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You know the feeling when you think you aced an exam but the more you talk and think about it you wonder if you even passed?! 😫😰
would it be wrong to push whoever wrote the questions on that aqa biology exam into a bee hive, at least they'll know to use honey
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After that Biology exam, I should start buying some honey to heal my wounds that my parents will give me on results day.
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Before going into the biology exam tomorrow
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Osmosis is the net movement of my tears as I cry because of biology exam tomorrow
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With biology, no matter how much revision you do, you'll never feel ready for the exam
you know when you've drifted from someone and all of a sudden there's no more drama?
Freaked out a little when i saw Marishka Hargitay in Taylor Swifts bad blood music video
4 days to go... shit.
Just a selfie... Because it's been a while 🙊
Chemistry revision is actually so much fun to me 🙊
Never agreed with the death penalty but happy justice has been served #BostonStrong 🙌
just found the texts from when I went into labour.... 😒😒
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i still have a week till my first exam and i feel like all my friends have had exams... and they're all exam mode now and im just like there
Did not like Revenges last ever episode... theres still too many questions
Doing a 1 hour and 45 minute paper under an hour is when you know your shit 🙌
before you go to bed pray for the people of Nepal.. stay strong
Ed Sheerans new music video is the cutest thing ever
All I have to say is everything falls into place eventually.
woah Cameron.. I'd watch my back.. it seems like no one likes you
This is the BEST thing I've ever read!!!!!😂😂 RT so everyone can enjoy the laughs �
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People say this is out of hand, I think it needs to get bigger. Nothing gets changed by backing down. #ToriesOutNow
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how is it that everyone hates the conservatives now? you bloody voted for them... now you deal with all the cuts
Group chat drama tho 😂😂
petition for ed miliband and russell brand to form a new party called milibrands
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#ThankYouEd is trending, this shows he was a man of the people.
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#ThankYouEd for being one of the most sincere and genuine politician out there.. Truly believe you should have been the PM today.
when you lose an election but you're still a million times more relevant than the prime minister #ThankYouEd
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Never been so into politics in my life!
One of the most passionate, accurate and insightful reflections on the election. #Labour
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We are under a conservative government.. Good luck to us!
What we needed was Ed Miliband fighting for the people that work. Not a guy that helps his rich friends not pay their taxes
genuinely believed labour would come into power.. this isn't going to be good
Praying these exit polls are wrong
If conservatives win I will actually be so upset 😭
#ExitPolls The same people who protested & complained when tuition fees were trebled are the same slobs that chose not to vote today. Nice
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Today you can vote for a Labour government that stands up for working people, you can vote to put your NHS & your family first. #VoteLabour
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Let’s not just reject the Conservatives today, let’s reject the Tories’ plan that always puts the rich and powerful first. #VoteLabour
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Why wouldn't you vote? Like are you stupid? It affects your life you twat. Get up and vote
Wore blue to college and everyone thought I'm voting for conservatives. No thanks labour all the way 🙌
wtf was rihanna wearing at the Met Gala
#HowToSpotAFeminist umm just open yr eyes n walk outside..simple. yes. that's right. they're everywhere. they have inflitrated our society.
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Why is the idea of feminism so funny to people? Sorry that women are independent, we don't need no man to rely on.. thanks but no thanks

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