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Matt Mira
Bumgarner should never have to walk anywhere, ever again. The 2014 Giants should carry him on their shoulders to all destinations.
It's not even Halloween and my local @steveagee is already dressed for Christmas.
@MattMira @nerdist @jonahray The results of listening to the Nerdist podcast, May 29th 2014 + now... Thanks Matt Mira
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I'm more of a "cup is 3/4 empty" guy. Sorry. I was thirsty.
I bet the easiest gig on the internet is to be on the “Doesn’t look like this Anymore” desk at @HuffingtonPost
At least three times a week I think to myself: "what's Frank Langella up to?"
Pro Tip: A vampire can't enter your Google Doc unless you invite them.
@hornets hey MJ, you've made a ton of money of the years, why haven't you bought any new clothes since 1998? #MJTakeover
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10 years ago today, in my apartment in Medford, I cried actual tears of joy. The Red Sox won the World Series.
East coast, brace for POINTS! November 3-6 we're coming to NYC and @nerdist is already collecting local data!…
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Cumberbatch as Dr. Strange is aces, but in the multiverse, there exists this universe:
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Can’t wait for Fast “The Rock” Furious “The 7”
Just binge watching @TheProfitCNBC and seeing @marcuslemonis deal with some epically stubborn business owners is bizarrely satisfying.
Finished the fireplace mantel.
I didn't even know I'd enjoy hearing comedians dissecting Bond movies until I did!… (with @MattGourley & @MattMira)
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"Look it up Katie. Odds of having a left-handed child, with Matt Mira's semen." @MattMira
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Unlike @jontaffer , I embrace excuses.
I've officially hopped on the @MattMira bandwagon. The man is svelte! I'm down 16lbs in 3 weeks. #BeLikeMira #BeLikeMira #BeLikeMira
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It's crazy how @MattMira started to lose weight and Rick Ross jumped on the bandwagon. Everybody wanna be like Mira.
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Spending my first day of vacation quietly painting the shed. It's pretty much the best day ever.
I can't stop watching this knife show. This is the Spooky Special... Because you can totally stab ghosts.
This is what I do when @doree is out of town.
Fuckin nailed it bro.
My 3 SG's for that one guy that asked to see them from the last post.
Me wondering why my app was taking a picture and not tuning my guitar a half step down.
Confession: I never watched Das Boot because it was on two VHS tapes. And that's just intimidating. Also it's a German movie about boats.
Going to sleep now. Everyone try not to get ebola overnight. I think we can do this if we really concentrate on never leaving the house.
I mean I guess I’ll take your Star Trek TNG Pinball machine, if you have any extra laying around.
Have you ever wanted to wear me and @samosier on your body? Pre-order the newest FEaB shirt! designed by @subpop2000
There's a brand new @XFilesFiles with me talking to @kumailn about 2 episodes!!!!… listen to it! now!
I'm just crushing TNG pinball on my iPad
In at @timewarnertv waiting for them to replace my fried modem. I mean I guess I should have expected it to break. It's 21 days old.
Please tweet me some Oprah gifs because it's the only way @MattMira lets me talk to him
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My encyclopedic knowledge of Star Trek the Next Generation is pretty much my best feature.
Turns out its not that bad having a pope who wasn’t a Nazi.
Today I saw Slash. In dog form.
No YOU have too many.
No YOU have too many.
Never forget: @MattMira awkwardly tried to hug @gracehelbig but poked her in the armpit on @midnight
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Any of y'all crushin puss tonight?! #vacationnnnnnnnn