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@PendredMMA: I didn't even know Leicester were in the Premiership!” Now you know.
Damn Leicester killed Man U.. Feeling quite proud actually 🎉🙌
I miss the school weekends where you could actually relax and not have a tonne of work to do 😓
It would be much appreciated if you guys could stop retweeting/tweeting Vanessa Hudgens' nudes. Smh
I do my bit, maybe you should do yours.
Still don't know how to feel.
So glad to have such a good group of friends who genuinely care for me 😌
Mixed emotions 😓
Just shut up about iOS 8. Download it and and keep your damn opinions to yourself.
Cara as Margo, really? Not how I envisioned Margo at all.
Now that the mocking jay part 1 trailer is out, it reminds me I actually need to read the book still.
Wow Urban Outifitters. Way to go mate, Lord knows how many customers you've just lost.
I feel so unloved sometimes, it's actually funny 😅
Family ❤️ lots of laughs and good memories.
when you figure out who the killer is before the episode ends
Some of the immaturity that people show is so entertaining, get yourself together and move on love.
Can you please learn to make your own damn friends
To all the Muslim boys, please don't ask a girl if they have prayed, just don't.
When i say educate yourself about my religion, I meant go buy some real books written by pious people not type "islam" on google.
On 9/11 two sad things happened. 1. 3,000 Americans died 2. 1.8 billion Muslims were labeled as 'terrorists'
I feel like 9/11 isnt even about those who lost their life, its about having a reason to hate on muslims and islam. 😔
Do you people understand how much it would mean to the whole muslim community if you stopped this absurd stereotype?
Religion or race should have nothing to do with the actions carried out by a person. So dont blame the religion.
I am fully aware that this terrorist attack was done by muslims, and yes i am a muslim but no i will not let people tear my religion apart.
Before you judge muslims and islam have a go at trying to learn the meaning of islam and honestly you might change your mind.
I know a lot of people hate muslims since the 9/11 but you need to understand that it was a small number of people. Islam is about peace.
Meeting someone who instantly makes you laugh to the point where tears are running down your face is pretty perfect.
Today was absolutely legen wait for it dary. Yes, I did just say that. What is my life.
Can not stand it when boys call girls "princess" makes me want to vomit.
Instead of labelling Muslims as terrorists, pray for the families who lost a loved one on this day. Not all Muslims are terrorists.
#911anniversary RIP to the those who lost their life on this and I pray that the victims families can find peace ❤️
Please stop staring
It's amazing how you can talk to someone for hours without ever getting bored.
Today was so much fun 😝✌️
Can people stop tweeting the same damn tweets about the iPhone 6.
I still remember this girl said to me "I went to the ASOS store the other day" and I was like of course you did 😂
Is it really that hard to be nice nowadays?
Going back to college results to me missing my cats way too much
Do you guys ever scroll so far down your Instagram feed then you stop because you've been liking photos frm days ago and feel like a stalker
@miilkkk: iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus.” OMG STOP. IM DEAD 😂😂
Not this royal baby hype again 😒