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Matthew Highton
Check out my pervert moustache for my prick character in these Casting Couch videos:…
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Think @joshxhowie got the role of Nigel? Maybe @KatiaKvinge did... Check her audition of INFINITE MASSACRE… #Leaked
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In the original Dad's Army I don't remember any of them having kids?
Last day if you want to see him! @thisstuartlaws with "Who said anything about stopping it" Cabaret Voltaire (Venue 338) at 15:50 #edfringe
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Ever been so tired you've seen a lizard crawl across the floor and ask you to follow it into a plug socket?
Finally managed to track down Three Weeks' review of me, @JamesAcaster and @TheNickHelm's show at Edinburgh in 2009
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9am, the factory whistle sounds and the workers shuffle cautiously. Once again they must appease the machine.
Turns out Ali Brice REALLY suits being a Jumanji board. #ForRobin
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Sticking feathers up your butt does not make you a chicken! @ComCineClub #EdFringe run starts today with Fight Club…
Hell of a way to find out.
Get your fucking shine box guys, not many tickets left for @ComCineClub Goodfellas tonight!…
Last #CamdenFringe @ComCineClub tonight GOODFELLAS!!! Marvel as we recreate Ray Liotta's laugh…
Last night I had a dream that me & @TheNickHelm remade Tango and Cash (me Stallone, Helm Russell). AND IT WAS AWESOME! Must make this real!
Game: When someones feeding pigeons walk up & loudly exclaim "He IS VIGO. YOU ARE LIKE THE BUZZING OF FLIES TO HIM!"
The horse jumping off a ferry in The Ring is ridiculous. IMAGINE IT RECREATED LIVE! TONIGHT!… #CamdenFringe #Horses
When are the gonna do a new Ring film where it's a viral video and there's loads of people getting killed? Planet Ring 2% Rotten Tomatoes.
It Follows is a lovely horror film, please don't ruin it with an origins story Hollywood.
You won't get Edinburgh tips like this anywhere else! Video of Ali Brice (@TwiceBriceBrice) at Chortle's Fast Fringe
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Waiting for the clock to hit 5pm? Why not spend the time watching these funny things!…
Comedians Cinema Club Casting Couch with @felicityward. Auditioning for CCC produced film Infinite Massacre…
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Comedians Cinema Club Casting Couch with @druwakely. LEAKED FOOTAGE of him auditioning for Infinite Massacre…
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We made some silly casting couch videos over at @ComCineClub watch, laugh, RT…… HAPPY FRIDAY!
PS4 owners, do you have Elder Scrolls Online and is it worth getting? #ElderScrolls #PS4
I mean you wouldn't hire a decorator and than decide to paint little bits yourself! Why do studios get involved? #JoshTrank
If Fantastic Fours performance was part of studio interference or not, the creative input of studios is definitely having a negative impact.
Lots of talented silly ladies in this. Have a look. Well done @ladycariad @JennyBede and everyone involved…
One of our weirdos @joeyDavies is doing a work in progress show @CamdenFringe go watch him this weekend…
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Hey Guys! starts today kicking off the Heroes programme in the Hive's main room. 2pm, the Hive, free. Come on down.
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Does anyone know the cheat code for National Rail that unlocks affordable tickets?
Scarface in a picture. @MattHighton covered in flour. If only we had @EricLampaert in a dress with testicles out…
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URGENT PLS SHARE My wheelchair has been stolen this morning. Stoke Newington London. 7.30-8am. Pls RT + track it down
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Last night in @ComCineClub Mary Poppins @EricLampaert forcibly poured sugar in mouth. Scarface tonight! God help me…
Reliving your youth these days is asking Jeeves. What a beautiful age of nonsense.
Tonight! Come see us replicate SCARFACE. You buy the tickets, we'll bring the drugs.…
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There’s Something About Joe 9 - 10 Aug at Aces and Eights A load of silliness brought to you by a plonker… @joeyDavies
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HAD A LOVELY TIME BEING VERY FUNNY TONIGHT at @ComCineClub thanks @MattHighton for teaching me to shave
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.@MattHighton is asking for people's favourite films. Wrote about mine for @StandardIssueUK. It's Jaws+it's awesome.…
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Thanks everyone so for. Keep them coming x
Genuinely trying to get responses so please reply and RT if possible, but what is your favourite film of all time?
WHY IF IT ISN'T MARY BLINKING POPPINS! Our @ComCineClub #CamdenFringe starts tonight!… BE THERE
Frankie Boyle on fire here. But when is he not?
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Wow, you won't believe how Patty Mayonnaise from Doug looks now.
I wish when I started Twitter I'd set my class as Mage instead of Comedian. Rookie mistake.

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