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All dolphin hunting boats remain in Taiji harbor on first day of hunting season. #tweet4taiji September 1, 2014 5:45am
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Killie fans already gloating about beating a team 2 divisions below 1-0. Get result haha..
Couples who remain together after 8 to 10 months of dating without even once breaking up are more likely to get engaged.
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...@y0uthg0newild_ your amazing, perfect, beautiful and everything I want in life, I love you baby <3
Happy anniversary to the most amazing person on this planet. She is everything to me, like she means so much to me and I love her so much!
The law of the wild says kill only when you are hungry! Perfect photo.
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Celebration drinks in Glasgow :D @y0uthg0newild #job #yay
I remember this, we had only been going out a month. Now look where we are, I love you. #love #perfect #relationship
Best vodka ever! #grey #goose #vodka #steemin #party #yay #love
Trying to take pictures on Saturday night and ending up with this x20 #pub #dark #cantseewhatthefuckimdoing
So very sad to hear of Robin Williams passing. He entertained the world and was truly one of a kind. He'll never be forgotten.
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In the mood for a Christmas dinner, so long away :(
Terri got 2 B's and a C, well chuffed for her :D
Just seen the postie.
Big well done to @y0uthg0newild_ for getting into uni :D!
Pepo who can't spel do ma nut in.
Today, 5 years ago, football lost a true gentleman. R.I.P Sir Bobby Robson!
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"@Footy_Jokes: Manchester United & Vidal" @derickmau5 happy birthday ya prick!
6 days of work left
Sharks are bring killed at a rate of 100million per year for shark fin soup and "health" products. #sharks
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think imma run away to somewhere very far away
such a failure
Late going fishing cause no ones up yet, gonna go myself me thinks
Best 7 months of my life so far. @y0uthg0newild
When the blood dries in my viens and my heart feels no more pain, I know I'll be on my way to heavens door.
Be strong now. Things will get better.
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Forgot my earphones. #busproblems
Awk fuck this
Maybe its not me its us, maybe now all we need is trust?
A visual representation of putting your trust in someone
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See if I hadnt been paying attention this morning there would have multiple fatalities in the snail world
Maybe I should kill myself
Work tomorrow will be so much effort
People who are angry with each other for the silly little things, are usually the ones who care about each other the most.
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Washing machines are too loud these days
Miroslav Klose ends his World Cup as the all-time highest scorer.
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