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Matthew Pinsent
RT "@gsmum: and snipers on the roofs, hopefully" personally I'd go armed police officer in closer proximity but I'm no expert.
I hope after the murder in Ottowa that the guys on ceremonial guard duty in London are fully briefed/backed up.
iPhone , searching feature in Mail inbox. Comes up nada when I know the person/email/subject is in there. Me being a klutz or crap function?
The IOC has granted provisional recognition to Kosovo. Full recognition to come in December. Clears way for Kosovo team at Rio Olympics
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This would change if he appealed and got shorter sentence. But as it stands, it's impossible for Pistorius to be at Rio Paralympics
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IPC confirm to me they will not allow Pistorius to run at any of their events including Rio Games for 5 yrs, even if he's released early
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Sky get the 5 year minimum thing wrong - again - then play judgement with judge saying, quite clearly, 5 years maximum.
#OscarPistorius family confirm no appeal. they expect him to go to prison from court.
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and with that Sky calls it 5 years "minimum" in jail - incorrectly.
Remember - 5 year sentence means he could be free after not much more than 2 years. #OscarPistorius
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...and off we go into an unconnected but somewhat similar case - complete with precise references and page numbers.
Key moment - judge rejects house arrest and community service for #OscarPistorius
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The judge hasn't mentioned anything to do with Oscar Pistorius case yet!! No sentence passed.
RT "@mikelinny: possibly covering arse for unpopular decision and expectation of appeal." seems likely. Low jail tariff for OP?
Judge now quoting with detail from another 'kind of similar' but totally separate case. Bizarre.
RT "@RichTeatime: is UK system any better? #adjourned" not qualified to answer that to be honest - timeline comments suggest "not much"
The amount of flannel/delay in the Oscar Pistorius case has been at times shameful. Judgement day no exception.
Oh. uS 8 4th, sculling great 8 win, sweep 2nd, Harvard 3rd. Must fine tune the beer goggles.
.@fatsculler @tkcarter82 @HOCR no one getting anything at the moment.
Just watched the US 8 steam past Elliot Bridge. Best rowing I've seen from a US8 in a while. Looked to have the Great 8 covered. #neckout
Six words to sum up our race "Negative Ghostrider the pattern is full". #HOCR #Molesey #someonefindmeabeertocryinto
.@JamesBottrill we reckon we've still got it, "it" being about a minute of top rowing - race is 17 minutes long. #wheredoyouwantitunleashed?
We all know sport doesn't get old. We on the other hand become "seasoned campaigners". First big race since Sydney.
Also many thanks to @resoluteracing for the eight and @BNYMellon for the support. Means a lot. #rowingfamily
Thanks to Concept for the loan of some new blades got my blade bitch to carry them down. #rockinsox'n'flops
Warm up day for Head of the Charles - a throwback to the days of life being rowing, eating, resting and laughing with some mates.
Not an easy watch at all - the bravery of a Liberian ebola ambulance crew…
Packing for Charles rowing event in Boston - massive house/kid baton hand off to Mrs who got in from fortnight in US yesterday #postitnotes
.@chrishoy YES! Hoy boy joy!! Welcome to Callum and best wishes you all.
I have no idea how some police officers work in child abuse cases. "thank you" to those that do. #24hoursinpolicecustody
setting mental alarm clock for 24 hrs in Police custody 9pm Ch4. Superb example of fly on the wall documentary making.
Has the Pistorius case court ever said "right we are working late, everyone take note we are going past 3pm today?" #dragitout
Homeland w/o Brodie is eviscerated. Not sure its worth even the "meh I'll put it on the hard disk and get back to it later"
Getting cheesed off with twitter on an iPad. How can I shortcut the "here is every tweet since you last used me" feature. #releasetorefresh
. @PatMcGinley13 too tight I'm afraid. I don't want to rush when bending the time/space continuum. I'm a bit old school like that.
W/e with 3 sporty kids need a driverless tardis w sleeping quarters, a Michelin star restaurant and a bar. fret not - design coming. #mulls
Anyone know of a house/barn for rent for Xmas week big enough for 14 - Southern 1/2 of UK or best website to search for one?
Maybe it's the people I follow but Farage, Godwins Law, UKIP, Clacton, NHS & "what the ***k" all trending on my timeline.
The Driver - its all going to end really happily isn't it……. uhoh
Picture says it all. So happy to be engaged to the loveliest woman in the World. Biggles is pretty excited too!
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Sergey Bubka est réélu pour un 3e mandat de président du CNO ukrainien. En cas de non-réélection il aurait également perdu son siège au CIO.
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@LauraJayneW @matthewcpinsent @NickHopeBBC @BrianCooksonUCI to be fair sums up how high we appear on the UCI radar. Not surprised at all
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.@LauraJayneW @NickHopeBBC I would have thought @BrianCooksonUCI needs to have a brief meeting with someone with no coffee served #hairdryer
Para-cycling has not been included in the approved list of sports for the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics after UCI missed the application deadline
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I can only guess how I would feel if I knew my crewmates were texting about me to our oppo. Redgravetextgate yet to emerge thankfully. ;)
RT "@willnorman3: Sport does not seem to handle complex characters well at all, I'm not sure why." team sport especially. #manmanagement
KP still being vague about South African text messages - doesn't help his argument when he is selective about what is and isn't in the book.
Pretty sad for Eng cricket listening to KP on @bbc5live - delicate/opinionated/emotional all at once. #complicated
Day off to a flyer - asked daughter (6) if she has done her homework. Reply? "none of your beeswax". #backinyourboxDad