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my phone runs out every 2 seconds ffs
stupider than mine
theres some ridiculously stupid tweets on my timeline
unless its iggy azalea
no music is bad music
Iggy Azalea can die, the cock
Why would you kiss your dog? that's dirty
Deal with it *puts shades on*
That's my favourite joke in the whole world
What does a nosey pepper do? Get jalapeƱo business
So a dyslexic man walks into a bra
Did you know Micheal Jackson wasn't actually white #TheMoreYouKnow
really good film that's on Netflix?
Just sayin' I made music please go look at it and I'll give you cookies
Now that I'm 18 i can drink...Because no one ever does before they're 18, that's illegal.
can learn how to post tweets properly
now that I'm 18 I
It's my birthday in 9 minutes ooo
Back in the day, these were the shit
People in the apprentice can't design a product to save their life
sky is very red
nah i'm done
micra workout
fiesta workout
Rari workout
Get shrekt.
England should disband the international team so theres league football on
thats the most true thing ever and you know it
I dont miss you, I miss your pets
the vanity is strong in this one
Why do lads make their hair big and fluffy and think it looks good
I think that's the sort of tweets I can get arrested for...
Go on unfollow me, I know where you live
It's like 'oh I know what would be totally emo worshipping the devil and getting poked up the arse with a trident'
Why would you worship the devil?
Is it bad that I'm only just watching step brothers for the first time?
Vampire weekend are amazing
Be arsed doing work it Sunday
dont tell me the sky is the limit when there are footprints on the moon
It's time to go if you don't dig techno
seriously fuck my phone
Kevin Heart is the funniest comedian ive watched for a while
If you want to get skinny do exercise, it's so simple
The way girls starve themselves to get skinny isn't right
Why do we start 8:45 and not 9 like everyone else in the world?
*hits blunt* "If 2 vegetarians are fighting, is it still considered beef?"
Retweeted by Goku
I should if sent that as one tweet but its 2am