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Mary Schmitt
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"I've always believed that if you put in the work, the results will come. I don't do things half-heartedly. Because I know if I do, then I can expect half-hearted results." ~ Michael Jordan Most of us are missing the PLAN, and the support system. Walk into the gym, sort of stumble around... Like:
#TBT one yr... Softer look... I used to freak out when I wasn't super lean all the time. Not anymore; I've learned to enjoy the journey... Longevity... In the process of getting the abs back but I think the important thing is loving yourself and your image all along the way. It's key; your body wi
Not sure where to START?I remember when I first started my fitness journey... I had no idea! I wish I had this manual then! ❗️❗️❗️❗️FitBody101 Meal Plan is on sale NOW! And for a limited time get FitBody From Home FREE when you buy the program. Here's your blue print! ❗️7 Day Week Email Support ❗️M
Stepping on the scale everyday to measure progress? Sometimes the scale doesn't tell the whole story ... I post my weight from time to time to show y'all that the scale doesn't always mean everything. I gained 30lbs when I got in the best shape of my life. One of my favorite tips from my FitBody101
New Client Alert! So excited to welcome Kim (@kjcowart) to the #HealthyActiveLifestyle 👏👏👏👏 Change Your Breakfast; Change Your Life! ✅ Crashing mid-day? Want more energy? We all need some type of support system; and I just so happen to be apart of the strongest support system in the world #Herba
Thicker look for me 😏 shot in the most beautiful hot springs in CA... LOVE that spot
#FitIn15 : This is a steal from my dad… The “Dive-Bomber” Push-up… My dad was a Navy Seal Instructor so whenever we talk training it’s always bodyweight exercises. These work the same muscles as regular pushups and a little extra. Your triceps, chest and shoulders get a good workout, as well as ham
That awkward moment when you're fresh out of ideas for a deep quote to post underneath your overly posed IG bikini pic 😜
Don't know where to start? Haven't worked out in a while? No Problem! FitBody from Home Workout FREE all this weekend when you get FitBody101 Meal Plan! EXCITED TO LAUNCH THIS NEW PROGRAM! The Blueprint for Burning Fat Fast ➡️MEAL GUIDELINES ➡️My simple meal plan➡️email support ➡️FitBody From Home
Sweet tooth driving you crazy? Yeah...well me too Vanilla Protein Pancakes with Formula 1 Cookies n' Cream "Ice-Cream" Pancakes: 2 egg whites whipped 1/4 cup oats 1 scoop Herbalife Protein Drink Mix 1 packet stevia sprinkle of cinnamon sprinkle baking powder Mix all of it together spray pan wit
I despise CARDIO... well what most people consider cardio; hours on the elliptical or recumbant bike! NOT FOR ME... I much prefer to torture myself! lol So this is what I like to call quad cardio! 1. Non-weighted basic squat (the close stance will focus more on the quads).. Small range of motion h
#Started observing complacency setting in. Decided to quit playing small #progresspics seem to be a hit 😏... Slow and steady ... 20 min bouts of cardio, carbs high in the sky... Nutrition program on point 🎯 #herbalife alllll daaaaay ... #WorkInProgress #NeverSettle #21DayShakeChallenge #changeyour
LOVE ab exercises? This is what I like to call a burn-out and you'll see why! A couple pretty important things when training abs: 1. Don't pull your neck and or head! 2. Focus on bringing the rib-cage to the pelvis 3. You want "curvature" of the spine a "C" shape. This is a fun little ab circuit.
😂😂😂 thanks for this @mrfitcampnation 😜
FITBODY101 💃Top left ... Plank punch: from a plank position punch out one arm at a time with force paying attention to keep your core as stable as possible. Keep the hips from sinking or raising (stay stiff like board 😜) TOP RIGHT: Reverse Lunge. Take big step back with arms squeezed out to the s
Full video will be up on my new site tonight! MY NEW ONLINE TRAINING PROGRAM : FitBody101 Some of the most useful tactics I've learned in my experience with clients... Things that work best for executing a long term LIFE-STYLE change! And philosophies I have all of my clients execute in their plans.
The perspective of the first is someone who seeks a caretaker; father figure... There is no spiritual, mental or emotional growth from the first type of relationship... There's a famous saying: you can give a man a fish and he will eat for a day: teach a man to fish and he will eat for a life-time.
This busy working mom makes results 🙌 Every time I get her progress pics it psyches me out! 20%fitness 80%Nutrition 100%Mindset #changeyourbreakfastchangeyourlife JOIN THE #21DayChallenge ! Limited space available. Email for more info : 📩
#changeyourbreakfastchangeyourlife About to kick off another 21day challenge! Email me if you're interested in joining the challenge! 📩
Okay...okay... I know it's not the best form in the world 😜 I'm a beginner! Going to work on it tonight! #YOGA at Oasis Wellness Center! Come get your bendy on with us!!! Send me a DM or email if you want to come bend with me😊 Anyone is welcome! All levels 📩 #PayItForward
Working on some #VEGAN recipes for my new online training course... #free #recipe #ebook will be up soon for download! I'll keep y'all posted #DeliciousByTheWay 👌😛#veganrecipe #vegetarianrecipe #instafood #foodporn
Victim or victor? It's ALWAYS a choice. Repost from @successclarity
About to shut it down 😴... Haven't posted one of these in a second ... So this is where I am; pretty thick, lil bit thunder thighs ⚡️⚡️⚡️I like it though😏 Been lifting heavy again lately... Haven't lifted heavy in a while; I usually do HIIT ... So I'm sore right now in ways I completely forgot abo
#TBT dieting sucks but booyyy does it feel good ... I've had a log of different physiques... I think this is my fav