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Matthew Islam
Must Watch: Super inspirational. Gunther Holtorf's 23 Year Road Trip with his wife: via @YouTube
Terrorists in Peshawar storm a school, shoot young children. Beasts. This in the name of Religion. Godless Men who dont know what sacred is
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Watching the Finale of "The Newsroom". Farewell my friends in the series and Sorkin from Television. Never again will be it the same again.
A part of my childhood now celebrated! In Conversation with Shah Rukh Khan & Kajol - Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge
Cleanup begins after Bangladesh oil spill | News | DW.DE | 12.12.2014…
Mad Max: Fury Road - Official Theatrical Teaser Trailer [HD]: via @YouTube
For me this is the best Hindi song of the year and it's been a good year! Super Addictive. Jee Karda | Badlapur:
Can you blame them? Read headline to decipher! 600,000 Filipinos flee as typhoon blows near #Hagupit…
She's so lovely! Watch Jon Stewart Flirt with Angelina Jolie During Last Night’s Daily Show | Vanity Fair…
Every year 80 tonnes of sea snakes are harvested from the Gulf of Thailand
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5 of the World's Weirdest Nudity Laws
Strange Sex Laws Around the World - Sex Acts You Could Be Arrested For - Thrillist
Samsung's Bad Year Ends With Three Top Executives Leaving
I think I'm going to shake things up. Change things. Restart. Don't know when exactly but I feel it coming on. Time for regeneration.
OHKAY then! He's back again. Umm. Right. OK. Terminator Genisys Movie - Official Trailer: via @YouTube
Always a great birthday gift for me! Thank you for so many magical novembers! Nov 2015 - Bond24 Announcement:
For now Ms. Biswal, no one cares. #Bangladesh is at a superficial but somewhat real level of zen for many months now. Let that continue.
If the people really don't like the status quo and it is true many don't but if they really can't stand it, you'll see them on the streets.
Annoying interventionism. It having true democracy means allowance of killing, violence, arson, hartal & looting Ms. Biswal, I'm ok as is!
Dark clouds! Ominous. Drizzle after breakout imminent.
Look #travel has, is and always will be expensive. More so if you plan too much or are inflexible. Become a nomad and you'll see more. #life
I'm an Fuji X guy nw bt if Nikon can give me an X-size camera with their image quality, I'd die of excitement & switch back! #Nikon forever!
@SalmanMuqtadir Hey....sent you an FB message on the page. Please do take a look and respond back when you can. Thanks.
Jon Stewart explains to Fox News how reality works in #Ferguson and everywhere else too. (via @Upworthy)…
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Cook not Jobs but neither a 1 trick pony Apple $700 billion market cap milestone crossed, stock up 50% since January…
I'm beyond excited for this. Star Wars and this. All is well now. #JurassicWorld - Official Trailer (HD):
Highly-complex malware has secretly spied on computers for years, say researchers
Karen Armstrong on Sam Harris and Bill Maher: “It fills me with despair, because this is the sort of talk that led t…
Short Poetry - "Launch Puritan" by Matthew Islam
A man who hasn't decided his cologne for life, has his business affairs out of order. - #MIQUOTE
Shin Bet chief rejects Netanyahu's claim that Palestinian leadership is encouraging violence…
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Rosetta's lander has found organic molecules on its comet
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Something thats helping me tremendously to shed the extra weight. Waterproof & no charging needed. #Misfit #Nike+
PM's adviser lies | Blames media to defend his bloopers:…
Bad news choco lovers - global supply chain running out of cocoa to meet demand, farmers switching crop.…
European Space Agency releases Images to show Philae's historic comet bounce…
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Farewell friend!! “@Reuters: Comet lander shuts down as batteries go flat after sending data
Neil deGrasse Tyson Explains The End Of 'Interstellar': via @YouTube
Comet-lander has completed its primary mission, space agency says.
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My week has been made. What a beautiful OST for @Interstellarnow - Hanz rocked it. I have a distinct need to see my son as an astronaut.
My wife gave me a screening of Interstellar along with my son. His first full movie with papa and then the extraordinary OST of the same.
Benedict Cumberbatch's Celebrity Impressions | The Imitation Game | MTV ...: via @YouTube