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Matt Barnes
What a weekend.. I need a few days to recover my body/liver
Yesterday was up there in one of my favourite days
There's FREE UK express delivery this Bank Holiday weekend! No minimum spend, just select from shipping options
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So @youmeatsix just won the internet. Here's their offer to play the NFL half time show.
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The new @YoungGunsUK video is prettttttty sick, check out the sexy buggers here
31 Dogs Who Are Giving Zero F*cks And Sitting Where They Want. #6 Is My Spirit Animal --->
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Overheard a kid talking to his mum earlier and she said 'who told you there was a shark in the toilet'
Check out the new @cheerupclothing collection over at for all your festival needs
Can't wait to tour the states with @YoungGunsUK in a few weeks. It's about blooooooody time!
'Day off' today apparently
Do you guys wanna hear some old tunes at Reading & Leeds?
New @cheerupclothing line out now, set sail over to
I just threw up on stage. At pukklepop. You could say....... Pukellpop. Seriously
NEW COLLECTION OUT NOW @cheerupclothing
If your A level results aren't joyous take comfort from the fact I got a C and two Us. And I have a Mercedes Benz.
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keep your eyes peeled over at today
The new @cheerupclothing line launches tomorrow. Stay tuned humans of the earth
Got mine and @maxhellyeah90's balls out ready for a whacking
Place an order BEFORE THE END OF TODAY over at and get a Polaroid of me pulling a stupid face.
Polaroids Polaroids, anyone for a Polaroid? Place an order BEFORE THE END OF TODAY over at and get me pulling a stupid face @cheerupclothing
My new mate Geoff , solid geezer
Sooooooo the new @YoungGunsUK tune is an absolute banger!!! If you have not heard it yet download it here immediately
Been messing around with the Polaroid camera down at @cheerupclothing HQ. Place an order from now till Sunday and we will throw one of these stooopid snaps in.
@TFL apologises for delay in train service due to concealing an erection
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Sexual tension makes me hurt all over!
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PAC-MAN uncontrollably guzzling cum gives me uncontrollable gas #ringoffire
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Up a mountain. Couples retreat
Off to the French alps for a week, see you next Tuesday
Took a ton of dumb Polaroid shots today at @cheerupclothing HQ. Thought it would be funny throwing one in every order till Sunday, get involved
Took a load of these at @cheerupclothing HQ today, thought it would be funny to put one in every order until Sunday..
The ultimate back garden accessory
Thanks @hollyknott for this beer. I've heard it goes very well with a certain herb
I get that it's been hot today but I am sat by potentially the smelliest woman on the train. #rightguard
11 HD channels now on freeview. fucking get in!
This is what happens when @ian_foster85 falls asleep on the sofa #mandwich
The buttery biscuit bass
Were 28 in the #MTVHottest charts, Enrique is on our tail, be my hero baby and kiss away the pain by tweeting #MTVHottest You Me At Six
Been 'fingering' the bass a lot recently. It is so much more funky #fucktheplec
Exploring day. Well I'm chilling ...
Feeling jet lagged / sleep deprived / tired / but awake at the same time
If everyone could tweet '#MTVHottest You Me At Six' that would be lovely, cheers.