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Maud Newton
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"When I see a young lady cry because of fear of this uniform, that's a problem. We need to solve that" - Cpt. Johnson #ferguson
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Photo: imaginary box set (coasters not included)
(Resuming Twitter break ahora.)
"'You’re a very attractive woman. He can’t help himself.'" @helendewitt on being stalked (and pooh-poohed):…
Taking a Twitter break until the end of August or until I cave. Have a wonderful rest of the summer, everyone.
You can pre-order a signed copy of @EmilyMandel's also-wonderful "Station Eleven" from @wordbookstores.…
LJ on @LailaLalami's truly outstanding The Moor's Account: "marvelous piece of old-fashioned storytelling..."
Cocoa farmers try chocolate for the first time:… (via @stephka)
"The National Women's History Project: Writing women back into history since 1980." @officialNWHP twitter feed = instafollow
I'm regretfully leaving the column to focus on my book. Huge thanks, @NYTmag--hope I'll still be welcome sometimes!…
My last @NYTmag mini-column is about writing, myth, genii, & Elizabeth Bachner's "How To Shake Hands With a Murderer"
Thinking of Laurie Anderson's comments (to @amandastern) about losing her dog, her constant physical companion:…
I spent the morning reading @EmilyMandel's gorgeous "Station Eleven," and petting our sad and confused other kitty.
Huge thanks for the sympathy. Someone mentioned a kitty-shaped hole in the universe, and that's how it feels to @bookofsand and me.
RIP Emily kitty (April 1, 1996 - July 25, 2014), my stubborn & beautiful little April Fool's Day Aries…
Shout-out to friends who let you sob on the phone about your elderly cat's decline.
Oops! It's unlocked for me but mebbe I'm just logged in. RT @5redpandas: @maudnewton I thought NYer only unlocked going back to 2007.
(Twitter is making me so comma-careless! Spark's article appears in the unlocked NYer archives, where the Brontes did not, in fact, teach.)
Bookmarked for later reading: Muriel Spark on the Brontes as teachers in the unlocked @NewYorker archives…
"One Art" is perfect, but if Elizabeth Bishop wore glasses I'm impressed she didn't include hour blindly spent searching for them.
Which is to say: Hope to see you at @CommunityBkstr tonight at 7 pm when @chrisbeha reads from Arts & Entertainments & discusses it with me.
But now I'm working on a different book anyway, and I'm interviewing @chrisbeha tonight, so I read SW and wish I hadn't waited so long.
Put off reading @chrisbeha's Sophie Wilder when it came out lest I unwittingly steal from it. (See also @laurengrodstein's latest.)
"We have already cast Kris Kristofferson—my first choice!—as John Galt." Ask Ayn Rand: by @hodgman; thanks @mikecane!
Join us! MT @chrisbeha Tomorrow at 7pm I'll be talking about Arts + Entertainments w/ @maudnewton at @CommunityBkstr.
Remember, nothing says life of the party like an inability to retain names and a mouth full of pickled cabbage.
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.@chrisbeha "is the kind of novelist who believes that the term soul still has descriptive value" -- @flamingpetty…
One of the most fascinating pieces I've ever read, now unpaywalled. @nickschmidle on forger of very, very rare books.
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@maudnewton Muriel Spark was so ahead of her time, I think H.G. Wells would have been proud.
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(Also, I think James Wood would enjoy Arts & Entertainments, and probably @svenbirkerts would, too, and so I really hope they both read it.)
On re-reading @chrisbeha's Arts & Entertainments over the weekend, I was struck again by how much it owes to Muriel Spark, in the best way.
("The humor in these novels — which are very serious novels in many ways — depends on the combination of proximity and detachment.")
"While writing Arts & Entertainments, I was reading short comic novels by Evelyn Waugh & Muriel Spark." -- @chrisbeha…
NB: I rarely formally review these days and never formally review novels (a noble, time-consuming, and difficult art)
Fine NYer pc by @sethmnookin: inborn errors in the age of genomics--and social media. RT @westr @dgmacarthur
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Passive voice is the last refuge of a scoundrel
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“Real dogs in space, those were heroes.” —Raymond Pettibon
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"Digital Source and Security Protection for Journalists" -- thanks, @hopex:
"I wanted to see how many 3D nerds are in the audience. My people."--@bookofsand at @hopex
Just how unauthorized is that new Harper Lee biography, really? Fascinating investigation by @michelledean:…
If you pick up @chrisbeha's smart, funny Arts & Entertainments now, you can finish it before our @CommunityBkstr discussion Wed #fridayreads
Nannycam? In my latest @NYTmag columnlet, @spoliamag dissects John Maloof's control over the legacy of Vivian Maier…
Full schedule of @hopex speakers, including me (+ a certain Mr. Snowden) here:
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From the archives: William Faulkner vs. Estelle Faulkner on air conditioning
I wish people would get as upset about fracking as they are about almond milk.
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Us too! RT @luxlotus: Loving that @NewDirections will publish stories on "myth, power & sex" by Rachel Kushner…
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BETHLEHEM, gripping film about Palestinian spy, 17, with "no refuge from other people’s self-interest," is out on DVD
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"no one knew what a woman would look like wearing pants" - @KarenAbbott on how Civil War women soldiers passed as men
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At every turn we’re being asked whether or not feminism is working; a constant debate about it that grades & examines
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