: next @NEABigRead is Edwidge Danticat's "Brother, I'm Dying."
"What normally happens when pleasure is driven underground is that it becomes more exquisite."--@RupertThomson1 on 17th century Florence
@maudnewton NY Historical Society has some intense stuff about eugenics in the Chinese in America show up now.
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"There's a kind of truth in a well-told lie." Secrets, confidences, & lies with @RupertThomson1 at @BookCourt, 7 pm…
TEV 2.0 - Launch of the newsletter edition
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Rimbaud born #OTD 1854. "@maudnewton: 5 poems by Rimbaud (original French & the English translations side-by-side):"
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I only exchange handwritten letters with two friends nowadays but private settings here slightly recreate the feeling
I keep pondering @NoreenMalone's smart "'normal' is the height of chic, yet 'basic' is chicest put-down" observation…
Have had trouble digesting the concept of normcore, though admire it as cleverest possible rebellion against my "Why Be Normal?" generation.
Latest @Harpers: new fiction from @helendewitt and Rachel Kushner; Deb Olin Unferth visits an egg farm.
"You should tweet that." - a person who is undermining you
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new business idea: Days of the Week Bathrobes for people who work at home, so you always know what day it is
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As Halloween approaches, I remind fright devotees that one can listen to Shirley Jackson herself read The Lottery:…
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How One Boy With Autism Became B.F.F.'s With Apple’s Siri
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This on medical Instagram is fascinating. (Also, just think how much Sylvia Plath would have enjoyed this app!)…
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So true. Best thing, if you can. MT @Pagankennedy Let's support Ebola patients rather than Ebola panic! I donated to Doctors Without Borders
Tonight I learned drones aren't allowed on the Appalachian Trail. This is something that had to be mandated. Because the future is hell.
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Popular on Amazon: Wildly misleading self-published books about Ebola, by random people without medical degrees
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Genetics & ancestry done right: My @nytimesbooks review of @ChrisKenneally's ‘Invisible History of the Human Race’
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