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It's sad that Rose's playoff run ends here he deserves to make it to a final, can't say that about the team though with this performance
It's crazy that Boca fans are so passionate that they would throw gas at the River players, hopefully they suspend the game
I never thought that I'd be back in a library my first week of summer
Because fuck it why not?
The most frustrating thing is losing something and not being able to find it and then your mom coming in and finding it right away
Cavs aren't going down without a fight
My bank account is so sad, I really need to make some money this summer
I'm just trying to sleep all day but my mom has me running errands
If you blatantly lie to my face when I know for a fact you're lying, I respect your balls but I don't respect you at all
the real positive of my flight getting delayed overnight is that I can get a breakfast burrito before I leave
And now my flight is canceled looks like I'm spending the night in Indy
4 hour flight delay and I'm listening to Asian rap
underwater squad
This is the second time I've hauled it to the airport and had my flight delayed American should definitely hook me up for the inconvenience
final exam and then I'm finally out
The weirdest feeling is going to Z&C during the day
throwing it back to another wonderful time with one of the og fuck boys
Last full day here and I'm spending it packing
Can't believe writing I'm writing a paper on The Jungle Book as my final for this class
There was a wasp on my computer so I went to sit down and 2 minutes later a spider walks across my lap, ask me how finals are going
We're in the home stretch now
Obviously Mayweather has Hublot as his main sponsor on his shorts my man is all about the money
How is Mayweather the underdog he's about to prove everybody wrong #TBE
Mayweather fight larger than the GDP of 29 countries, fight of the century forsure
Dortmund is still the homie horse though
American Pharaoh is the hype horse
Derbies are hype
Glad K201 is over really wish the computer wasn't an issue during the exam, definitely could've done much better if I had a working one
It's all about that pre-exam pump up playlist
Only two exams and a paper separating me from summer
It feels so good to finally finish a class at the end of the semester
Getting a license to carry a handgun in a second state. Cause why the hell not. #Tx
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"It looks the same from the street"
The classiest room in Lambda has a waterfall and Drake
It took a couple of months but I finally found a great late night tequeno place in Bloomington
Wahlberg calling a bold prediction on Pacquiao
kicking little 5 week off with that new @GANZGVNZ seems appropriate
It's the most wonderful time of the year
"There's no way I get a Civic" -@1narainn
this is new money
"Umm Dan, there's a piece of chicken on your phone" -@sarastrei
I hate rain more than anything
You know it's a banger when Ben Seinfeld rolls through
It would make my day if Calipari's perfect season ended tonight
it's lonely at the top
how the fuck is it snowing right now
always about THE BOYS

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