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@shahid_siddiqui So Muslims need to start voting them first and later expect BJP to change. It hardly sounds logical to me.
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Its time to give VRS to the useless Delhi based leaders who don't have any connect with workers on the ground
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Election Commission impounds 1.08 crore litre of liquor, Rs 218 crore in cash via @dna
Here comes #AAP ki #Cast Base Politics with diffrence "@mayankgandhi04: Valmiki samaj meeting today to come out in the open to support AAP."
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Very candid indeed RT @_sabanaqvi: In rampur bjp camdidate has said he will not canvass in town as he's not interested in muslim votes"
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भाजपा को बर्बाद कर देगा नमो नमो का ड्रामा ~ जसवंत सिंह #FekuWave
Police foil protest attempt against Modi’s visit to Rajinikanth, 100 arrested - The Times of India…
Do you really want a killer as the Prime Minister of India....?? WATCH THIS VIDEO n #SHARE -->…
Rahul Gandhi refers to Modi as Modiji, Arvind Kejriwal too refers as Modiji. Modi calls them Shehzada & AK-49. Talk about culture.
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I side with Rahul Gandhi on most issues in the India 2014 Election.… #RaGaSaga
There is no Modi wave: Murli Manohar Joshi… CC- Bhakts #ModiKiAdalat #FekuWave
Mitron,Another example of Gujarat Model Bhakton Jor se bolo iss baar Abki Baar Modi Sarkaar #ModiKiAdalat
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Azam Khan was right in that Muslims played a crucial part in #Kargil. Wrong about "no Hindus were there."…
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I missed Rajat Sharma's chat with Modi tonight. Did he stay in sashtaang-namashkaar position the whole time? Or just before the aarti? ;)
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Hahaha RT"@justicearnab: Abe overacting ke paise nahi diye the: Rajat Sharma to Audience"
निलंबित IAS का गंभीर आरोप, मोदी और महिला आर्किटेक्ट के बीच संबंध हैं… #ModiKiAdalat #DeshKaNeta @narendramodi
Hmmm RT"@brownbrumby Media stopped covering Kejriwal soon after he announced his candidature against modi. Has anyone else noticed this?
In #ModiKiAdalat Modi : Main Audience -Clap Clap Modi -Mera Gujarat A. -Clap Clap Rajat Sharma -Modi ji A. -Clap Clap #ComedyNight
Modi must be happy to see the beautiful studios at #INDIATV .It's always heartening to see your friend's investments do well. #ModiKiAdalat
Tau tane kad te Angrzi aan lag gayi? RT" @narendramodi: Yesterday I read that a book has come out, written by a close aide of PM
जो पावर हिन्दुस्तान में चुने हुये लोगों के हाथ में,वो कांग्रेस पार्टी के युवा,उसको हम फैलायें और आम जनता को दें #YourVote2014 #WeLoveRahul
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Interesting. @ShivAroor says reax on twitter to RG interview were +ve while it was on, becoming -ve now. The NaMo army swings into action.
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Good thing that #RahulGandhi gave an 30 mins interview, 80 minutes interview is never advisable. #YourVote2014
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Trickle down economics has failed: Rahul Gandhi. Yes, it has and that is what Modi has to offer. A solid point. #Rahul #Gandhi
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IQ of Moditards MT"@dpsatishcnnibn: Ananthkumar told a top editor that BJP may win 30 lok sabha seats in Ktaka But,it has total 28 LS seats!
"@INCIndia: जब लोकपाल बिल की बात हो रही थी, तब मैंने कान्स्टीट्यूशनल लोकपाल की बात की थी : #Rahul #Gandhi #WeLoveRahul"
Feku Bhakts RT"@sanjujaiswal80: @MaswoodZ @tinsense @narendramodi @girishkhubani beta go and sleep raat ho gayi..16 may ke baad baat karenge
RT"@Fairoz_JK: #RG like you have never seen before in an Interview. #WeLoveRahul"