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Maud Newton
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"She thinks of her fiction as something abandoned long ago, buried in a cellar." James Wood on Elizabeth Harrower:…
The Mormon Church is creating a family tree of the entire human race.
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Real pleasure of mansplaining the history of mansplaining to a male friend. "Actually, Rebecca Solnit was at a party..."
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Sick of @CDCgov blaming nurses for nonexistent Ebola protocols. Set some. Identify & track every health worker at risk.
Thrilled to see my friend @EmilyMandel's Station Eleven on the @nationalbook shortlist, alongside so many other great books.
Next installment of @amandastern's Happy Ending: @lenadunham, @Andrew_Solomon, live on-stage therapy
Okay, deadlines! See you November 16. And probably a couple times before then cuz that's a long time to keep my mouth shut. Er, hands tied.
.@svenbirkerts and I disagree on so very very many things, but I love his "The Other Walk," his taste in poetry, and his Twitter feed.
If after I read a poem the world looks like that poem for 24 hours or so I'm sure it's a good one—and the same goes for paintings. Bishop
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I love Telegraph letters page - who knew it was also brilliant back in 1913?
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If you're interested in fandoms, as participant or critic, @elizabethminkel is writing from the inside:… Book, pls.
He also says "[her prose] seems (dare I say it?) to have been borrowed from the pages of a woman’s magazine.”…
Jonathan Yardley criticizes @KarenAbbott's Liar, Temptress, Soldier Spy for inadequate sourcing; she has 60 pages, bio he wrote has... none.
If no one is attacking your work, you're not doing it right.
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"At the age of 20, I stopped reading men and read only women for almost three years."-- @alexanderchee…
My first big review for the NYTBR @nytimesbooks, appearing in Sunday's issue on 'The News Sorority,' by Sheila Weller
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.@RupertThomson1 will discuss his latest novel, Secrecy--as wonderfully and eerily dreamlike as any--with me on Monday, 10/20, at @BookCourt
.@RupertThomson1, one of my favorite writers, admires the puzzles and laments of Nobel laureate Patrick Modiano:…
Great list of contributors to @FreemanReads/@orbooks' Tale of Two Cities anthology, which benefits @HousingWorksBks.
ideas & intimacies: occasional letters please, come and go as you please.
Biss talks with @andevers Monday night at @CommunityBkstr. Wish I could go; instead I'm gonna call to ask if they can reserve a signed copy.
Gorgeous @parul_sehgal reivew of Eula Biss' On Immunity, an examination of vaccination skepticism by a former skeptic…
Y'all, it was recently suggested to me that there "aren't many" Asian-Am women writers. I'd like to compile a list--send me suggestions?
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“Some say Ebola is the Milosevic of West Nile virus. Others say Ebola is the Ku Klux Klan of paper cuts.”—@tejucole
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Yes, Dickens's excesses can be hard to take - but no other writer touches my heart or fancy quite the way he does.…
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is anyone else here a PK, please share your greatest Pastor Dad or Pastor Mom moments
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Our friend Matt Power died earlier this year on assignment. We’re helping raise $ to fund young writers in his honor.
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Joan Didion's reckonings with family, recent and remote
A small Didion-doc Dunne made in 2011:… (posted back then by @lucas_wittmann)
Joan Didion's nephew, Griffin Dunne, is working on a documentary about her: "We Tell Ourselves Stories in Order to Live." (See @didiondoc.)
"She wasn't a shrinking violet. She wasn't a violet at all, more like... a thistle." -- my mom, on her mom, my (beloved) Texan granny
Oh no, I've finished @lenadunham's book! What will I do with myself now?? Listen to her on Fresh Air, I guess.…
Having a very "do the small things that are keeping you from doing the great things" kind of morning. Highly recommended.
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If I read the word "gadfly" again I think my eyes will fall out.
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I'm excited to be a speaker at my cousin @ajjacobs' Global Family Reunion next June 6. Hope you can make it!
"I would have to be looking for a way to wear down their No into a Fine, I Won’t Stop You." What counts? by @mallelis…
The breathtaking family history books of @alexanderchee:
@Maureen_Gibbon "Because sometimes words are like touch with the pleasure they bring."
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do people walk all over you? does liquid flow within you? do you have high arches? you may be an aqueduct. click here to learn more
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This disturbing André Carrilho illustration on Ebola, and how the world sees it, is both powerful and accurate.
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.@EmilyMandel Safe travels, and congratulations on Station Eleven's debut at 20 on the @nytimesbooks list (news you so humbly buried here)!
.@emmagarman on Mary Shelley, Claire Clairmont, Byron, & the writerly competitiveness of the Godwins-Wollstonecrafts
Reading a little of @lenadunham's book every night. Don't want it to be over.
"I never liked Shel Silverstein’s spare, twee little book" -- @AnnaHolmes on The Giving Tree…
I just bought so many books. I'll never be lonely again.
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Thing despite 15 years in NYC I've never seen until now: man on apparent jog through Hell's Kitchen with enormous golf umbrella
“Her prose is beautiful, her imagination appalls me” -- Marilynne Robinson on Flannery O'Connor, in Wyatt Mason's @NYTmag profile
Marilynne Robinson, dropping science like Galileo dropped the orange:
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