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Mark Lee
99 Cent Promo: It will simply be a list of book covers, organized by major genre.
Finds himself torn between two strong, beautiful women. via @baconpressbooks
5 Fun and Exciting Family Activities for Your Next Beach Vacation
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Hey Peeps, checking out early tonight. I must get some sleep. Catch you in a few hours. Have a great Monday! #amwriting #amediting today :D
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"Will have you fully immersed in this world." via @AuthorJHendon #darkfantasy
Reason number 5: If you participate in the Scavenger Hunt, new fans may be the result.
"Pilossoph has hit it out of the park once again// via @divorcedgirlJP #romance
I've Written A Rough Draft, Now What? syndicated from @JeanNicole19 #amediting
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Promote your #99cent book on our site for only $2 a week.
The more authors we have, the better it is. Sign up for Cover Wars today
After Leith begins to open up to him, Zach's choices may come back to haunt him. @LetaBlake #gay #romance
Authors, what can Masquerade Book Tours do for you?
How Do You Honor Your Family Name? #Free Trial to Discover Your Ancestry #surnameproject via @ruralmoms
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Marvel or Comic-Con fan? Check out The Five of Us: The Beginnings by @FiveOfUsBook
The most dangerous sharks aren't always in the ocean. via @baconpressbooks
Married w/children and an extremely passionate sex-life//
I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night. - Sarah Williams #amwriting
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"Capture you from the word go." via @SJWrightAuthor #romance
"A must read for divers, dreamers, and everyone who loves a great story." via @baconpressbooks
#giveaway M/F, Mild D/s themes, light spanking. via @patriciaaknight
Isis surges towards the borders of Turkey as west mulls options via @guardian
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He carefully hides the truth from Leith to protect them both from additional pain. @LetaBlake #gay #romance
Contributed Tweets for @MasqCrew are delivered by @RoundTeam
Reason number 9: Scores of people will see your cover, many of them multiple times throughout the month.
#giveaway Scornfully rejected by her desert lover and uncertain of her place in the world... @patriciaaknight
"A quick read, fast paced and makes you want to keep reading more." via @SJWrightAuthor #romance
Mystery connoisseurs beware: will keep you guessing. via @MAllanScott #mystery
"Pilossoph writes such engrossing stories about women that move me so deeply." via @divorcedgirlJP #romance
Sarah and Michael have faced deadly challenges. via @SJWrightAuthor
I was hoping I'd be a character who didn't make it to that craptastic finale.
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Live up to your potential instead of imitating someone else's. -- Martha Burgess
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"If you're looking for a fun summer or weekend read..." via @baconpressbooks
Super cheap, super simple book promotion program:
"No defects, diseases, or anomalies are to be allowed into Society." #novelines
No woman should be worth this kind of trouble. via @lavernethompson #scifi #giveaway
What about the Scavenger Hunt itself? How does that work?
INNOCENT LITTLE CRIMES is featured in DEADLY DOZEN Book Bundle #mystery #KindleUnlimited #ebook $3.99!
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"Some really moving, angsty moments in this book and I liked how the book ended." @LetaBlake #gay #romance
She'll need every ounce of her bad attitude and quick temper. via @SJWrightAuthor #romance
The difference between honest reviewing and author bashing. via @MiaDarien
"Has all the best components of what a great story is made of." via @divorcedgirlJP #romance
It does not matter how long you live, but how well you do it. - Martin Luther King Jr.
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Can Miranda find and release Lightning and save Mystica? via @murray_mlmurray