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I keep saying "macaroon" instead of "Cameroon" 😂
@__stallionn: I don't understand how a unknown ass bitch could dislike me & yet she don't even know my name😭😂.” Girls.
Swear to god you guys love to post porn at this time. Keep it in your pants. ✋
Awh everyone is preparing for prom, I remember the stress. Awh trust me it will be one of the most memorable nights.
I actually don't think Portugal will get through.. No Pepe, no Coentrão, we're screwed. 😭
Coentrão won't be playing in the World Cup neither will Pepe in the next few games. Ronaldo and Nani I'm relying on you two. #ForcaPortugal
I have those weak moments where I just want everything to be the way it used to be.
What's wrong with Spain? They played well last World Cup
Awh Australia you played well, good way to leave the World Cup. 😔
My mum needs to realise that when I'm watching the games she needs to shut up. 😡
Australia needs to win this, or else it's bye bye 👋#AUSvsNEDD
Okay woahh I'm missing out on this game.
mom you can't zoom in on Instagram
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The weather is absolutely perfect. ☀️
Tenho a certeza de que Portugal vai atingir os seus objectivos e, mesmo à distância, nunca deixarei de estar ao lado dos meus companheiros.
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Triste, imensamente triste por não poder ajudá-los, mas apoiando e vibrando com eles. Sempre. Força Portugal!
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I've got to say, Iran v Nigeria has been the game of the tournament for me. What a belter, it had everything.
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"Can't wait to see David Beckham play for England in the World Cup" oh dear....
The number of hours that I've sat in the sofa watching these matches must be worrying.
This Mexico goalkeeper is on a roll.
Oscar though 😍
What's the fuss over neymar. He's not all that.
Should I even watch the game or is it not worth it? #BrazilvsMexico
Awh thanks for letting me know guys