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Matt Mira
Finished my office. #moving
merylrowin will paint your filthy animal for $60. Email
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When moving I was sure to pack only the essentials
Me and Dave Matthews.
Wanna know how good I am at guitar? As I am moving, my neighbor says "wow you have twenty five guitars, aren't you just starting out?"
Well this won't help me figure out what this powers.
Family friendly Titty twister
My review: The big iPhone is like holding a very expensive decorative tile.
UPS package pickup is hoppin
California’s drought gifs are really something…. oh and Terrifying.…
If you're dealing with me in real life for the next 4 days, I'm sorry I said whatever is going to make you mad. That goes for my movers too.
Listen, Scotland. I love you. I want you to be happy. But if you leave the UK, what does that mean for James Bond?
Anxiously waiting for the phrase “Youtube ‘Prankster' killed” to come up on my Google alerts. No luck yet.
Found this. I got it on etsy and forgot to frame it. #kinkywizards
Recently I was kind of drunk and on eBay. This was the result. #frasier #manGod #tossedSalad #scrambledEggs
Judging solely by the people I talk to in life, Property Brothers is the highest rated program in television history.
These are all my @fenderguitar ready to move.
The Volvo and I beat the heat by driving closer to the sun.
Just browsed air bnb with 6% battery. #greatful
Got a third of them packed up
I'm moving. So I keep finding bullshit.
RT @AlexTTroup: @MattMira Why do you own stocks in Olive Garden? // I don’t thats what makes my decision to read this even more puzzling.
Guys, stop the presses "straws are non-industry length, adding cost for a “custom run” from suppliers.” COME ON OLIVE GARDEN!
I’m not sure why I am reading a 246 page shareholder report on The Olive Garden, but I am. And I do know they are wasting breadsticks!
Wanna buy one of my old guitars? No? Well you can anyway over at @ChicagoMusicEx…
Thanks for always knowing how to make me laugh, Fox News. Goodnight internet.
For those wondering. I used the Apple Store App for the first time since I ordered an iPhone 5.
I either have ordered no iPhones or 3 of them. Only time and my credit card statement will tell.
I really feel like we are all going through something here with this iPhone thing. This must be what Vietnam was like for my dad. I think.
Remember, if not being able to order the 500 dollar phone online exactly at 12am is our biggest problem things are ok.
This is all part of Apple’s master plan to teach everyone how to say “We’ll be back” in 43 languages
"I'm getting to old for this shit." - me just now, remembering Danny Glover's great performance while I try to stay up to pre-order iPhone.
Pretty sure the commercial I just saw with Matthew McConaughey made me want to fuck a lincoln. That was the point. right?
"it's like TAKEN, but Liam Neeson's coat is brown" - whoever pitched "A Walk Among the Tombstones"
Someone’s favorite song is "Candle In the Wind 97"
I wrote a thing for @BuzzFeedEnt about white, male hosts & late night talk shows or simply put late night talk shows.…
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A new @FEaB_Podcast is slowly being normalized on my computer… Look for it very very soon
it's mike and IKE, not mike and STEVE.
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If I played keyboards, I would keep it a secret.
Really craving breakfast pizza from a Disney Character Breakfast I had at Disney World in 1991.
@MattMira Thanks! And to those who want the recipe for Grilled Turkey, it's right here:
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