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Not this royal baby hype again 😒
Why do boys feel the need to violate a girl by looking up and down at her body. If you're attracted to her go tell her, don't be a douchebag
Don't like any of the people in my classes for college, this is gonna be a depressing year.
Am I seriously going to get no sleep when tomorrow is my first day back at college. This is going to be painful.
Girls that flirt with everyone just make me sick 😷
There's a reason why Americans are so damn stupid 😠�
"Allah only gives us enough sorrow that we can handle, He never gives more." - Mum
Hearing good news for the first time in a long time.
Walked into urban outfitters for the first time in Leicester and I can already say bye bye money 👋
Stop talking ill of someone who is no longer with us.
Oh so I just realised what the late Joan Rivers had said about plalestinians. I am shocked. But her soul deserves peace, so stop hating.
RIP Joan Rivers. Didn't always agree with your jokes, but you did bring laughter.
Being a student ambassador is no easy job though 😳
Rough few days.. Appreciate and forgive everyone you never know when they'll be taken away from us. You will regret it, trust me.
Do you ever scroll through twitter and see people tweeting exactly how you feel and you just don't feel alone anymore?
Trying to forget something that hurts you a lot is a lot harder than I thought.
I just feel like I'm in a dream.. This can't be real 😭
My aunty who was only 39 has passed away yesterday. So can I please ask all of you to just pray that her soul rests in peace. Thank you ❤️
Don't officially start college until the 8th of September.. Kinda just want to start college.
Listen to Hazel Grace Lancaster.
All I've done in the last 3/4 years is help people, friends or family even strangers but it all gets thrown in my face, Every time 😞
You do so much for a person but they never seem to appreciate anything you do for them
It's not even worth it being around you
I'm actually so done with certain people taking constant advantage of me.
Just realised people start school tomorrow 😂 good luck I still have 2 weeks left 😏
People that over react get on my nerves 😡
"If they don't know you personally, don't take it personal" 👏🙌
But I have to ask what bride come 4 hours later? Like are you kidding me I have better things than waiting for your ass to arrive.
Nothing more awkward than casually bumping into your biology teacher at a wedding 😳
The worst thing ever is going to an Indian wedding absolutely starving only to find that the food is shit 😠
"In the UK you are legally required to stop your car if you run over a dog, but not a cat." RUDE.
Religion is the most important thing to me, so when i see someone insulting something that I hold close to my heart it obviously hurts.
I mean words such as 'Islamophobia' exist in the society we live in. What does that say about us as human beings?
Truth is, Islam is and always be one of the most hated religions, but if people actually took time to learn my religion you wouldn't hate it
I like the concept of Taylor Swift's new music video
I just really miss how everything was before all this change.
Do you ever wear the same outfit over and over just because you love it?
Watched The Vow for the 13535348th time and I'm still in love with it
Anaconda is shit af and don't even get me started on the video 😷