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Marvi Memon
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Joint session prorogued
River Chenab Panjnad: 293526/278096-Medium River Indus Guddu: 352186/327274-Low Sukkur: 215050/161455-Below Low
Murders/blood feuds amongst idps was an issue we were discussing wth police earlier ...Stark reminder of the volatile nature of these areas
Police as an institution needs respect n backin not d-chowk type abuse. They take all the hits. Today's attacks proved that in bannu
Tense security day in bannu. Trying to assist kp police beef up their efforts. Saw leA clear up sum neighborhoods
Bakakhel discussing livelihhods for 10 000 people here wth army hosts.
R little soormi frm mirali read her sabuk well
School in middl of taanchee bazaar bannu
Meeting idp kids in govt high school 3/4 bannu
Sitting wth educ team sorting basic stats first then how to fix
PM most concerned about low enrollment of IDP children in schools. In bannu today to fast track n assist kp govt
Carving divisive politics always launched2divert by those who wish to destroy inter intra prov harmony. Inclusiveness pls. Soil belongs2all
Guddu:300009/274130-L Sukkur:190035/136600-BL Kotri:55471/16716-BL. (Achai piyo)
Food assistance for idps. Plus improving camp
So its clear what each govt has already done
Water flows r even slower than met predictions even my own calculations. I don't get it. Well its safer like this.
River Indus Guddu: 287846/261967-Low Sukkur: 170950/117510-Below Low Kotri: 32415/Nil- below Low
Idps r our responsiblity-their return strategy is key2 success of war effort- peace integration n development r a dream we will pursue4them
Animal vac : 78545 Poultry vac : 163939 Tdp camp: no. of families: 1534 Total indl: 9778
Food distribution: 19947 tons(2084 Mn) Med:137797 indl treated Vet: Treatment:36928
Registration : 103853 families 1068072 indl Verified registration: 58509 familes Cash disbursement: Rs.2.789bn
Women stats of kp in media nt v impressive
Why no psdp development spent in kp
In peshawer today for launch of report of fata research centre
Punjnad:453570/453570-VH Mithan Kot: 298.3 ( Gauge only at 0600 PST ) Guddu:270529/246077-L ( at 0600 PST ) Sukkur:163005/109595-BL
5 lac+ expectd in sindh-8 am today Panjnad passing 430494. From Indus wing Taunsa Barrage passing 51407. Also Panjnad has not stopped as yet
What r we trying to prove to the country. That its ok to beat the police when they try and enforce rules law ?
Undermining police won't help pti in future. Not a gud legacy.
Imran Khan's threat to Pakistan democracy. Cricketing hero's anti-Sharif campaign is overstepping the mark. (Editorial dt 14 Sep FT)
Useful icebreaking btw all political parties at EU-UNDP dinner in Isb on electoral reform priorities
Panjnad: 413569/412569-High
Punjnad:379562/379562-H Mithan Kot:297.75 ( Gauge only at 1200 ) Guddu:263332/238880-L Sukkur:150462/96477-BL Kotri:24355 ( Inflow )
Marooara khair saan hoonda hin bhairai...
Chilya villagers explaining what streghtnin they need to irrigation
8lac is the danger wch won't b reachd. My personal assessmnt is 3-4lac downstream kotri nt more
Monarchy thatta bund. Too close for comfort. Issue for sure.
Frm. Uther to laar the bund journey continues... Thatta bunds. Ths morning.