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Matthew Pinsent
Any US based athletes attending @Cambridge_Uni in 2014/15 interested in LWT rowing get in touch (via @usrowing @RowOKC_HP
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RT "@ParrsPrioryRC: on the lookout for people keen to Learn to Row-6wk course starts Sat 13th Sept…" WLondon btw
Oof massive rowing results from Worlds. Women's pair continue to dominate. And Gold, Gold, Silver in men's 8,4 &pair is epic.
Rotherham - how could our society fail those poor people so utterly?
@matthewcpinsent in fantasy world they want 4 new Type26 frigates (of UK predicted buy of 13). Some say Scot also wants subs to protect rigs
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Whoa are an independent Sco getting surface ships for their own navy? How many? From RN?
"I'll step in if its gets too heated" says chairman & promptly stands dumbfounded by as World War 3 shoutiness kicks off for 16mins straight
Moderator has had an absolute shocker to be honest.
Salmond has run the 8 minute "cross examination" clock down beautifully there - hardly took a hit.
Salmond just trashing Darling - spiking questions, ignoring moderator, rattling opponent at every turn.
Walking about leaves Salmond's hands free and he does the same gesture every time no variation at all. Bugging me
Salmond ahead for me so far - Darling looks rattled. #indyref
Aren't there rules about where you can walk in this debate thing? Standing in front of podium ? #indyref
Like these opening weekends of RowingWorlds-stream of good GB results sliding past leisurely on the timeline-it was always like this right?
Ten years since this - watched this before but pre kids/bike accidents etc!…
Thanks for the 10 year tweets - 21/08/04 GB M4- tiny margin over CAN who have always been classy about it. Ten years retired from sport...
ha - playing and commentating - commentating at same event - Monty
USPGA is Monty playing and competing at the same event? Fair play if he is!
quickly checks in with cricket -
@Wsnet: @OneHappyRower: Love this from #KatherineGrainger - 'why we love sport'” best closing camera ptc of Comms
Why doesn't IRB&/orFIFA bundle women's World Cup into men's negotiations with hosts/tv/sponsors. Economies of scale + more interest + parity
Just spent a Bank of Scotland tenner with no issues in London. **Does lap of honour, stands on podium, gets medal etc**
RT "@the_inner_game: 30 years on 05/08/1984, crew inspired generations that followed. Thank you." Echoed & RIP AH
.@MiltonFreeway technically correct but we didn't call it Super Sunday or did we? 2 years and a day from Super Saturday another option!
Big Olympic marker today - 2 years ago was Team GB's Super Saturday - 2 years from today Rio 2016 has its Opening Ceremony. Half way people.
RT "@hooperwoman: has the Sydney Morning Herald stolen your All Blacks analogy?…" cheeky wee tinkers ;) @KennyLogan
We've eaten your haggis & your tunnocks, we 've drunk your girders & best of all watched all your sport. Thanks Glasgow. Superb effort. #CWG
Kath Grainger says no thanks to twitter. Sorry.
How was the montage? Love a montage me.....
Genevieve Lacaze was the stage invader. She turns 25 today. She says thank you Glasgow." I'll dance better next time."
@Stef_Kit: @matthewcpinsent any sign of the Krankies?” No. They may be hidden under bits of this though
@martinne2905: Do you see a Proclaimer???” Negative red leader. Zero proclaimer quotient
Pipe band back on deck ... Repeat pipe band back. #kyliefinale
After that GS incident GB athletes were asked not to go in uniform to closing in Atlanta. True.
Greg Searle did that in 92. Got removed much less politely than that. #gypsykings @GregSearle2012
Quality stage invader - well played madam.
@msprobopple: Did you ever go to a closing ceremony for the Olympics? Do the athletes enjoy them?” Yes and yes. Good start to a night out.
@pinners11: I hope Africa is afforded the chances we have been given. #abouttime” true Durban would be wonderful.
Don't forget the "here is what you can look forward to in our city" bits are always crap. #doubledecker #cansayitnow #Gameswereace
AUS then RSA or CAN is a fairly inspiring line up for the Games going forward. Then back to Home Nations 2026 Cardiff/Belfast/Birmingham?
Does each of these have to have a chat? Gerron wi' it hen.
Imagine this in the driving rain like last night **shudder**
@Iainlightsstuff: @SimonOKing that was a bit of a massive cock-up then...” Entirely possible the athletes jumped the gun to be fair #pissup
@SimonOKing: What's the deal with the tents? I don't get it.” Athletes were all hidden inside them but director missed the reveal.
@spoldham: is the sound quality any better in the stadium? sounds shocking on TV #closingceremony” oh. It's pretty reverberatey tbh
Nice touch with all the volunteer/ coppers/cleaners etc etc taking a bow. London should have done that at their closing. #playedGlasgow
Another stolen line - from now on Kylie is going to be Kylie McNogue. H/T @fatsculler