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Why do we start 8:45 and not 9 like everyone else in the world?
*hits blunt* "If 2 vegetarians are fighting, is it still considered beef?"
Retweeted by Goku
I should if sent that as one tweet but its 2am
About sleep as much as I should
I don't care
Best in the world
Other than that my grammar is the best
The only thing I mess up is apostrophes, I don't understand that shit
Tomorrow I will get shit done
I've got so much stuff to do but cba
what is love?
i feel like im 10 again when i hear basshunter
all the time
Why do people add me on Snapchat and never talk to me?
In other news I'm going to bed
Snapchat - mattyf0x
iPhones are overrated [BRING ON THE HATE]
wow my twitter is so shit now
It changes dramatically
If someone listened to my music playlist they would think I was on crack
Is there even a point of tutor in college though?
Feel great after doing exercise
I had a dream I was lying in my bed, my life is so interesting
ive actually hit a follow limit bad times
Bad grammar = delete tweet
It's 1 character long and I still got it wrong
Be good if I could spell 'I'
Why couldn't u remember that
Shit I tweeted that like yesterday haha
if only you wasnt a slag
or dont do either you knoe its cool ill love you anyway
guys! dm me or fav for one?
before I become insane
shawshank redemption is on woo
no one reads my tweets and im happy with that
halloween is the worst holiday, you don't even get chocolate unless you beg for it
I would use emojis but im not a 17 year old white girl
when he fucks you off dont be coming to me
Can't be doing with cocky people
I'd be much happier if bae meant bacon and egg
be great if I could actually grow facial hair
The X Factor is shite after the auditions so might as well watch it
Why are Liverpool playing like Norwich?