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Do people seriously get out of breath from running upstairs?
It's ridiculous what balotelli got fined for, itd like me making a a joke about white people and getting fined
Filth is a weird film
ima do this motherfaka
shoe porn accounts are just roche runs or jordans
I could set up a shoe porn account and post 100x better shoes on it than any of the others
Should really update from iOS6
Life would be so much better if I was a pancake
Just throwing that out there
Jamie T is amazing
listen to chillstep and never look back
chillstep is boss
Might have to start watching the news more..
Music isn't about if it's good or bad, it's about opinions. So don't say someones shit unless it's completely out of tune.
My holiday in work is considered as a 1 hour break
I have 0 good pictures of me
Donnie Darko is my favourite film ever
It's taking 5 years to watch inception
Oli Sykes learned how to sing
Mainly just to play the pouges
Getting a mandolin, not arsed
Melbourne Bounce though
my phone runs out every 2 seconds ffs
stupider than mine
theres some ridiculously stupid tweets on my timeline
unless its iggy azalea
no music is bad music
Iggy Azalea can die, the cock
Why would you kiss your dog? that's dirty
Deal with it *puts shades on*
That's my favourite joke in the whole world
What does a nosey pepper do? Get jalapeño business
So a dyslexic man walks into a bra
Did you know Micheal Jackson wasn't actually white #TheMoreYouKnow
really good film that's on Netflix?
Just sayin' I made music please go look at it and I'll give you cookies
Now that I'm 18 i can drink...Because no one ever does before they're 18, that's illegal.
can learn how to post tweets properly
now that I'm 18 I
It's my birthday in 9 minutes ooo
Back in the day, these were the shit