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Matthew Highton
I don't know what happened to this guy, I don't want to know, the look of terror will haunt me forever.
So everyone should watch @LetLuceUK all day everyday! Fantastically silly show.
Did you know hospitals aren't allowed to show BBC News 24 because the beeps confuse the doctors.
Thought to myself I haven't drawn a treble clef in years. Nailed it!
There's a bit in Beauty & the Beast where Mrs Potts essentially pisses over her sons head. We're all cool with that?
SO EXCITED. W're doing FLASH BLOODY GORDON at @ComCineClub tonight. Still some tickets…
Pretty accurate... Tonight! Ah aaaah! Comics of the Universe!
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Sometimes I feel Netflix blurbs have been put through Google translate.
I'm really happy to announce I'm in talks with @lartymcparty for Flash Gordon 2: The Legend Of Mings Gold
There's a woman on the UK Storage Hunters I'm convinced is a Scouse Ursula. DONT LET HER BID ON YOUR VOICE!
Im not at #EdFringe this year, but I am recommending anyone who mentions me in an interview. Go see @TwiceBriceBrice…
So excited about tomorrows @ComCineClub it's Flash Gordon!! There's stll a few tickets left…
This Wednesday. FLASH (Ah aaah) GORDON. Come see it recreated live! London, Tufnell Park 8PM start
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Chicken and tobasco its @jlukeroberts top travel tips.
Sometimes I'll stop mid whatever I'm doing and think: I hope Daniel Bedingfield got through it, whatever it was...
Not sure about this Top Gun sequel
Look, I'm sorry I'm not the eccentric billionaire you all clearly need at the moment. I really am...
I'm an Alien 3 defender, but Blomkampfs art looks good enough for me to accept it as a cryo dream.…
As one of our readers has pointed out, X-Men's Apocalypse looks quite similar to Power Rangers' Ivan Ooze...
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Just when you thought it was safe to go back on the piano. Claws #Cats #Music #Horror #Creep
Crazy fact: you have more memory and processing power in your butt than the original NES!
Opening day at @LatitudeFest. See you on Sunday, Cabaret tent, 4PM with JURASSIC PARK 🐸p
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Mark Hamill is and always shall be the best Joker. No further discussion needed.
Idea for a film: A Terminator is sent back to a prehistoric era and starts stamping on fauna in the hope it can change the future.
When are the Government going to announce that Sunday's are now part of Monday's working day?
Things that creep me out: An old man whistling whilst floating gently on a raft, staring at me with all too familiar eyes.
Next season of the Walking Dead looks tense! This show will kill me one day…
Is he going mad or is the software really back?
Idea for a film: Whilst working late Michael Fassbender's computer asks him to update software he thought he deleted years ago.
Why Captain Birdseye these are just divine. *chews some more then stops* Hang on, fish don't have fingers... Dear God, what have you done!
People of @LatitudeFest, you have chosen! JURASSIC PARK Sunday 19th July 4pm. Improvise the movie & post-show podcast
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Trying to find his place he looks old flames and discovers an elderly Catwoman drunk and eating tuna. More details to follow.
Idea for a film: As the worlds greatest detective 60s Batman is transported to the modern world but struggles with everyday technology.
Apple and pears would be a move in which I pound the ground bombarding said opponent with apples and pears.
My other moves would be London Prices in which I physically stun an opponent by telling them how much I paid in rent.
If I was a Street Fighter character from London 'Tube Strike' would be my most powerful attack.
Tweet @LatitudeFest for your film choice & come see some awesome comics (tagged) improvise their way through film!
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