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Matt Benscoter
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Yeah @jimmyjohns is so fast I ordered over an hour ago and made sure I got a confirmation email and aren't here smh
*Walks home from school opens up garage sees scorpion* *gets longboard and kills it*
Who is going to the High School Football Game Tomorrow Night?
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People generally like to have fun.
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Only at pinnacle will you walk by people in the student parking lot hot boxing
Hittin up the state fair today anyone going
Sitting at chipotle and this kid walks in and orders a burrito requiring 4 tortillas to wrap
I'm never getting a fake ID because I won't look 21 until I'm about 28.
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Pinnacle really stepped up their game this year
Ey yo @Camstatweet we should hang out been a long time btw happy late birthday
teh itzy bitzy spoder went up teh water spowt n fukd ur bich
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When I see people to fat to take the stairs so they take the elevator smh. You would think they would want to walk haha
Bæ: come over Me: I just put my bagel bites in the oven Bæ: my parents aren't home Me: I literally just put them in the oven
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do u ever bring ur pet up to a mirror and ur just like “that is you"
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11 days of school in and I am already dreading doing homework fml
*knocks* "Can I come in?" *Comes in anyway* i am dad
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if i have to go to school today i am going to jump out of my car on the way there
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Kush Kus Ku K Ki Kil Kill Kill y Kill yo Kill you Kill your Kill yours Kill yourse Kill yoursel Kill yourself
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Rt if you want to inject marijuana with me tomorrow and ditch school.
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Walked in my sons room and found him smoking the devils lettuce. Grounded him for life.
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4/20 should be on 1/5 cause you guys dont know how to simply fractions B)
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Watching the fight between Josie and Sydney @sydney_barile @josiewakser
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Woke up at 6:00 AM just to find out my School had a late start FML #latestart
[Friday: Party] [Saturday: Sleep In and chill] [Sunday: Stress About Homework and about how bad Monday Will Be. #weekend
#BulletBusters What was your favorite cartoon myth?
Im starting to think my math teacher is a cat lady #catwomen
Starting twitter again!