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Eric Lee
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1st Place for me and Daniel Zhang!! For both TEAM AND INDIVIDUAL TESTS!!!… (at UAH University Center) [pic] —
Korean Awesomeness
Listening to KPOP!!!
r u korean? — yep.. korean and proud
oh cool I'm 14, I'm in 9th grade. Im more awesome.. jk lol :P — wait... who are you???
how old are you? — I'm 12 a 7th grader. I'm that awesome
Chicks be dating niggas with no job, no car, not in school, wanna be thugs, etc get pregnant by them then be shocked their a bad father
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niggas be 21 lookin 18 acting 14 girls be 14 lookin 18 acting 21
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POTM June: Express 0.125-repeating as a ratio of two whole integers.
Sorry people. I've been long outside twitter that I forgot the math problem things. So from today I'll start posting math problems again.
Our Advanced and Beginner Band Campers' concert tonight!!! @ James Clemens High School
I made a new Facebook group for Carly Rae Jepsen:… Will you join?
I had a awards ceremony at the school... turned out to be me being in 1st place in the entire GRADE!!!
My awards for the entire schoolyear in 6th Grade