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I remember this, we had only been going out a month. Now look where we are, I love you. #love #perfect #relationship
Best vodka ever! #grey #goose #vodka #steemin #party #yay #love
Trying to take pictures on Saturday night and ending up with this x20 #pub #dark #cantseewhatthefuckimdoing
So very sad to hear of Robin Williams passing. He entertained the world and was truly one of a kind. He'll never be forgotten.
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In the mood for a Christmas dinner, so long away :(
Terri got 2 B's and a C, well chuffed for her :D
Just seen the postie.
Big well done to @y0uthg0newild_ for getting into uni :D!
Pepo who can't spel do ma nut in.
Today, 5 years ago, football lost a true gentleman. R.I.P Sir Bobby Robson!
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"@Footy_Jokes: Manchester United & Vidal" @derickmau5 happy birthday ya prick!
6 days of work left
Sharks are bring killed at a rate of 100million per year for shark fin soup and "health" products. #sharks
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think imma run away to somewhere very far away
such a failure
Late going fishing cause no ones up yet, gonna go myself me thinks
Best 7 months of my life so far. @y0uthg0newild