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Maud Newton
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Have scaled back hopes of new cat and longtime cat being bffs to just hoping older cat doesn't go into heart failure. #companionerror
"That day I am seventeen and I am wearing the boots of a whore." So begins @Maureen_Gibbon's Paris Red, out next April, in my mailbox now!
Tremendous old-school, longitudinal, fuck-meeting-in-a-hotel-lobby profile of Al Pacino by @JohnLahrwriter.…
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Guess I've probably put off visiting for so long because it won't be the same without my Granny plunging my laundry in her bathtub.
Dallas, y'all! Visiting in March for the first time since 1990, for family & book research, and a forensic genealogy class with @CeCeLMoore.
Union Square vigil, September 11, 2001. #tbt
2? yrs aftr @maudnewton recommended "Pym," it made it to the top of my to-read list. What a ride! Thx Maud & @mat_johnson #novel Mindblowing
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Nice write-up of @bookofsand's "Per Speculum" art-meets-encryption project, last on view at @hopex:…
Visiting @FloatingLibNYC with some beautiful, illustrated books donated by @foliosociety. No phones from this point!
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Congress deadlocked... except on war RT @bookofsand "I'm glad people have this 9/11 mentality again," -- Ros-Lehtinen…
Today in amazing letters to the editor: Robbe-Grillet's widow politely asks @LRB to id her as a dom not a prostitute
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From 1953—1960, Edward Gorey was in charge of the covers for Doubleday Anchor paperbacks:…
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I also think of Zadie Smith as "Zadie Smith," not "Zadie," and in this too I often feel pedantically third-wavily alone. #womensstudiesminor
I voted for Zephyr Teachout, whom I think of as "Teachout," not "Zephyr," just as I think of Andrew Cuomo as "Cuomo." #thirdwaveholdout?
"Teachout won Albany County by 27 points; Wu won it by 25." via @washingtonpost
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I wrote an essay on Susan Sontag for Humanities. All she wanted was everything.…
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This is late, but happy publication day to @LailaLalami and @theferocity. Check out their books, The Moor's Account and Prelude to a Bruise.
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Photo: Finally got a copy of the Belknap Press edition of Emily Dickinson’s poems, which traces her edits,...
My review of Elena Ferrante's brilliant new novel:… via @Slate
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All other things being equal, I would prefer that this rabbi not continue to conduct this service outdoors with a megaphone.
I was on NPR's All Things Considered to talk about my new book, history, erasures, and why fiction matters:
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She never failed to notice what was beautiful in the world, even as it was falling apart - A Patchett on @EmilyMandel…
Edith Wharton's lifelong burden of belonging to the family that inspired "keeping up with the Joneses"
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The view of the Manhattan skyline's so pretty tonight, my car service driver keeps exasperatedly trying to take a picture that captures it.
Slots! On the lottery of art, by Maximus Clarke, at Governor's Island every weekend this month.…
(First guests: @chrisbeha, @LailaLalami, @EmilyMandel, @pronounced_ing, @theferocity, Katherine Faw Morris, Marlon James...)
I'm putting together a series of @Begatsy interviews with writers about ancestry, family, generational echoes, for @Tin_House's site. Soon!
"My grandmother’s brothers & sisters all died. They were poisoned by their mother’s blood" Katherine Faw Morris y'all
Prelude to Bruise by @theferocity has a perfect epigraph: "The man in ecstasy and the man drowning -- both throw up their arms." -- Kafka
Surviving the New World in Laila Lalami's 'The Moor's Account'
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In which Donna Tartt recommends my novel to Ann Patchett, because I'm living in a surreal dream just at the moment:…
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Station Eleven, by @EmilyMandel, a great, great book and a first edition to treasure.
Art student at @Columbia will carry mattress around campus until her alleged rapist is disciplined:… (via @bookofsand)
MT @govislandart Maximus Clarke's (@bookofsand) works explore chance & randomness. See at the art fair any Sept wkend
Happy publication day to @KarenAbbott, aka "the John le Carré of Civil War espionage"!
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(I will never look at any of those paintings the same way again. Mind-blowing as John Berger's "Ways of Seeing" once was, but funny.)
Every time I think of this, I laugh. Still! You've no doubt seen, but: Women Listening to Men in Western Art History…
If you'll be in NYC on Sept 8, you should come to my launch party at Greenlight, with special guest @emmastraub.…
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Excited to look back at Civil War-era female spies with @KarenAbbott. Join us tomorrow 11/10c
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Recalculation of "modern-day fortunes" of Jane Austen's characters (inspired by chart @stephka posted and I tweeted)
.@maudnewton @CAAF That table of Austen incomes originally came from an article by James Heldman:…
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The more I neglect the strawberry plant, the more it thrives.
Thanks for the campaign call, @NYGovCuomo. It reminds me that I keep meaning to tweet that I'll be voting for @ZephyrTeachout.
.@alexanderchee on @pronounced_ing's devastating literary thriller "about the burden of being the first of your kind"…
Grateful shout-out to my amazing editor, @andreabwalker, who likes my first pages installment and mandates a writing break until Tuesday.