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College should of finished by now
I need a job or something
I'm sure I tweeted like the whole of yesterday
My tweets make no sense
These birds need to shut up so I can't sleep
Some people just need to learn how to spell
Sometimes goodbye is a second chance
I am Dante
People have deleted me off Facebook the mings
profile pictures of a quater of someones face really annoys me
jealous of those people who are naturally good at singing
everyone seems to have the same haircut
watermelon amirite?
I like take aways I just dont like the poo the day after
Why do England always lose even though they invented football?
I always remember wanting a really cool name like zach when I was younger
simmer down Americans
how do Americans watch tele all they do is shout at each other on it
storage hunters though
The best songs have already been written
Really not up to date with my music
Feel like I spend all my money going to the cinema