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Matthew Pinsent
I have no idea how some police officers work in child abuse cases. "thank you" to those that do. #24hoursinpolicecustody
setting mental alarm clock for 24 hrs in Police custody 9pm Ch4. Superb example of fly on the wall documentary making.
Has the Pistorius case court ever said "right we are working late, everyone take note we are going past 3pm today?" #dragitout
Homeland w/o Brodie is eviscerated. Not sure its worth even the "meh I'll put it on the hard disk and get back to it later"
Getting cheesed off with twitter on an iPad. How can I shortcut the "here is every tweet since you last used me" feature. #releasetorefresh
. @PatMcGinley13 too tight I'm afraid. I don't want to rush when bending the time/space continuum. I'm a bit old school like that.
W/e with 3 sporty kids need a driverless tardis w sleeping quarters, a Michelin star restaurant and a bar. fret not - design coming. #mulls
Anyone know of a house/barn for rent for Xmas week big enough for 14 - Southern 1/2 of UK or best website to search for one?
Maybe it's the people I follow but Farage, Godwins Law, UKIP, Clacton, NHS & "what the ***k" all trending on my timeline.
The Driver - its all going to end really happily isn't it……. uhoh
Picture says it all. So happy to be engaged to the loveliest woman in the World. Biggles is pretty excited too!
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Sergey Bubka est réélu pour un 3e mandat de président du CNO ukrainien. En cas de non-réélection il aurait également perdu son siège au CIO.
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@LauraJayneW @matthewcpinsent @NickHopeBBC @BrianCooksonUCI to be fair sums up how high we appear on the UCI radar. Not surprised at all
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.@LauraJayneW @NickHopeBBC I would have thought @BrianCooksonUCI needs to have a brief meeting with someone with no coffee served #hairdryer
Para-cycling has not been included in the approved list of sports for the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics after UCI missed the application deadline
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I can only guess how I would feel if I knew my crewmates were texting about me to our oppo. Redgravetextgate yet to emerge thankfully. ;)
RT "@willnorman3: Sport does not seem to handle complex characters well at all, I'm not sure why." team sport especially. #manmanagement
KP still being vague about South African text messages - doesn't help his argument when he is selective about what is and isn't in the book.
Pretty sad for Eng cricket listening to KP on @bbc5live - delicate/opinionated/emotional all at once. #complicated
Day off to a flyer - asked daughter (6) if she has done her homework. Reply? "none of your beeswax". #backinyourboxDad
The win of @Oliver_Wilson at @dunhilllinks is truly "Lazarus" sports story. Ranked just inside 800 in world prior to lifting trophy tonight.
Just saw that @Oliver_Wilson won the Dunhill. Keep believing, keep working and good things will happen. Congrats Oli, really happy for you.
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Top Gear 'FKL' crew ejected from ARG. But ARG film w hockey player in "Malvinas" 2012 -> we went "mmm, bit rude that"…
Some v odd quotes going on here -…? bit of a miss mash article too. @BritishRowing h/t @OllieW
Just how creepy is the Ch4 Paedophile Hunter programme. Not sure I can stomach it to be honest.
Well done Peter Allen a wonderful combination of warm and incisive, will miss him from @bbc5live Drive. An institution in all the best ways.
Okay this guy has Freddie Mercury down! And Pavarotti … at the same time …singing Nessun Dorma .. weird but so good.…
Beijing 2022 Winter Games now looks a shoe in (vs Almaty KAZ) back to back Asian Winter Games though.
Looks like Oslo's bid for the 2022 Winter Olympics is over. Norway's ruling government party has voted against.
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RT" @vodkaboris: 'Grandpa, what's a post office?'" indeed and even "grandpa whats a document?"
Chance to volunteer for Rio2016 rowing event (flight and accom NOT included !) still interested? ->…
Glad to see end of the car tax disc "we used to have to queue up at the post office with all our documents" **bemused faces of youngsters**
Dear @Support can you please tell me how iTunes sent a tweet on my behalf? Have I been hacked?
mmm odd. I have found a tweet in my timeline (from me) promoting an iTunes film. I didn't send it. how can i find out how it was sent?
"Special moments for these guys" trying to celebrate while a millionty cameras are stuck up their noses. Could be done better in my opinion
Whats happened? last match shared 1/2 1/2??
RT" @picdavethompson: won't be long until they are paddling alongside winners in the boat race!" someone tried that I think…. ;)
There should be a rule-no media on the greens. Let the players/captains have their moment. Snappers pictures would be better too. #oldfogey
even better - gets the honour in the middle of the 15th fairway - well done Europe.
Donaldson has got the honour of the moment on 15th green surely…...
There's World Championship Canoeing on BBC2 now - you can record it & fast forward through my dodgy links. I'll be doing that tbh.
@matthewcpinsent think it's halved. Someone drops out from other side.
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Geekery - What happens if someone is ill during the Ryder Cup and can't play? No subs presumably so singles point automatically conceded??
If you (golf fan) aren't following Luke Donald right now you are missing out - quality tweets/support for EUR despite not being picked.
THAT gorse bush is going to need a special plaque on it - from behind here both Justin Rose and Martin Kaymer made birdie.
Daughter (6) not helping my Ryder Cup watching with technical questions -"how deep is that lake there?" Its the one on 16 in case you know….
How much would we EUR fans love it for Steve Gallacher to sink the winning putt? Sport is blind to that romance stuff sadly.