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Matthew Islam
News Analysis: For Israelis and Palestinians, Separation Is Dehumanizing
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Israeli cabinet minister: "I’ve killed lots of Arabs in my life – and there’s no problem with that.”… Via @AOAlfi
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Warning shots reportedly fired at Al Wafa hospital in e. Gaza, full attack threatened.… @ISMPalestine is there NOW.
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UN: Israel tells 300,000 Gazans to leave their homes
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Football fans, just take a moment and let that sink in. Barcelona attack next season: Neymar - Suárez - Messi. Unbelievable.
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10 vital statistics of the world's tallest bridge project in India
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Luis Suarez's message for Liverpool fans: 'We will always be Liverpool supporters' #lfc #fcb
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Neymar: "I am going to be supporting Argentina in the World Cup final. Messi deserves to win the trophy." #WC2014
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Brazil capitulated to the first strong team they encountered. I’m livid | Zico via @guardian
Won't decide until the EPL season kicks off but I'm heavily leaning towards supporting @Arsenal as my second team after FCB. Like wht I see.
Scientists Have Discovered Why You Can't Remember Being a Baby by @erbrod via @micnews
YEAR OF THE DRONES has dawned on us. The year's best drone photography, from eagles to fireworks via @verge
@SafiaMinney having been appointed the CEO of a new Textile industry here, I am working hard to ensure we fly the green flag asap.
@SafiaMinney also wanted to thank u for the work you do. The more ppl believe in ethical, environmentally responsible fashion, the better.
@SafiaMinney just found out about the job you are doing with people tree and our vision is pretty close to yours albeit narrower.
@SafiaMinney organic cotton locally but am having a hard time sourcing fair trade organic cotton in Bangladesh, can you help point to one?
Hi @SafiaMinney , hope this reaches you. Have developed & launching a sustainable earth friendly tshirt brand soon, we have sourced (1/2)
Tragic news. Zohra Sehgal has passed away. She was 102. Can't remember her with anything but these 3 expressions:
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A shining star today left our galaxy! RIP Zohra Sehgal, every frame you ever acted in, you made magical for us all watching. Will be missed.
Inevitable #football withdrawal symptoms. My 1st club team is @FCBarcelona (4 ten yrs now) wonder who I should pick for the English PL?
For every food pic you post to Twitter with #mealforameal, we’ll deliver a real meal to someone in need.
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Video Captures Elephants In Israel Protecting Their Young From Incoming Rockets
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"My son told me, 'Mom, the tears are not coming down, but I'm crying inside.'"
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My wife's been looking for this Colombian lady & I found her. Bst husband evaaar? Do the wrk u love. @nataliabetanc4
@AnushaysPoint tis hard to...does that say something about us as a society?
Neymar out Injured Rodriguez left in tears Suarez banned Ronaldo and Rooney Flopped Zlatan and Bale at home Messi:
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@KarunaBadwal I say, one half for each & if history matters, #ARG hve been waiting for this day since 1990 when #GER beat them on penalties.
A ruthless #GER await, a desperately craving #ARG - the finals will be worth watching after all. #ARGvsNED #ARGvsGER #WorldCup2014
#Argentina have been waiting for this day since 1990 and cup win from 1986. It's about time they got a shot at #GER revenge for 90 #ARGvsNED
Congratulations #Argentina - you did your best and this is now your cup to win or lose. #ARGvsNED #WorldCup
All the best #ARG & my @FCBarcelona boy @TeamMessi - rock it. Divers shouldn't play football, they should go diving. #ARGvsNED #WorldCup
Pearls & Diamonds, two things if we learnt 2 live without, looking at u ladies, then the world would be much better for it environmentally.
When a dog sees its owner, its brain secretes the same substances as ours when we are in love!
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Singing exercises your heart, lungs and releases endorphins, making you feel good.
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This is what it looks like when a tiger dives for a piece of meat.
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Bangladesh HC tells @the_hindu :India must ratify the LBA in 3-4 months.…
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Trailer: Interesting! Fox Star's Deepika starrer #FindingFanny #Movie
Trailer: Looks brilliantly #Epic - I love Ridley Scott movies! Exodus starring Christian Bale. Visual splendor.
Question to Scolari: "In your opinion, who is responsible for this catastrophic result?" Answer: "I am. The person responsible is me."
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I acknowledge this embarrassment but will be #BRAZIL till I die. #WorldCup #BRAvsGER
Excellently played #GER - u took advantage of all the flaws, gaps and the spirit of full surrender. For #BRA this too shall pass. #BRAvsGER